I Bought a $2834 Amazon Returns "Fashion/Technology" Box!

  • Published on: 2019-01-10
  • Oh what is good everybody and welcome back to the channel today we are taking a look at an Amazon return fashion in technology box now the whole trend of Amazon return box has been massive and I did a spin on this myself places that you get these are liquidation websites that are basically doing auctions for these different things or they sell them outright I initially have done like three of these four fashions so the other website that I've been chief oxidation is the one that I went to the one for this one was liquidation not calm that most of the youtubers do the other one sells stuff from like designer clothing store so I've gotten things like Gucci from some of them gotten things like from Versace this is like I'm starting a department store the retail was five hundred and ninety five dollars a Versace tie okay different crazy things but those have been all fashion box now this is specifically from Amazon original person I saw do this video now I know there's people have done it before but random Frank P is the one that I saw do a video of this a while ago that blew up and I was like I want to do something like this so let me Pomona twist on it so I did the previous ones and those are fun at all but I really wanted to get into this amaz I want to do an Amazon returns box so I went on the website and I've looked on there probably four or five times trying to kind of find how I can twist this into my world and then I was able to find a box that has somewhat of fashion and Technology it has different things like watches and there's there's a whole bunch of stuff in there if you guys don't know I dabble mostly in fashion and height these things on this specific channel but I do like like setups and stuff like computers and all that I've been a fan of that for a very long time so this is actually really fun for me you guys I might not have seen but you are doing a Yeezy 350 giveaway now the last video that I put these in I had two something went wrong with youtuber box challenge they didn't like it so I had to take it down but we're giving away a pair of size-10 and a half three 50 frozen yellow they are brand new so if you win them you can just sell them if you're not your size all you have to do for that is number one you've subscribed the channel number two yet to follow me describe number three if they comment down below I'll be tracking when the giveaways gonna be ending so you guys can keep track of all the entries and all that stuff and the link down below is called gleam it's where most people do giveaways as well as I think there's one day left for this giveaway right here I'm doing like supreme accessories off white socks palme angels designer stuff all kinds eight different winners would be picked for this one and I'll be the top description to I was like she's super hyped on won this because it was a whole process of bidding wars and stuff like that and I'm a very impatient person so I'm so excited to be able to get it you guys can see how massive these boxes are I had to use a freaking wheeled dolly to get it to my apartment they're just massive boxes so now let me cut back to when I won this box and show you guys kind of a website and how I decided to pick the specific box all right so you guys have seen before I've done these liquidation websites one called Fox liquidations and that's like the main one that has like clothing and fashion but a lot of people are doing Amazon ones and I've kind of wanted to dabble in that because I've kind of looked at it and the things that come in they're a little bit odd so you get like a big mix of things because I feel like they just like go for like where the returns are and they just throw a bunch of stuff and you get what you get so just website called equitation com that everybody's been using for this but I've been trying to look and see if there's things that pertain to what I do and that's been the hard part because it's not really many of those but I think I might have found something so like for example if I go to clothing accessories and I go to men it comes up with my cologne xxx quantity of Cologne sorted men's and youth of Parros let's go to this one the current bid it's three hundred dollars in Canadian dollars to two hundred eighty-seven dollars and it's an example the pictures you get like this is all women's clothes and it's supposed to be men's like that's a maternity dress so you can come over here you look at the manifest and you can see what's in there and it doesn't have any description on this one but I did find two that kind of could do something so this one has Apple watch series one so if we look on the picture it is an absolute terrible picture let's see what the manifest says Apple watch one HDMI hub this is all like electronics this one has fossil watched I thought maybe it's his steel series steel series is good for a gaming keyboard let's see returns so basically people bought it and they're saying it doesn't work or I like it so the MSRP is 2835 one day an hour left I might have to start bidding but I feel like this one could get up this one will probably get up there because like the keyboard and all that stuff but I think I'm gonna get on this slice a bid let's say hundred fifty bucks I'm gonna check back in that one I really like that ends in a day so how to check that game once it gets there we'll have to see there's already bids it's gonna go up I think that looks like a really good option and I'll check back in once I find out I find some like this nice Columbia alright so it is currently 516 the listing end in less than two hours and it's 7:10 trying to go to it right now I went in there and I actually put a highest bid amount so like if somebody else bidded it would counter with my bitch just so that like just in case I'm doing something I can't bid right that second that I have some room so currently the last bid that it was at was 242 and that's what I put in it shows right here shows that the current bid is 242 which is minded history you see that's me right there but when I go back to the auction on here it says 322 tells me on the highest bidder 322 I think is the amount that I put a 320 the one thing is like what is this picture oh it's probably really dark I mean what is this it's like sticky so we have officially one hour and 51 minutes so excited give it is t minus 41 minutes no more bids have been placed so far I'm excited I don't know why I shouldn't be this excited for something like this but just unboxing this is gonna be so fun for me you guys know I love the mystery and half of the stuff in here it doesn't even say what it is so if I spend $320 for $2,800 of the stuff is not too bad my guess is when it gets to about 15 minutes left the bids are gonna go up but we'll see because if somebody bids fought within five minutes of the ending time then they extend it five minutes we are down to the final four minutes we have four minutes in three minutes of 27 seconds left if anybody makes a bid then it's extended another five minutes all right we got two minutes left no bids waiting for text woman 51 seconds 49 seconds stuff I don't think anybody's gonna try to bid me I'm holding my ground I don't think so I'll get a text right now I got 40 seconds left I just don't think anybody's about to help it Oh somebody bid it's 242 now of course somebody souped I knew I knew it dang man they gonna make me wait another four maybe shoot that for no reason - cuz I got the highest bid - 40 - 30 [Music] that's how I feel right now last time it happened at like 30 seconds no one's out bidding me they thought that they could do it they can't I'm winning this are their six seconds go on close at three hundred forty two dollars easy you would pull them out and do four hundred sixty-five dollars and 82 cents there 71 dollars and 70 cents for shipping a buyer's premium of $34 not sure what happened there and 18 dollars in sales tax after seeing that you guys can tell we got a lot of stuff to get through and hopefully it's worth the money not to me as a youtuber it is worth the money because I could get to make a video out of it and make the ad revenue off of that and then I might even sell some of the stuff you guys have it's in working condition that I might not use so there are 83 items apparently there's like a 2% range of weather of what comes in the box so maybe like 80 it may be like 84 I don't know there's just a lot of stuff $342 is what it cost me is worth over $2,800 so without further ado I'm gonna have to find a way to propanil all this stuff because there's so much of it so let's just get into it if you guys are curious on how the boxes came this is kind of what they look like this one is kind of broken right here so if you can kind of see into it already you have its got like armed container I ripped off the shipping labels same here 27:30 war there's some damage here damage there this is kind of do Louie that's apparently Matt let me try to find the best angle this is not the angle I think this might be a good angle where I take things out here place them in the back that's me the best thing this table is kind of weird when I do these types of videos to kind of show you guys everything that comes in it let's open this up this is the first one I don't know if there's any correlation between the two honestly come and put on gloves for this but I'm gonna I'm not going to you guys don't know when I get like I don't even like touching the bottom of shoes cuz I know where they are like where they go like bathrooms and stuff so it's stuff like this might a little bit weird but they apparently return so hopefully they're not nasty let's go ahead first thing yes I see well I don't know yes this could go bad I see the keyboard that was like the main in that picture and it is heavy thank the Lord so there any stickers on it or anything does not say so this is a steel series apex m400 I think I'm gonna do is test out some of the products that I like the most and see if they actually work so that'll be fun after this because this looks like a pretty cool keyboard I think it's an LED mechanical keyboard I've had one of these before open this boy if anybody has recommendations for oh this is already pepper like nice for Coulomb boxing's let me know this is taped up and returns can mean anything I've returned a good amount of thing before these works so the first thing we see red dragon this looks different already from what was sown there this is a wired mechanical keyboard from steel series wow that is so clicky but it says red dragon on there and there's nothing on the packaging nothing on here even says maybe that's how it is to be like that's that's what this is called but it say anything on here about am i tripping or is this supposed to because this has like a pecks 400 but it says red dragon I'll plug this in real quick you see it's work so this is a high macro let's plug it in here it lights up keyboard it works and it's so clicky first product up works this is actually pretty nice not frightened of keeping this I don't know the retail value on that I think 90 bucks or something it'll be up on the screen but it works the only thing I'm confused on is a red dragon but maybe that's just how it comes all right next thing I see is a white or this is paper amazonbasics paper actually could use this this is a good thing right here multipurpose paper respected by Amazon warehouse why would somebody return people a lot of paper I ship stuff so this is useful this is probably worth like a $2 though oh man let's see what else we got we have this is like an iPad case just something I probably can't get you said a lot of these things what I might do is put them up on my website and then if you just pay for shipping you can have them maybe open up like two bucks this is an iPad I'm not sure exactly which iPad this is I mean once I give it to him for like two three ball this looks perfectly fine unless no this looks fun wrong with it and we have a big box right here this is an Amazon basics laptop stand open this guy up some of these say inspected some of them don't I don't maybe some of them don't need to be inspected a laptop standing here was an empty box in here I understand literally completely empty we got did man we have what's a lot of Technology stuff so far but there are watches and things in here that kind of stood out to me what are we this is a ultra voice and eight five thousand microphone they said has been opened yet I don't really have much use for this for being a hundred percent honest it's in here looks pretty decent I don't know how much this cost microphone that's pretty cool not sure how much this cost but what the purpose of this is but I don't have much use for this actually I could use it for specific YouTube videos for items deep looking pretty good 342 bucks SteelSeries I'm assuming is a decent amount of value but there's a couple things in here that this might be one of them right here so this is a psycho watch psycho is pretty decent I hope it's a psycho watch I remember there's a fossil I think there's a G shoppin like that let's see we have psycho Tim good limited warranty alright yeah this actually pretty decent really my style of why it's so simple cycle watch is pretty clean actually it works - so pretty decent these are the parts of it that I that kind of related to me cuz a watch has to do with accessory fashion I would say this is more like an everyday watch it's not too crazy if I could designer Gucci watch but it's still kind of it's clean like nothing wrong with that that definitely I think somebody could get some good use I guess that was just to return let's see what else we got we have mark - him honestly I could use this if this is like this actually works oh I might actually get some use out of this you never know what people are doing in cars and stuff and a nice dash cam this has to be like a hundred bucks it's kind of cool not getting any power right now looks like somebody put this on their car and took it all Oh probably powered by when you plug it into your core let's go see if I can get this - mounted like car [Music] it is freaking cold out why am I wearing a t-shirt I definitely would need some new 3m but looks like it works see it just kind of shows the - pretty straightforward I just don't like how this core would be hanging out all the time I think that's something that I might look into just doing like putting a little bit of more 3m on there just to have it because like when you're driving you never know where Tracy the people gonna do something that's just a way of kind of like a security if somebody like backs into you or something you got it on camera let's get out of this coldness so we're gonna pull this out we've still got a good amount of stuff in here if you guys want to keep this still this whole box I don't wanna be in here a lot of it didn't have like names for us this is a International Travel voltage converter oh it has all these different adapters you think they're like useful like this box is useful so far the only thing I really can't use is probably like the iPad case in the microphone but I could find uses for them like if I really needed to so it says mount tech check out what we have is two sips like okay it's like a phone mount for your car yeah another thing I could use is a law in Georgia you can't use your phone this might be good use for me too or give it to my fiance or something next thing up we have just a male-to-female headphone jack bad for me because like I just I keep so much random stuff already she's gonna leave me to have so much stuff like don't use yeah this is a one terabyte hard drive I had no use for that 1 terabyte hard drive I think we have another iPad case looks like the same device doesn't say what device today whoa this has a little holder for like a 10 - anyways got this iPad you can get a few another phone mount which all these are like could be really useful this one looks like it was like beat up though put this on the back your phone and just magnetizes and you're such a company what why did they not use this maybe they just didn't like you put this on your car and it magnetizes and you can put your phone useful add it to the useful list the next thing we have is a fire cable USB - like any USB something what's going on with that there is a frozen Disney frozen DVD never seen this movie don't really plan on it even if I have this I'm gonna donate this to like Goodwill or something I'm not I'm definitely using that attracts this Power Cells for just like an RC car I have no use for this so I don't know what to do with that and we have a recharge herbal filet knife battery I think you stick a knife in it and then it just goes a pretty random what else do we got we have oh this is I can't use it you BB what else do we have we have a mope E battery double XL battery stage useful iPhone holy there's no charge maybe it's not working I kind of want to keep there's got a lot of good stuff in this box so I kind of want to keep in this other box let's see what's going on well I'm gonna just pull this out there's still some good stuff in there it looks like we have a bunch of color paper this is what this was I kept wondering what the heck this is this matches my shirt this is just a bunch of colored paper awesome all right there's the Mophie thing what else do we got haseo we have casio another watch this is like a female female watch there's another one in here and I think it's the same thing oh no this is a little different this is so small I'm thinking they're supposed to be some it says something about clothing in there so that's what I'm trying to wait and see within another casio ba where's your grandma or grandpa watch nice little silver watch a lot of watches more than I expected in here next thing we have is another power bank another power bank here this is literally useful stuff I know this is like so far it isn't too much with fashion but still another power bang bang man another little power drink this matches my suitcase it worked ice there's a few things in here that don't look like they relate to anything American flute masterpieces not good then we have an HD of my something classic cables HDMI phone samsung phone our bears it's like an extra battery for we have an Ethernet adapter the crazies more paper often supplies to the iPhone cable though this is a phone iPad stylish Oh iPhone 6s smart battery case it's actually quite expensive from Apple this could be useful somebody needs this I'm not gonna pull it out cuz I don't have a iPhone 6s okay we got a wrecker here Billy Joel record alright I actually a record player let's see how this works go over to the record player we currently have Austin on the record player let's take this off and then add this Billy Joel now I'm gonna play this a little bit different pitch so I don't get copyright hang on played like two seconds looks like we got a working record and we have a keyboard cover for a MacBook of a watch this looks pretty good oh here's the fossil watch that they were talking about boss is a pretty decent brand our watches and stuff I'll just consider this a men's fashion watch is a nice blue with rose gold genuine leather on it doesn't look to use clocks chicken that's pretty classy actually I know it's nothing crazy but that's a pretty decent watch we have to see what this looks like go on then we have a camp oh yes this is one of the main ones that I was waiting on cuz this could be useful if it this is like the most expensive item out of the box refurbished panasonic 4k camera and this could be something I could really use for the channel when I go out I don't have to bring this big a 7-3 with me camera nice it doesn't come with a battery oh there it doesn't look like exactly you put in an SD card so you guys can see what I'm looking at there's the camera that we're looking at right here here's my rig this it could this be a blow that is so zoomed in I don't know this could be a vlog camera seems like it's a little zoomed in so that was the most expensive thing out of the box maybe if somebody's wanting to start YouTube they could get something like this could be a good one to start with this 4k video so maybe this would be one and I try to study you guys alright so that's the first box nothing to this one now I think oh it looks like we might have I see some clothes with us G shop right here this is one of the ones that I hopefully this is the only pants in here let me clean this up a bit I know so far this hasn't been too much fashion stuff but dudes way literally it's so much stuff in my apartment I don't know what I'm gonna do with all this stuff that's okay the second box has more fashion gear things because the first one was definitely more I would say on the technology side that's the first thing we got is this and I see some alright so I see and huh thanks a lot of car driving by I see an iPhone cable right here just like broken somebody just plugged into their phone and this ripped out of the wall and amazonbasics charger we got - charger box looks like another mechanical keyboard that can work I was just thinking red dragon I think it's its own brand and that's a steel series bomb what if somebody I think somebody bought the steel series and then deal a little switcheroo unless this is a steel series hepta steel series and the red dragon I don't know oh this one looks kind of crazy another mechanical keyboard is wired wait for it oh it's not as clicky Trevo gaming keyboard kind of cool hey to gaming keyboards it's pretty lit we have it looks like finally a freaking shirt or something fashion the watches are one thing this looks like this is a felis shirt alright it's pretty decent I mean it's cool Carolina blue it looks like decent the t-shirt doesn't let's see alright finally we got something that you bet I didn't look earlier that warrant so onto what happened something ripped the tag off but finally a friggin shirt alright let us first take this we have more protective case for I'm no cloak a phone this is for and we have looks like a moto another Apple charging case looks like like a iPhone 6 or something well it's really dirty though another one of these occasion I think a pair of sneakers alright here we go we're moving we got something in here know how cool about these you guys can see I'm a bit of a hike east there Ben Sherman encouraged have somewhere marks awning that looks like the back is green up here you can see that the back is green there's guff marks all over the outside just a white pair of shoes those Ben Sherman I'm not sure there's a quality brand of this expensive they look very simple like a very simple canvas shoe I can't assume that they're like crazy expensive then we have what this this is the Nintendo switch protective case I don't have a Nintendo switch if anybody wants to plug me with one literally will have no use of that on the switch the more amazonbasics tough iPhone cable that could be very useful there's a reason why these things cost so little when they saw them on Amazon because they're pretty easily to break oh it looks like we have two more records dang man this was not on the manifest if there is records in here Neil Young and then we have a CEO my to test these out real quick on the record player two [Music] works - someone's wrapped up I don't know if I'm open it's maybe I'll go see there's a local record shop right but where I live and see if they want it that's where you get my records I'll see if maybe I could trade them for something because there's another Billy Joe three record wow I didn't even know that and then we have and inspected this looks like a bunch of converters or wall adapters yeah I don't really want to open that up it's gonna go everywhere converters to wall adapters and we have a mini blue compact amplifier got a poet this looks pretty brand-new - I mean I don't assume that that's too much because the most expensive thing in the box there's like 100 and te Rito another 6-foot iPhone cord this one just looks a little bit used doesn't look really broken but if they're returning it my guess is that it might be broken for so much still harm a battery GoPro where's the GoPro is this a drone this is a massive battery well I don't have whatever this is but that's kinda cool I guess if we have a t-shirt room this is a puma shirt I'm a t-shirt got Puma on the sleeve aints just like an active wear shirt medium gray heather fleece alright t-shirt alright what the heck is this thermal compound take a syringe ace is to put together computers I don't want to open that wallet cell phone case for iphone leather case phone slides in there and then you get your card holders Xbox Wireless and Clark's 360 charging base with two battery 360s aren't in use anymore so oh man let's see us you've got another this is the iPhone X case this could be something that I could finally use it like a nice flip off stamp that's not bad right there oh the g-shock on this is I'm gonna have to oh there's two of them I'm gonna wait for that I'm gonna wait for that let's see GoPro Hero 5 this has to be just accessories and there's a GoPro on here I didn't say it on there that GoPro what what rather the lilies GoPro in here I swear the manifest did not say that there's a GoPro yo yo what I'm literally so confused it literally turned on are you kidding me what I don't know what other people like get things like that I'm really surprised right now hold on hold on yeah okay a : wallet that's pretty decent come on nice it's a nice brand I mean this is nice I'm gonna give this as a gift to somebody that's pretty cool we have a Belkin bhaag bit this box is perfect there's a wireless charger the iPhone X so you just put the phone on it and it charges literally Christmas I paid 340 bucks for that it's pretty sleek too freaking picture I am a height like this is so much unnecessary stuff got another iPhone oh it's like the exact same thing this is another phone mount oh it goes into the CD player for CD slot Wow interesting another six foot iPhone cable iPhone ordinance is like a Samsung charger another phone mount I'll be giving these up everybody old stoneware worlds collide I've never heard of this another iPhone cable lightning the headphone jack so your iPhone is gonna plug in some stuff another charging base for the Xbox 360 smartwatch I literally don't know where my cutting device went liquidation they just like literally just throw whatever's in there hey this is kind of little cheats little smart watch this just looks like your very basic SmartWatch oh man we got a few more things we have another RC or battery we have a Casio watch again same one as before in a watch and we're up to my filming my roommate just came home in the middle of filming practice battery another iPhone cable we have another iPhone 6 book cable another iPhone 7 smart battery case I phone cable with a wireless charger oh man a Pucci hosta PD got two G shots one big box a wireless mouse from in fit oh this is supposed to be a good Apple Mouse Rose goal of mine Yonsei might be able to use that we got two G shots right here these affect an older boss doesn't like the same boss that I've seen or this is this g-shot this is kind of like a standard g-shock right there as you can see nothing crazy this isn't like the huge bulky G shocks that I'm used to seeing let's open this big box G short this is an Amazon basic something oh just that laptop stand that was supposed to be another box as on basic laptops and metal we have another g-shock this looks to be the same wow what a box this was definitely geared more towards technology - hope you guys liked stuff like that because I typically do fashion and stuff but mess with shoes - t-shirts when the rest is just mounds let me take him in to clean this up and I'll check back in - guys all this stuff I just decided to leave out all the things that I thought were useful the rest I'm probably gonna donate to like Goodwill or Salvation Army things like that my local area just things I just have absolutely no used to but let me show you what I went ahead and aside to keep this is the majority stuff here as you guys can see it's like seven watches we got the power brick got the wireless charger stylus iPad cases GoPro - can the keyboard which i think is not met this is the wrong one that was supposed to be in a bar this keyboard I'll probably end up getting rid of this stuff is cool I don't know what I do with these but have some sort of use - shirts we got the shoes so I'm gonna I'm gonna do with these they're kind of cool but I still know if I wear them thumbs up they're like 65 bucks the rest of it all in here I'm probably in a donee or maybe I'll put some on my website but I just there's so much so much stuff that I just don't know find abusing so I decided I'm just gonna do that this was a long view that's gonna wrap it up if you guys didn't see the EZ giveaway go ahead and do that down below go and enter that there's another giveaway as well thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you guys next time this is hair since I don't know [Music]
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