Ramsay In Awe Over Owner Telling Head Chef How To Cook Asparagus | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-11-17
  • fucking flamingo Chef Ramsay is anxious to see how the kitchen handles a busy dining-room do this word has spread that Chef Ramsay is in Baltimore and the dining room was full for the first time in a year I assured chefs parking and the kitchen is now dealing with a flood of orders surrogates for that and I can get you out your hair let's start calling to the table let's get there so it's all nice and you know I got 3 sticks sitting here I really don't care great when Denis comes in our chef clothes it's like having a hurricane in there she just goes headache and you know you know I want this done now I lived on this way I need your attention all right I'm tired of seeing the asparagus dunked in a bin all different kinds of ways you know you start with the small things we always get little lessons from Denis and it's frustrating because you just can't stop then everything backs up and it's it just causes a lot of problems you cut off the ends and you blanch them you hold this Farragut's see where they break I don't have time to stand around and watch I do this when I have other you know jobs to do humming we got crab dip up for 22 take this to 57 despite the nice slowing down or kitchen with an asparagus lesson and then your wings will be right out some of the dishes still managed to make their way out to the diners well Stover then ever cup did he said I don't like mush who'sa turkey they did not like this I'm getting something out of your alright this turkey we're not serving it anymore eighty-six the turkey any turkey on the board 86 the jerky [Music] yes you did the thing I'm good at medium table five wanted a medium steak was wrong it's a well five waiting medium this as well yeah medium match give me those sweets I don't want to use those steaks give me give me all those steaks from in there we're all servers that we have no steaks I have no steak are you serious yes took the ones we had no no come out all this if you're I'm all out to get in through the mouth this is something that Denise normally does 86 in things 86 biscuits you guys they don't like it 86 to potpie 86 the catfish instead of fixing an entree in the moment she pulls the entire food item from service sweat goes you guys 86 the French fries oh my god Wow fish your chips throughout the chest we need to find out without all the tables and have french fries on their tickets that are not getting french fries we are out of price for the fish and chips and what would you like 86 the sweet fries 36 we prawns we have nothing to serve at 286 every million died why are we 86 in this sweet fried potato fries we got the motherfuckers cooking I don't get it I'm just I'm in pain here thank you okay as my nightmare continues we're at a sweet surprise I'll speak to you first Denise kept pulling stuff but now I have to walk to the table and telling Heath the fruits not there I can only apologize so many times to somebody I'm embarrassed by it as the menu items keep dwindling oh I'll take it off your track honey I apologize the diners patience is dwindling as well I've never seen my bass I've never seen anything no so dysfunctional kitchen work so backwards you can't keep just was waiting an hour for food and in 86 it find out the total amount that we can't all right I want everybody's attention can I have everybody's attention Debbie I need your attention hello
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