• Published on: 2018-11-07
  • where every slice is a different pizza way to get everybody's favorite type of pizza and put it on one pizza that's the goal you've never seen a pizza this epic welcome back I am back in New Castle Pennsylvania which I talk about a lot but I never really show you guys so I just want to show you a little bit of where I came from this was my first job I worked here for two years I think of 16 to 18 or something yeah this was a huge part of my life so we're gonna go in I'm gonna work a day at my old job humble myself from the LA lifestyle that I've been living and hopefully I didn't Lee cook something when I worked here I was only a cashier they didn't let me touch the food they don't let me touch anything except for the toilets and the cash register which actually sounds really gross because it sounds like I was like dealing with your food with hands okay let's go inside okay so this is my first manager that I ever had you try a different that's nice of him to say because I got in trouble a lot what was it like working with me don't say fun just because you're on camera cuz we all know that's not true you crazy yeah are you gonna let me make a pizza because he never knew we're gonna pizza shop for two years never made a piece I'd like to keep you up front because of my pretty face that's what I get to wear oh I'm so happy oh my god Thursday I'm dead Casey was of the mindset that you could always be working so even if you're slow for like eight hours there's always a box to be folded there's always something to be cleaned do you remember one time Stephanie and I were here and you said that to us and we folded so many boxes that you had nowhere to put just commute for that's it I got this this is like riding a bike don't you know it you know it I don't even I haven't had pizza in so long let's talk about it I when I was in high school no wonder I had so much trouble with my diet because we would sit here and I would steal pizza as soon as those hot slices came out those veggie pizzas immediately ate so many of them he would also make me really good special ones for my break you remember doing that Etha Jose has a thing called veggie pizza which is probably the best thing in the entire world I think about it before I go to bed at night but look at this pizza instead of sauce they have a ranch dressing and in my brain growing up I thought that veggie pizza was the healthy alternative to people so good it has what is that cheddar and mozzarella cheese ranch dressing garlic salt and pepper I'm not paying for this mom oh good it's really hot but it is so bombed not healthy oh this is what I used to do a watch in between orders this is how you steal food from work like a pro under somebody called State Street pizza Jose how can I help you then we have cameras even though state shape it's a choice how can I help you / pickup ok cool what would you like half sweet honey hot half pepperoni 12 and a gyro what kind Bethany what you do my boobs are sweating I can feel the drip all the way from here to here do you guys get to make the cookies we used to make cookies we have to go ask Casey about the cookies Casey yeah um do you not make the cookies here anymore I used to eat all the cookie dough's it's not why - I don't actually work here so I'll have to clean he's no what did I do wrong I blocked out a lot of my memories from Newcastle this window member mattad why I tried to find his Facebook recently I wanted to see if he was still hot because he broke my heart he's not please show me a picture later do you remember when eat this guy I used to work with he was so cute he had the cutest curly hair and then he asked me to homecoming I was so excited and then he told me oh just kidding like I can't go anymore and then he asked my sister and then you brought my sister to homecoming did you remember that devastated I was so mad at him he's not cute anymore these things are so bomb and you put them in a ranch dressing Yama California food sucks except sushi mom I'm sushi I used to serve you all the time though yes for sure but I look different I had long brown hair that was awkward I had really bad teeth and then I had braces me too kidney I'll make up for you my armpits are sweating a lot I need to stop eating this I've been here for five seconds I just ate breakfast - would you believe me if I told you I planned this entire things that I could come here and just eat Casey said he doesn't let you guys make the cookies anymore that was my favorite part we used to fight over who got to make the cookies and then we were just like eat all garage oh we ate a lot of them dude what is this mom he said it is so bomb it's so good I need to slow down it's happening state tree pizza Jose how can I help you okay go ahead all right mmm what sighs okay awesome I don't know what's happening I want to be able to survive here put all these peanut butters we got I've almost burnt this place down so many times my tummy kinda horts ate a lot of pizza I had too many people on it'll probably cost me two Joe has more money than I ever made me Tommy really hurts I can't help it it's a Pepsi sponsorship sponsor me unless coke wants to sponsor me you can sponsor me to whoever wants to sponsor a Pepsi Coke I'm right in the middle you guys take your pick start bidding try make pizza now I've been waiting how what am I I've been waiting ten years to make a piece of pizza Jose and today's the day because we brought a camera so now they have to let me because that's how the universe works right I ate a lot of food and one Kyle I'm uncomfy um I need to pray let's make a pizza this is Katie she is pizza Joe's daughter pita Joe is a real person a lot of people don't know that fuck I'm full oh my god I used to get so nervous when he would come in well we're just because he's like here's what I would like to do now you can tell me no I want to make where every flight is a different pizza tree to get everybody's favorite paper and put it on one visa that's the goal okay repeat the performance so I have to make one poor man slice for you maybe we'll try a pizza we're gonna find out cases they repeat the pizza Stephanie what's your favorite pizza triple cheese and bacon if you had a triple cheese and bacon we'd veggie Joey stay fairly stay hey what's your favorite kind of people what you've ever tried to be fun that's what I'm saying that's like been saying why do I feel like this isn't going to cook evenly [Music] now just put this bad boy in the oven Wow veggie pizza buffalo chicken pizza ugly cheese steak pepperoni and cheese poor man's homestyle rush spinach and pepper and a barbecue chicken pizza what if I just drop this whole trip oh I'm proud I have to go make sure everybody gets their slice of pizza this one's mine nobody eat it you probably don't get very much pizza so I just wanted to treat you guys today it's probably been a while since you had a slight deaf I made you pizza but I don't remember which one yeah I thought wait what did you ask for oh I really meant to is there anything here that you would like I'm not sorry Hugh sad music got the door you see someone that you know and they ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine but you just can't get into it because they would never understand thanks gaps who asks for veggies oh wait where's my buffalo pizza dude it's so long who's like my fourth fly since I've been here I got a chill yeah let's go find the cookie dough if I had to guess hey Casey [Music] are you listening thank you oh I need a lot of food yes I can't pay for the food that I ate so thank you for watching it's not an area where there's a pizza Joe's seriously try it by the way not spawn make sure you like this video subscribe grab a slice of veggie pizza if you ever see a pizza Joe's anywhere this is this week's showstoppers week thank you so much for being so supportive you're amazing and as always I love you very much I made a part of this and I see you next time watch three how can I help you guys this is just a lot of buttons oh my god well I think they still want pizza today no if I don't get I'm gonna pizza there's my aunt oh yeah are you uncomfortable beautiful your belly lady you're my pupil eat dodo that's the Gabby had a special are we done okay [Music]
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