• Published on: 2018-10-02
  • you're doing the intro yeah well get ready here we go know what you're doing it with me work that it is cut out from like the name of our channels Dolan twins I got that whole thing down I knew that gonna deal with you yeah we'll use that as the bleep does that really need to for us right now cuz you're pissing you the football let's not waste time let's just get into it what's the first time this week we're back so today we're not in our normal set we're actually back in New Jersey hence why the background looks like shit so we're gonna fix that we're gonna build our set real quick let's out to the look can you pay attention but your look how did you just have a little how did you lose attention your attention span that fat elbows I lost detention this looks again it's gotta go can't look like this you'll fix it you did tell me to get tax yeah you've literally just told you three seconds ago I wasn't listening that's the bags behind you will you put them there you put them there any touch somebody's dusted for fingerprints enters your frame you know it's not dude it's yours we have the same DNA same fingerprint we're twins it's a thing just pull it down on your side a little bit and doesn't have to look good it just has looks better than what they sign the wall is in you know just go by myself awesome you know we need in this video now that the background looks like even more like a leaf blower so one of those heated down no it looks fine it deadly just looks ten times worse even though it's great I get take credit for that all you have to do is a rectangles beautiful it's no different from our normal set because I think is a little bit different yeah it looks pretty awful she was just thinking yeah I think we should just take it down let's let's just do the right thing no it's a waste of time it's not gonna look good dude it's gonna go it's not we all look again Grayson was that a waste of time Grayson look again okay I'm not is it crooked who cares let's just go let's get on with the video okay guys so today we have a laptop and we have family members who are downstairs who have been waiting to film this for the past two and a half hours because even took so long to try to set that up and it didn't work and I called it so we're starting now grandma so in this video our family members are going to react to our YouTube channel we have a lot of family members that watch over YouTube videos and and they're really supportive of what we do we've never put any of our family members on our channel besides our sister Wow we're gonna ask each family member what their favorite video of ours is I don't even know if some of them even even know that we make videos okay and then we are gonna watch it with them yeah could we do the first grandma she's here yes go get it yeah alright okay so we scream a lot when we when we film and yeah this is grandma Bernadette hi every video that we ever post grandma Bernadette text me afterwards the nice little review videos so right now we're just placing them watch your favorite video on our channel the milk one I want that's my favorite the milk one with milk Champa laughing challenge yeah grandma how often do you watch this video watch a lot every Friday with the little girl baby would always watch a video you should only know to be honest when we're about to make these videos where we're doing really stupid stuff like this one I'm always like oh well what's grandma gonna think I love it I look at I've been with you guys watching you do crazy stuff yeah since you were like this big true what's something crazy that we did we were this big what just one things one day when the boys were little we used to put this music on in their room and they had this huge being big in between the cribs and I would lay on the beanbag a little bit like this like this no I would say two or three like this they used to have their bottle and they would drink their bottle and then music would be playing and then we it's quiet time and then all of your sudden they pop it up over and hit me with the bottle I'm laying and then grace comes over so we were throw so that you while you're away yeah yeah I'm sorry okay well thank you grandma they forget the best thanks for watching us throw up for like the 80th time bye guys thank you I know the camera's not there what actually the camera is that bitch so there's no way you have to act you're gonna say whatever you want it we're just watching we're just watching a video it's easy you so this is puppy John excuse me he is the reason why we're insane no you pass it down to I know I have to it's because I can't get high your identity I'll put him upside down that's a good idea this is very nervous oh no now you can work Bobby Jon told me one time when I was younger you know you're a big inspiration to my career because you told me no matter what always be an idiot you're going in it right yeah yeah look at me she she spoke very highly [Laughter] funny knows you're stupid pop don't tell them that he's my husband no I'm married to that right now we're y'all watching together are you familiar with in you know all right I could get wet you guys are so talented it doesn't matter if I watched it I just hit laughs and laughs are enough for the video okay yeah really all right whatever that means thank you so much you haven't seen one no I've seen a few in the pits and bigger pieces you know one that you like not really I don't like any of them yeah and we're gonna force you to watch one today okay do we package on hangman yeah [Laughter] [Music] I'm proud of you idiot - idiot come on [Laughter] [Applause] come on - yeah yeah maybe dub talks okay this is stuff for hemorrhoids [Laughter] right I love these two little best everybody knows it so thank you pop thank you bless you both these your support don't remember it but I think I think we did better than her yeah thank you very much good job so this is our grandfather Papa Tony and he would like to remain mysterious that's why he's blurred out yeah I don't want to do it it's a because he might make me famous and then if I go outside everybody recognize me and I won't be able to do what I want so fair enough but thank you for being in the video thanks for stopping by okay this is grandma Adrienne we probably here because we want to we want to watch your favorite video of ours I don't like anything where you swearing we say bad words in a lot of these videos I like when you figure skated yeah I was funny we can watch that one I don't know I have a fear of being boring yeah I can't I couldn't do it the double spin sorry lay down sweet what what can we say that's it damn damn hell hell crap crap crap you sure we could say crap just one we really I think he'd be a better space the figure skates you can do it they go cruising up the storm shut this off shut it off right now that's it I had enough all right I'm sorry at least we know now that we can say crap that's it all right well thank you grandma for sitting down and watching this with us anytime whoa via my favorite grandson my favorite older grandson how was it being on camera was it scary very scary really yeah we did great but you know one could tell so I'll be here back next week yeah peace it's not the end of the video yet so now we're here with a father Sean aka dad okay Sean nation hey cool dad he made us yeah those guys are swimming at me a little bit we lived in his ball sack for a little while yeah dad obviously is aware that we have YouTube channel you watch all videos you yeah I didn't have missed one thanks thanks dad that's please like it did we brought you here today because we want to know what your favorite video of ours is and then we want to watch it with you and and that's it yeah well the tour video used to be my favorite video but I was really happy when you brought you know when you brought your brother anywhere you brought known and then gave him a shot but I want to see that again I gotta see it again now I know I called you our biggest secret yeah we're gonna pull like the good parts in these that's how this works okay so we'll just watch it and knowing if anything halfway interesting happens over in the middle yeah I got this right now yeah that you invented it so when I when I like accidentally make a dad joke yeah now we know where I get it from yeah why was there on your favorite video I think maybe it was either the first or second one when you guys when you came back and started your new format and you wanted to try to do more like production videos other than just like reaction stuff and I thought it was well that ended pretty quickly but full circle but you are having fun now which I'm happy to see thanks but I thought that these were all I thought this one and the house tour they were great I think my favorite line was like all Jesus oh sure I'll make you Nolan merch nice so when we first started making videos what did you honestly think of it I thought was great because you guys did it and you would being creative and your sister was helping in it was I thought it was awesome to see you guys doing that and then you know things got a little crazy but you always said you were just gonna you had a goal and I was happy to see that you wanted to keep doing it so thanks dad thank you yeah for those of you that don't know we uh we left school we were like 15 and moved to LA alone and without the support of my dad we wouldn't have been able to do that because I mean I guess most adults would definitely think was crazy my kid want to move to LA and and the fact that I was a superintendent of schools you know you guys support your kids no matter what you gotta support your family no matter what yeah for all the dads watching listen him have any questions don't ask good yeah thanks guys thank you guys for viewing the video that appreciate it thanks Sean nation okay all right let's get mom in here ma ma ma way videotape yes I'm only doing this because I love you mom you you don't want to be behind the scenes no she doesn't want to be behind the scenes so there she is she wanted she wanted some screen time now she's got it well anyway this is our mom sorry I'm so rude to give you guys a little background my mom hates it even when I just snapchat her to my sister like she hates just being on any form of camera any form I don't want no history of me she doesn't anything to do with cameras Oh - why I support you from behind that sounds great so we brought you today because we want to watch your favorite video of ours with you so what is your favorite video that we meet better yet what's your least favorite video you want me to fight a bad oh yeah spider bad one cut Ethan's hair was stupid that was a pointless what she said she's a hairdresser so it's one you had a little like that was literally was a good video I cut his hair oh she's a hairdresser watch that one we both drivers you kind of limped out on that you should spend more time on that one all right well changes hello this video to our mom roses really my favorite was the different types of teachers I think that looks good style look not styled yeah this is so old this video but it's good like you actually do the equation there's a hidden message behind all of them yeah we do 5 plus 4 I know everything's 69 69 too bad put it on put it on don't put it on don't put it on dude don't don't get hit on it not don't put it in but don't put it on what what does that mean she can't she can't get through a video she can't get through so you don't like any of our videos what you're trying to say can I watch something that's like 2 minutes long it'll be done it's almost done what is your minutes of this we can finish now if you want to watch mr. 2 minutes long and be done sweating and I don't like anything now she knows how we feel when we fill every single youtube video who sweat and we sweat it and we don't know what to say and then we sweat we haven't talked about something else so we have at least enough footage to point to the video yeah so it's talking about stuff so like how do you explain us letting us stop going to school and then moving to a different part of the country without you at the age of 15 to make stupid videos and you be a really bad parent letting your kids to leave we're just giving you guys my mom didn't want to let us leave at all yeah being a very good mother but at the time I thought she'd be very mean mother so I was like come on mom just like we said for dad without her mom's support we would not be doing what we're doing right now but we trusted you were good people what's another question nobody want to say how was it carrying around two babies in your stomach there's nothing to be to blame kind that weight how was it carrying two baby youtubers all right did you know we were gonna make videos while we were in your stomach what am I say anything else that we have that is good what's other real question I had one nope alright thank you mom for being in the video we really appreciate it really love you thanks okay well it's a little trap enough dudes are sweating I'm starving sweat I'm starting to throw up alright guys please give it a thumbs up if you liked this video it might be talking about sums down yeah mom you say if you want to see this seat with our logo behind you using and just sugar to Ma say P oh do it with me alright one two three peace [Music] [Applause] what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on this subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bow it's all good merch
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