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  • Published on: 2018-11-21
  • well you're here yes sir finally I'm here okay clearly there's nothing else going on lunch wise why are you cooking something okay don't show me the menu you decide okay yeah yeah I have to just you know focus on like the food will it be to his taste will it be to his opinion who knows this place makes me feel nervous it's small its cramped and they wanted their clothes for lunch Joss so narrow this place one table to the next [Music] don't they grimy it's depressing entree comes with sound effects maybe he'll blow me away with a food because the atmosphere my god is depressing [Music] I'm thinking that I want to send out just a few light dishes to him something hot something called something grill at something sauteed just a full rounded experience hey Paul yeah hey that's gone you got good I think Chef Ramsay is gonna have a lot of things to say to Paul about how to change things and I don't think Paul's gonna take it well gentlemen said he was very hungry so fair enough I think Paul has his own ideas that what he's doing is just right it doesn't need to be changed and I think some of those things do need to be changed here we go that is the fettuccine mm-hmm basil Rugal a pesto or got a slot on top once and then behind that here is a chicken Paillard dessert Milanese pounded breaded excellent that's I didn't catch all night my name's Alex Alex charmed good to see you so much pleasure I'll be back in a moment thank you guys cold land pretty bland Oh Jay look at this thing it's like a fucking elephant's foot it's not normal for chicken to be so fucking hard that's the mess bikes absolutely I'm I'd appreciate that the chef could actually taste that okay because it is bland beyond black okay um why is that so drier mmm I wish I had a good answer for that question chicken should be moist well I'll move straight to the next course thanks sure how are you son I'm amazing how are you thank you all Brad I'm Brad good to see you hello you been here from the beginning from the beginning Alisha's places it's like don't judge a book by its cover as you walk in here and you see this gorgeous place but mom readers doesn't live up to its expectations if you can never get me around there's stuff to stay away from Miletus mmm taquitos empanadas hey boy oh yeah and why would I stay away from them just because I just think they're really dry mean I respect your said thank you I'll buy that might regatta that's really scary within five minutes been in the restaurant and or what to stay away from from the head waiter oh yeah yeah hot sauce I knew manage the kitchen on the front of house what's wrong with the place lack of customers so why we got lucky new customers we need more customers we need to figure out how to get more people in thank you thank you and you're the manager yeah from my boss a manager Dino what's wrong with the restaurant scary look forward to catching up not with the manager thank you Jesus the manager that doesn't know what's wrong lack of customers brilliant that's great in size net right here we go let's start off waiver tamale gotta go chimichanga yeah let's go for a breather are that's enough for now alrighty if Chef Ramsay doesn't like my grandmother's recipes that concerns me [Music] soaking wet newspaper my goodness me that's very first tamale oh we make them we make them in big batches and then their steams and then they're served because we make such large volumes at a time so you're sounding like the Cajun company now yes let me go ahead like that it's they should be wet enough with the sauce inside that when you re seeing them they stay moist what an embarrassment and this is your chef I run a catering business correct cheese king or treat nope Jesus applause maple sellers and fresh ground pepper now I'm fine thank you tomorrow's meatballs look at that why Nana's himself to gun with us this mess course I was a big sorry dirty pool of juice happen the deeper thank you [Music] what'd he say about evil sir he said that it was it was dreadful man it was swimming in sauce house area what's happening meatballs fucking horrible all right you don't think a responsibility [Music] fettuccine bland chicken why is it so dry that's bullshit I want to go home Paul certainly doesn't like it when people criticize his food but you know I think he actually reacted to Chef Ramsay's criticisms the same way he reacts to a lot of the guests criticisms like maybe it's not necessarily that important because he's right nice to see you look thank you for coming I really appreciate your house it means a lot to us that you're here I don't want to get washed oh but thank you very happy to be here and thank you your hug [Music] better here's someone who has the ability to help us and he's going to you know that's a miracle are you great well I'm gonna finish my lunch yes absolutely thank you thank you hi hello lovely thank you having our Hey that is our mushroom risotto mmm amazing buzina is risotto mmm strong Reena do you move well maybe that look better it fits the killer's mess and absolutely disgusting so you don't look too impressed it just tastes of mush hi guys yeah my pleasure I'll bring you some tilapia next yeah he doesn't like that he doesn't like it too mushy there is a classic you know a way to do it but some people around here just don't like it that way you know my ego is not here to hear that Gordon Ramsay love the dishes or didn't like the dishes I'm not concerned about that I'm concerned about what I do or how what the product that I put out it's all yours Alex alright here we go almond crusted tilapia jasmine rice with some pepper hopefully you enjoy it [Music] I love the jasmine rice she has to like Jasper hmm just a bland no see I'm it's just greasy bland and you cut into the fish and it's just mush hey it's the smallest hate them said it's so dry it's an edible he said it's embarrassing yeah ready dry are you cooking everything yeah Carla are you cooking the chilies I use it a microwave or chimichangas for one minute before they fry is really really really good your chicken chimichangas mm-hmm Jimmy Jimmy chili chimichanga [Music] it's dry it's shards of dry chicken I now like here's the thing honestly chimichanga chimichanga in the bin what shame Jimmy's like I thanks me politics really wouldn't flavor not generally I'm frustrated at my kitchen it's a bit of a punch to the gut about my food steak burrito look at that as gross as to be the biggest ad for any diaper anywhere in California my gosh Jesus that's like eating wet cardboard have a taste of that please but do not the steak was gamey it's kind of like a car wash moist and mushy oh my god that is disgusting stuff about stuffed clams thank you besides looks like some dumb shap in my shell where's the tap where's the play it's got to be mixed in there no it's mush but where the clams I don't see it either taste that please I was like a little scared to eat off his plate because I thought he was gonna stab me with the fork if like I told him it was good I just taste bread crumbs does that mean microwave and it tastes like a stuffing that heats stick in the arse end of a turkey I'll take it out of your way Oh God he said that there's no clams in this he said that this tastes like a stuffing out of a hurry he'll stop clams out of garbage anyway taste of Italy no certainly not in the kitchens maybe a taste of the Italian sewers okay here we go I was getting nervous when the chef's start decorating the place with parsley undercooked salmon that stone cold in the middle pshhh mush man so do taste the device for me so you got insipid glue when was that made I think he made that yesterday oh fuck yesterday yeah how much is 2121 dollars so that's a taste of Italian leftovers for $21 Jesus well anything else a sick bag maybe thank you holy fuck you
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