Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!

  • Published on: 2018-12-18
  • ya know you know you can do it okay let me just did that you think is gonna work I hope what's up guys we're back and if you're wondering what we hope is gonna work here here's what it is we're going to be surprising fans at their doorstep Christmas caroling with gifts and that's that's pretty much what we're doing for this video if you know this was it's like they were reading out of a binder like the Christmas okay this is carolers yeah you know I mean yeah they're just as songs like this now yeah so the goal is to go up to the fans doorbell bring the doorbell have them answer the door we're standing there like this Christmas sweaters on all festive and singing Christmas carols singer parts out singing our hearts out to the jolly old season and then lowering this revealing that it's - it's us - idiots we're here at your door we got some gifts and we're here to hang we are traveling all over the country for this video how do we know that we're going to the right people's houses it is all thanks to our friends at make-a-wish Foundation for setting this up and helping us out with this video yes thank you guys so much so the people that we're going to meet have actually made it their number one wish to meet Ethan and I which is unreal thank you so much you're gonna meet us you're not gonna know it but we're we're gonna meet you so the people who are gonna surprise have no idea right now we got in touch with all of their parents and they know what's going on so they're in on it and they're gonna help us out but getting them to the door to see the Christmas carolers that have come by to sing some jolly old songs but it's really just gonna be us but we have a flight early in the morning and then we just are gonna keep flying around the country and surprising more people pretty much for the next four days we're flying all around the country and surprising but what more fun can I ask for it's gonna be really fun I can't wait to do this oh we can't wait we're kind of running out of time it's yeah it's midnight and we have to get up at 6:00 for a flight well Grayson I think it's time to begin our adventure that's gonna be fun I can't wait so we had this buck overnight ship to us from our merch company and in it to get in the spirit we have last year's custom holiday merch guru Nick's these are not available anymore anywhere so the only way to get them by surprising you got your half-step like Christmas caroling to your door um that's what we're gonna do these are our new lenticular posters whoa all right and then I'm gonna bring some nice and cute little gift bags to put the merchants and we are officially Steinman packed we will see you guys in the morning to go to get a surprise up I don't know all right well I'll see you guys in the morning way too early even let's go what do you what can you possibly be doing I it's way too early you're just like I said it would be brought over to the airport 6:00 a.m. he's not very good at waking up early but he did it so that's a good start all right guys first stop Arizona we're gonna the first please I'm excited it's a big plane look have anything important to say number three all right thanks hi guys we landed her officially at first location [Music] not even gonna act like we didn't almost just died in that plane that was a sketchy flight of my life so I'm even happier to be here right now the merch has arrived [Music] guys guys we're here we're getting ready ok so we're going to surprise Isabel today she literally has zero clue that we're coming yeah she's gonna get pranked now I mean it's not really no it's just a surprise it's kind of yeah we're serving gifts good all right so we got green crewneck lenticular poster and we need to sign it but we don't have a marker so hopefully she doesn't work you were supposed to bring markers you were supposed to be markers all right we're gonna find a marker somewhere we'll find it don't worry we have our bag ours Christmas gift I'm nervous that's what I'm doing like stupid because I don't know don't be nervous I do I don't want to Carol I'm afraid to sing don't be afraid they're not gonna know why we didn't practice more we're gonna do this but we should probably wait we oh wait the sweaters I haven't tried the sweater on yet and I feel like it's gonna be too small by the looks of it what if it would you what if it's a belly shirt on me well wouldn't be the first thing you were one of those all right let's put that on Grayson oh I think mrs. Claus is definitely more of a woman's kind of sweater yeah I think it got yeah we got the right one it fits me kind of awkwardly I'd have to go on okay I think we're ready I feel ready let's go to practice run a real quick okay pretend that's the door let's do this I want to stay back are you ready one and then wait what's the cue to put it down have you ever saw him yeah this is gonna be awkward Edie's wearing ugly sweaters hats that don't fit our heads and we're holding binders and firmer faces dude quit dissing Christmas carolers can't get my voice to stop yeah I don't know high voice no we need contrast dude go just go why it's so freakin cheesy you I think we're just gonna go with the flow okay I don't think we should rehearse it to two muggers we don't really then it won't feel authentic you know to me immigration we don't really have a flow dude the flow is just going with it come on do we we got this yeah I think we do got this you got it we got the merch we got the gifts you don't forget that and it's time for the surprise how would you like it cool except now okay we're wearing Christmas or no I'm trusting mrs. Claus right now you're free no he's gonna dress as mrs. Claus yeah I understand I understand so we're on our way to is Moe's house right now we're about like 20 minutes out and I'm like getting even more nervous I don't know why I just wanted to go like well well I wanted to be surprised and happy about it yeah I don't know I'm just like a little nervous when they're a little nervous the first one we're gonna look really stupid that's we're gonna sound really stupid that's also probably what it is yeah and the third of all we just all really steep me yet so yeah that's it that's another that's another what it is [Music] [Music] [Music] hi guys these are my favorite guys of the world Oh were you surprised we got you a tree gift also it's not the new bridge but this is exclusive last year and we don't make these anymore but we had some extra ones in the warehouse so we decided to give it to you this is this is new really did you suspect anything at all no I thought we were gonna have like Secret Santa it's kind of a secret team then you see the secret mrs. mrs. Claus it's so you were surprised yeah I did how were you singing what next song should we do what about Frosty the Snowman I forgot about that song snowman happy jolly soul those jolly happy we got to figure this out promise you know I promise you it's worth it look it's it's been decoded thank you that's that thank you for being surprised I do heart the best I can it's not really good of course thank you for letting us surprise you I mean I would say thanks for having us but you don't really know what was happening we never showed up well I'm glad you're surprised I'm glad you're happy our car is here now unfortunately but really this is so great this is so amazing hope you have a great holiday no we'll have another Christmas bye guys thanks guys love you guys so that worked out really well that was amazing we're uh we're one down two to go now life just feels like three right now yes it's great I'm not nervous anymore I'm excited for the next ones so our next stop is in Ohio so we're traveling there tomorrow another five a.m. flight but we have to sleep on that one kiss is a little bit longer then we're gonna be surprised caroling tomorrow night we'll see you guys tomorrow tomorrow morning bright and early alright we're on our way to the airport it's currently 5 a.m. and you can tell Ethan's not a morning person let's just go but I'm excited to get to the next city we'll see you guys there you're the next surprise let's go [Music] so I'm gonna try to hop over you can see it's not waking up so I don't know where you went you left them on their sleeping but we woke up when I was walking away but then I think he went back to sleep or something find us it's a lot of immersion there it's pretty heavy right we're here we're officially here we got the merch and we have a lot less time this time to make it to the surprise location yeah we have a bet do about two hours we gotta go right to Caroline all right we're kind of rushing because we have very limited time isn't that right Grayson yes we're in Ohio oh the way we're in Ohio it's cold here we just got off two different flights and we're finally here but we have about an hour before we have to go surprise Sydney Sydney Sydney what's up we're gonna surprise you we're gonna surprise you hopefully hopefully it works just as good as Christmas Carol hopefully okay what am i filling the mouth way too close hopefully think we're Christmas colors and hopefully Grayson doesn't ruin it this time by showing you less but Joey's bracelet you gave me this small sweater what do you want - I'm a large man in a small sweater okay well we're gonna try to make this go a little bit smoother this time but but for now sit back relax and watch this free to get and rush around because we're very short on time and we want to make this surprise work ah okay we gotta go just practicing we're four minutes away guys whoa I'm excited this time like less nervous than last time cuz I got the nerves out a little bit but I am kind of getting nervous but also extremely excited be sure you get back there I'm good I'm more than good you're doing a lot of rambling did you for your Santa hat nope this time let's try to like not have seen you realize it's us okay until we pull the binders down I know so cover the bracelet that's the plan disguise the voice and nail those notes Grayson here we are okay ready don't scream she's gonna hear you from her house from here this is really putting me in the holiday spirit as well you think I could say the same for myself Grayson so we decided to make a wish people text Sydney's dad and let him know that we're here and what he's gonna do is actively busy when we knock on the door like hey Syd you please get the door I can't get the door right now and then she's gonna get the door and then we're gonna sink frosty snowman and then it's gonna be Austin stones goes go quick does it nice Christmassy doing are you are you afraid you know is it [Laughter] it's a Christmas surprise we brought we brought some presents as well we did the best that we could do but but here's your little gift bag of course I do like we don't make it anymore so it's like super special okay all right here you go yeah she's up there for my signatures maybe like a nine out of ten you see that was a little a little less a lot better my Adrenaline's still a little pumping from the surprise but send me my hand a little shaky but I'm pretty pleased with it I don't think it's good though mine's much better than this I believe there's a little kid handwriting but it's right your soul okay and so when you first answer the door you had no clue at all so what did you like someone from Lincoln neighborhood we did this thing where we asked Isabella's last person we surprised we asked her what her favorite Christmas song was and then we say that today so then tomorrow we want to sing your favorite Christmas song so yeah once we got to change it up you know we got to keep it fresh we did Rosie wrinkles oh yeah we do jingle bells that was pretty simple Julia high notes key reenactor no that's good I think okay that actually is good ease it up a little on your side we did [Applause] some good seeing you thank you for letting a surprise enjoy your poster and everything and yeah we'll be in touch Merry Christmas guys dude number two two down one more to go this is getting more and more fun fighting my own face but this is getting really fun that was amazing okay so now we're gonna head back to the hotel and get some sleep because we have another early ash flight all right see there we got another early flight this time we're going to New Jersey great wake up yep we got to catch our flight do you know I couldn't sleep sweat up the bed all right we're going to the last location New Jersey let's go all right so let's run the plate he's really there's baby screaming but we haven't even take it off yet I'm gonna get a little revenge as I think Grayson message me when I was sleeping if I could remember correctly his day is a redo the shot but I'm looking at try artists always get a clean shot of the bag well guys there it is we've had to bag this whole time there it is I got the birds let's go he's good yes the gifts the gift so much forgot the gifts we almost just forgot the gift we're gonna get the games we'll be okay dude okay so this one guys is pretty you got to be an experienced fake Christmas caroler to pull this one off because we're going to surprise Hannah right now at her house we're New Jersey Hannah's mom also does not know that we're coming today so this was gonna be harder to pull off not only are we surprising Hannibal we're surprising your mom and that's that's fun too you got a gift yep alright clothes you get you got a blue one got a blue one okay cool and you get the poster get the poster why'd you smack Santa sorry I was just trying to it was a wrinkle there yeah thanks alright guys we gotta get and we're about to be on our way okay so we are what youth in how many minutes five minutes away five minutes away and yet I'm nervous again I didn't think was gonna happen this time every time every single time I get five minutes away I get so nervous but it's fine so yeah we're five minutes away alright so I had to do that hey no you didn't dude I feel like I did it just came out of me holy moly guys I'm so nervous for this one okay the anticipation lights off lights always huh looks kind of sketch office is just I'm just trying to get gifts [Music] [Laughter] happy holidays we're just Christmas caroling around we figured stop here Russell brought some some holiday gifts if you want to open them couch or something yeah what's doing what do you been up to houses it's good it's good do we put the binders down I was so nervous he's like look this was like we've done like a few surprises so far and this is the one that like no one really knew anything so I was like I really hope this goes well and I guess it worked so yeah no yes okay okay let's sign your poster okay see you guys in the area well no we knew about this all along of course this is great we're just talking about you on Friday night yeah I was so nervous driving here we were it was like the most like I was I was so excited and then like we got five minutes so I was like oh no I hope this works what were you thinking like when you first saw us for the bynars cover your face I thought you guys were just like these random people just yeah the work those Graysons plan you want to do the Christmas caroling just doubted me I did that'll he said that my Christmas caroling idea wasn't gonna work I was gonna be surprising enough and I guess you proved me wrong gray I was like actually more nervous than I have been for this house cuz know you there's no one knew your mom didn't even know but it was a success yeah thank you guys it was great meeting you all thank you so much for all the support and everything well wonderful Christmas and everything hope you guys it's more carolers you know they're not gonna be as good as us a team we said the bar pretty high yeah literally nice well that was one of my favorite videos that we've ever filmed to be honest really was to our friends and make a wish thank you guys so much for setting that up that was an extremely special experience that I never even thought I would ever be able to have have yeah and thank you to everyone who we surprised for the support and the love we could really feel it and it's really special I know we kind of just snuck up and invited ourselves over but thanks for hanging out with us and thank you to all of you guys for supporting us as well it's like a really surreal feeling it's unreal like this this video made me even more appreciative of you guys and everything I have so thank you guys for everything feeling really sentimental right now feel really jolly it's very jolly to but uh hope you guys have a really special holiday season hope you guys get to spend time with your families and friends and the people who mean the most to you and you know do something nice for someone that you've really care about this year because giving back is actually the best gift that you could give yourself it feels really good happy holidays and that was an adventure to say the least so with that being said no you can say it if you want oh wait you just did and that's going in the video so on that note peace [Music] it's good what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch League that's in the bio it's so good merge super Oh
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