Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "All of Me" - The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Eliminations


  • Maria antonia Minaya lopez

    Fantástica voz ,única .....eres un cantante de cantantes Felicidades !! Falta poco para que seas mundialmente conocido .

  • Angelear Abram

    Still not a Team Adam Fan! Yelling: No No, please don’t pick him, at the new contestant! 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Bassil Sockar

    Well, let's be honest this performance was full of flaws. He would still have lost.

  • emaxulit1

    Come on now, the show is scripted and Adam had to do what he is paid to do, follow the script.

  • Jennifer Francisca

    I guess I'm the only one who thinks he's overrated. I personally don't think Reagan is ready yet and what Adam did was wrong. But DeAndre isn't all that.

  • M S

    The most beautiful tone of the season.😍💔💙

  • BritxBrat2Fashion

    OMG !!! I remember on showtime at the apollo !!! he could blow and still can.

  • Aubrey Williams

    what adam did was completely disrespectful and disregarded DeAndre

  • Danny Ordonez

    I'm not watching the voice anymore. Adam totally sold him out. Strange didnt even look sick.

  • Carletta Goodrich Mann

    Let's focus on Deandre his routes to stabilize his fan bases. HE is young handsome a the package that performs to sell albums. THe new age AAron Nevilles. The SOLO solution for ballads that women want to hear. DOnt you brake my ❤️ restructuring. Country 🔊. NOW I believe R&B Barry white. Write on. remix will make him ICONIC Blessings

  • Angelina Russo

    UhHhHhHMmM... *ExCuSe Me?* your going to tell people to vote for THE SiCk GIRL that still did her mAkeUp. That Man SANG HIS FRIKING HEART OUT

  • David Hill

    If DeAndre Nico made the top 8 instead of Reagan Strange, Kennedy Holmes would’ve won.