The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2018!

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • babe hey what's up guys I'm to be HD here ok so you may have been following or the last two weeks or so I've been doing a giant blind smartphone camera test so not for phones not five not ten we've done this huge bracket style showdown with sixteen phones so starting out the idea was originally gonna be a normal couple of phones like we've done in the past so you get pixel three in there you get iPhone 10s then you kind of want like a mate 20 Pro Galaxy Note 9 and then probably red hydrogen but then you leave out LG v 40 we might want to get one plus 60 in there and then by that time the choice is getting kind of tough so we had an idea so instead of just taking my subjective top view and then leaving some out let's just take them all let's just take all of them so we took 16 phones all of which that have come out in the past year - all of which have cameras so pixel 3 pixel 2 iPhone 10's iPhone 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Huawei p20 Pro Huawei mate 20 Pro red hydrogen LG v 41 plus 60 razor phone - HTC u12 plus moto Z - force poco phone f1 blackberry key - and the palm phone so clearly a healthy variety of phones a variety of cameras and all they all have their own sort of strengths and weaknesses they all have different characteristics to them and there's too many now to just try to recognize them all so you might say oh that one looks like the pixel so the other one must be the iPhone no there's there's too many is just gonna go down to instinct some of them will get knocked out quick some of them will make it much further so it's the People's Choice winner takes all bracket style and lots of voting so bracket and then there was seating so you just heard the names of the phones there was a million ways we could have done this we basically wanted to seed them somewhat to make it make sense but we didn't want to have the same phones like pixel three versus pixel two against each other liyan one iPhone 10 versus 10s in the first round so we had to randomize it somewhat so people don't know what they're voting for but once we do that then we can kind of see it play out so we filled in the seeds a through P signed every phone a letter and then went to work so we went out and took the exact same photo with every phone for each round we tried to pick some scenes ahead of a variety of things happening almost all of them had skin tones of some sort because people take pictures of people and then there were some some colors some dynamic range some depth of field happening blue sky sometimes red backpack other times pretty healthy variety but nothing too scientific then we stitched together the photos that would be compared to each other for every round and let them loose I hosted the viewing and voting in two places as you've probably seen by now Instagram stories and Twitter Instagram makes sense that's where a lot of people are on their phones looking at photos anyway and that's where people share them and take them and with a little help from Twitter I got to use images in polls for the first time so he posted there too so people could vote then we totaled the votes for every matchup every round and that's where things got pretty fun and interesting so altogether there were more than 5 million votes on Instagram stories and over a million votes in Twitter polls and you're probably wondering what people voted for you might even be wondering if you voted what you voted for so here's how it went here's the bracket and the starting seeds from a all the way through P now if you didn't get the chance to vote on social already look at this bracket and go ahead and pause and fill it in now how you think it would go you have the advantage of knowing all the phones go ahead fill it in I'll wait trust me it'll be worth it so round one the photo of me outside red Heather jacket with yellow divider behind me clouds in the background skin tones pretty much everything in round one mate 20 Pro beat the palm phone easily razor phone - crushed 1 + 60 then LGV 40 beat pixel - blackberry key to beat iPhone 10s Huawei P 20 Pro beat pixel 3 hydrogen slaughtered moto Z - force and Galaxy Note 9 barely beats HTC you 12 plus and then polka phone beat iPhone 10 ok a a lot of what I would call upsets I'll be honest if I was betting like if I had filled this out just kind of what I thought it would be like a March Madness style thing bracket already busted let's be real you probably didn't see this we probably didn't see that coming some weird stuff happening but it is actually already kind of starting to make sense there's reasons for what we're seeing here I'll explain later round two this was the hot sauce photo so in my hand you got warm colors cool background not portrait mode normal photo pretty simple mate 20 Pro beats razor phone 2 blackberry key 2 beats LGV 40 red hydrogen overcomes P 20 Pro and the Polka phone barely beats Galaxy Note 9 it actually got less votes on Twitter but enough more votes on Instagram to overcome it and win I think that's what I would consider an upset again happening over there but there's still a lot of things that make sense some things that don't but we'll save that to the end next round round 3 this is the semi-finals we have the red backpack on the brown table blue sky and clouds in the background plus a little shadow happening on the right a lot of tones here again in this photo mate 20 Pro finally beats blackberry and a polka phone f1 dethrones the red hydrogen that is a alright last round finals it is again skin tones red backpack blue sky and true depth of field happening with the fence some contrast things etc and mate Tony Pro cleans up easily beating the polka phone raise your hand if you had a perfect bracket put your hand down you're lying there are some pretty big upsets here a lot of strange things happening but now that we have all the photos and we have all the voting results we can take a look back at what happened when and why and that it actually starts to make some sense so looking back now at every round what spoke to me was apparently the most important thing to people when viewing these photos straight at a camera was just exposure brightness basically nine times out of ten the brighter more saturated more punchy contrast the photo won every single round it's pretty consistent there are other differences between the photos always color science dynamic range sharpness even the focal length sometimes and background compression but the brighter photo almost always won the thing is there's not a whole lot you know side-by-side photo comparisons happening on social media like Twitter and Instagram you kind of just like what you like but as soon as you put them next to each other then people's eyes just tend to go to the brighter photo and then compression of Twitter and Instagram pretty much ruins any sharpness or detail advantage that the actually great cameras tend to lean on and the differences in dynamic range weren't really all that dramatic in the photos that I was taking so it just came down to which one looked brighter next to the other one the brighter punch your photo the funny thing is and we all know this already but the brighter photo doesn't necessarily make it the better photo often people like me and maybe some of you are actually looking for something a little more natural in a photo when we're evaluating a camera I've said before I'm a big fan of the pixel 3s camera that has a slightly flatter more natural neutral photo with a lot of dynamic range and detail that's what it's good at the more information the better because that's what photo I can bend and adjust to make it look like what I want later which might be brighter or not depends on me but as soon as you put the flat neutral image side by side with a bright fully processed looking one people's eyes went straight for the more finished looking photo so there's a first-round matchup that illustrates this beautifully perfectly and that's iPhone 10s versus Blackberry I thought that was gonna be a gimme I put them up against each other because I figured it like any first round bracket play that's kind of a gimme for the powerhouse iPhone will probably win that right well this is the iPhone 10s photo pretty damn good if you ask me and this is the BlackBerry photo a similar but a very different photo the BlackBerry sensor is much smaller it biases a little warmer and color temperature but generally it is way less sharp and less detailed than the iPhone in fact the BlackBerry sensor is getting so much less light even outdoors and the processing is so bad that it actually thought the heather of my sweatshirt was noise in the photo and it tries to noise reduce or like smooth out the noise in my sweatshirt so there is no detail in parts of my sweatshirt here but the iPhone kept it all sharp and detailed from top to bottom but when you toss it up on Twitter or Instagram the compression is garbage so you can forget about any sharpness or detail advantage you might have and that just leaves you with the BlackBerry photo being a little bit brighter a little bit warmer and a little bit more colourful than the more natural neutral one from the iPhone and that was all it took because when you put them side-by-side on Instagram 63,000 people picked the more neutral iPhone photo and 228,000 people chose the BlackBerry to win and that made its way as a trend throughout this whole tournament that's how polka phone beat iPhone 10 that's how a p20 pro weed pixel 3 that's how hydrogen kept winning and that's eventually how mate 20 Pro made its way through the whole thing and won it all it's the brighter less shadowy photo so I revealed these results to a couple a couple YouTube friends and photographer friends ahead of time to get their reactions see what they thought yo-yo going online first of all have you seen or paid attention to any of the tests we've done this week all of them don't I voted in every single one but I did but I used it through Twitter not through Instagram yes I voted on every single one and what what made me feel kind of good about it is that most of the time I voted with the majority which actually like I like to see that okay we're all kind of moving towards a consensus I vote on Twitter when we're having lunch the other day all of us at the office we gathered round we all like made our own picks so yeah we've been all over it so I'm gonna read you the names of the 16 phones that we decided to put in this bracket okay ready tell me what you think all right pixel three pixel two iPhone 10's iPhone 10 Huawei P 20 Pro Huawei mate 20 pro motos z2 Force Galaxy Note 9 HTC u12 plus the Xiaomi poka phone red hydrogen one plus 60 razor phone - LG v40 palm phone blackberry key - and the palm front oh that little tiny one yeah okay so pretty healthy variety in there that's the ultimate tournament there I feel like there's only I only feel like the iPhone made it pretty far I feel like I can recognize its photos I could be wrong I would expect it obviously the palm foreigner just teach it on the bottle [Music] paka fun I would have guessed near the bottom teeth probably the pixel three the iPhone tennis max the Huawei and it wasn't probably like the note or the Samsungs oh it's too probably hmm I might say the mate torn apart so really depends me I want to see that I want to see the results all right today I'm gonna be mu right now the full bracket how it played out okay should I text you or Twitter how should I send you the result it can text me again I'll text you the actually I got I got Dave TV with the results here okay have him show you to bracket what though I think I was almost gonna say that host now okay oh I was way off iPhone got knocked out super fast by blackberry at the head it's you I wait a minute the iPhones head at the blackberry beats the iPhone Ted X oh how did the BlackBerry beat the iPhone are you kidding me that is not what I expected wait a minute okay I really didn t expect to be surprised yeah or this surprised wool that's weird did the may 20 pro nice that's it it's alright alright dude I totally I totally think the BlackBerry that is crazy I guess Mike I'm my eyeballs are just glued to Pogo fine okay let me see this bowl right okay the Rays are to beating the one +60 surprises the hell out of me home that make may 20 Pro a poco phone Pogo foam 300 bucks yeah Wow and then the Polka dude it's the best thing you can buy I versus Jay I chose J I is pixel 3j is p20 Pro don't worry everybody I did a blind test on myself and I did the same thing oh god dude I voted for the I vote for the freaking blackberry on that one oh my god are you kidding how is this possible I'm I am actually I'm shaking right now especially it's a polka phone made it that far hey beat the hydrogen as well and then I beat the note 9 and I go 10 this is wild pixel 3 Wow that didn't make it past the first round so everything I just said where the phones I thought would make it to the very end no I'm not at all and Blackberry Wow see my guess as to why like I'm gonna pull these pictures of real quick if I had to guess why I feel like a lot of the iPhone pictures come out like less saturated and like maybe that's just a perceived poor quality image something we noticed usually usually people don't see photos side by side very often but when you do put them side by side right off the bat people were picking the brighter photo oh no I I noticed that too and it was it was the photos where you were exposed the best that and usually it's harder you know bus brothers to get exposure right when getting when the camera takes photos of us so anything that you looked really clear I noticed I was an instant winner it didn't matter the dynamic range what the background looked like if you were exposed better I noticed I want it every single time I have seen that happen but just like that the most contrast and brightest exposure will win but in a few of these I felt like people were choosing the right example like generally as I was going through them like yeah I kind of agree with this so that's what that's why I'm the most surprised I thought I was like yeah this isn't too this isn't too bad and noticing winter like that's kind of that's very crazy again it's that brightness I think it's similar to like volume when you listen to headphones that are louder even if they're not better headphones you think they're better because there's there's more perceived detail and depth I guess because you know I have to discern what's in the shadows but yeah that's that's really interesting I think especially when you put them side by side because most we don't see like direct side by side they decide the final image and I got a lot of comments about like I don't know what the actual scene looks like yes but that's also true about most photos you see in real life you don't know what the actual scene looks like so people are just picking it and I just like a look of like you Paco foam it's the end man you're gonna mess the lot of heads here I mean so I don't pay close attention to the mate 20 pro or poco phone look like when they get released I just kind of hear about it and slightly ignore it so I just didn't even consider that might be a possibility I had even thought about it that's interesting yeah I mean especially if it is next to each other but it's so hard to it's like you can't actually put all of these like next to each other at the same time and then at that point everything just gets jumbled so this is it's such a hard test and I feel like a lot of this too is a preference like maybe people prefer this type of photo over that I mean I feel like it's art like not everyone likes the same part you know I think what it comes down to again is like kind of maybe you might thought of like we're in this like world or time of tech when nothing actually sucks there's a lot of like amazing things like the poco phone but yeah I think it's just a mix of everything maybe what it comes down to is we all don't know anything I wonder what would have happened ahead you use like an older Samsung phone because I think Samsung's colorscience over the last couple years has gotten really good and really natural but rumor had like oversaturated they used to look a couple years ago I wonder if that would have gone all the way to the top like at like an s6 has that been used just because it was so much more exaggerated yeah I think you're right I think something like five or six years ago when they were like punching the Reds especially when in that backpack footage yeah and super bright I think that might have actually had a better chance this isn't saying you know people are gonna go nuts for the poco for now right they're just people already argue so much for that phone but wow I guess it makes sense right I mean I feel like pretty much all the images I take on a smartphone or viewed on other smartphones so I mean it makes sense yeah is this gonna make you switch to a poco phone I'm poker phone all day man all day I'll be honest I don't care enough about my camera in 2018 to switch a phone for because I feel like so many of them are so good I'm just surprised like more than anything I'm surprised dude the puck so there you have it at the end of the day Huawei made 20 Pro was the People's Champ side-by-side blindfold camera winner of 2018 if you're looking for some kind of scientific conclusion on which one's the better smartphone camera from this you're not gonna get that there is no pixel peeping a lot of the advantages of certain cameras were eliminated but at the end of the day you just got to know what you want from a camera you got to know if you want it to look great straight out of the camera you want it to have an AI that does some post-processing that makes it look great for you or if you prefer a more natural neutral looking photo if you just want as much information as possible as much sharpness dynamic range etc so you can bend it the way you want later those are two different types of people clearly from our voting there's a lot more of the first type of person and that's fine so that's been the blind smartphone photo analysis super scientific test of 2018 hope you learned a little bit just like I did thanks for watching Tasi has in the next one peace
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