PERFORMING OUR DANCE ROUTINE! With Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler

  • Published on: 2018-10-23
  • [Music] so today's the day now is the time you had to go and make it all cheesy Tudor was making more epic alright and watch now is the time now actually is not the time because we don't we don't have time so we only had 48 hours to prep for our performance which is in like an hour we had to fly to Las Vegas last night so we lost some preparation time pretty much a full day I would say that that way stunted our dancing ability growth growth but the grind couldn't stop we had to make deal with what we had and where we were and we had to practice so that is what we did migrate practice is dance I know I'm nervous all right let's just go I think we start out based on what we remember would you stay from the top let just take it from the top like we all do [Music] oh I'm not come on alright so we're actually based off memory right now and I can't get past the third step there are so we're in a hotel in Las Vegas right now because we're here for an event and we we have to rehearse because we're trying out for this dance team tomorrow tomorrow and we learned this dance routine yesterday and we don't know it at all well see you as of now wish but I have faith I believe that we will make this dance team we did the practice really hardly Maddie Mackenzie said although we're in Las Vegas in a hotel room the grind doesn't stop the grind can't stop Grossberg dances of airport it doesn't stop we also stretched because I'm not flexible at all and the dance that we are doing requires just a little bit of flexibility you know it already oh I promise this is just a stretch guys okay this is really weird let's definitely let's definitely film this from like far away so you can see the whole stretch [Music] when we got home we immediately started practicing again but memorizing our routine wasn't as easy as we thought it would be yeah it was hard get on up it's the day of the performance is really bad shot this service we should start with this all right god saves the day in the performance and I'm really nervous we realized something today that we probably should have been thinking about earlier now it's gonna take away from our time to practice but we can't dance and just like stupid clothes we have to present presentable they Cersei Lannister lower thanks for staring but dude all right unfortunately I cannot wear my open button up into my nice striped pants because that is more for like a tango but it's not only kind of dance that we're doing we're doing a hip-hop kind of trap dance yeah so we need some little meme dancing in there let's let's just go shopping that's enough to be completely honest we didn't really practice that much we we had like 30 minutes to spare in the hotel room we utilized it but that's the only time that we practice so far yeah so we're gonna really need utilize our time today I honestly think we get a good another outfit it'll be distracting enough from how bad our dance would be if it ends up being bad news we don't remember because we have practice enough we'll just get good outfits all right so we have literally us this is a store of track C's I really wear Jackson Zoo I think we have the imagine Jacksons are we gonna back yeah we're just color Courtney nobody nice okay so should we get camo pled and a bunch of bright colors at the same time you can do all that at the same time apparently but should begin with the map this is literally a map the world the world dude scorpions on the leaves on the pants so what are those hurry up in there I'm ready you just bet I know that's so much' but yes these are Bob what you got in that background nothing's in the bag looks like something specials in that bag at least the ridiculous outfits will take away from the ridiculous dance you gotta run dance studio now welcome we need to get this down and then get it to music and then send a video to man and you can see to double-check that everything's perfect and we'll call them what comes after that dude I honestly have no clue like what you know what Arminius I think we need to set here this routine oh my god guys we don't even know a routine that we have to perform tonight in four hours get up we have no time to waste then why are you laying on the floor it up we should just embrace them no we shouldn't we should study the routine get it down perfected and and while the judges tonight and make this food thanks for the intense filming no it's slide when does slide off your head no clue dude kidding really right now yeah and then we also realized that we were skipping some of the dance because we you know we didn't have the space babies there's some room for activities in there but not a lot of room so we had it outside and we had a practice flips because we might do a little bit of flipping in our dance send you yet waited we should obviously probably practice cuz I'm we're just gonna stick it if we don't practice them in a room in here to flip well let's just practice I guess you know the marvelous way you're the markers that we like to mental markers that we have like how are you gonna rock they have those in the dance room just give yourself at least three and a half feet as we do it we his eyeball three and happy yep dead dick pumpkin right there that's like maybe one point one point four feet so you gotta add them up another one point six that's three point five more you know the sides like that candle and we go and a half three and half feet I think you mean happy took this much exact measurement this is probably three and a half I'm alright let's practice bliss forgetting stress let's go racing we're in this together let's just practice was oh that was definitely not perfect all right didn't look perfect to me I was just scared I think let me go first wait okay I was almost there we have to hit nine more each no we don't even working it too tired to do them tonight not bad but the back step is negative points for sure because I'm scared you don't be scared we new can't be scared I'm gonna be even more scared to get these nerves away alright I think we got it then we at the time our dance to the song that we picked because for our dance you can't just dance in silence that'd be a little bit awkward and doing this was a lot harder than we thought it adds a lot more pressure because you have to keep up with the beat you have to memorize where you're supposed to be during the beat in which how your limbs are supposed to be moving in that given time so we had to practice that individually because it was just too much we kept we kind of got or we got argumentative just a little bit it's a small bit fraction of a bit but fracture yeah [Music] [Music] if you I can't do a split at all okay there's some worry about the later we're working on these we need to get the dance down first I need to move this roughly other we can't I can't do it on the road not only just dance destroy your ego but destroys your living room I know I've squeezed her splitting never try to squeeze the split away [Music] what's after that tell me you're supposed to coach me yeah but you went way too fast that you're supposed to end that right here at 40 seconds you want to end it at 30 seconds okay it's not a sixth grade gym class warm-up exercise Grayson it's a dance move it's a dance move should we just take it a nap please just keep going yep how many hours officially with like two and a half hours left okay we got it oh dude we're not gonna get close to this at all I ever bro that's not the mentality even person obviously do you know the mentality really probably is realistically probably just to try to hit this plate just give it your all on this Ricky probably screw the pain rip my groin open never be on that kids again uh-huh you know we get wow the judges you have kids no we've never had kids okay you said again we literally have to use a studio light to get a video to send him Maddie and Mackenzie because while we're taking a break it got dark out dude that means that we're even closer toward performance oh we're running out of time and pressured [Music] then we thought we got the dance down but then we realized that to other people we probably look like so we sent the video to Maddie Mackenzie to make sure that we didn't look like complete ass ass we say yes a very major until you say it okay yeah ass all right so we sending the video for the group chat mini Mackenzie to see what we need to work on any last-minute tweaks we need help yeah we need a lot of help it's not just weeks house it ought to do we've kind of run into a wall so any any last pro tips would really help a lot and we need some more pro tips and they'd be a big confidence boost we needed a little coaching session with our coaches because we needed a lot of help I got our eye just practicing sweating a lot also though that wasn't our first time yeah it was you're confident but nervous yeah we definitely are yeah I think this is just like the nice way of saying all right anything else like that we should do - practice - maybe like any more Pro tips I think you need to work and then we polished our routine Avia but it wasn't it's not really polished at all because we ran out of time and that's where we are right now out of time guys our performance is in like an hour we need to shake these nerves get in the car go to the studio and impress these judges these judges are official they all have a lot of experience with dancing even judging dancing being on TV for dancing all sorts of stuff so dancing in front of them is gonna be a whole new nervous feeling for us I just want to take a nap no we have to go Asian stuff we didn't give ourselves nearly enough time for this and I don't wanna embarrass myself but it's right you probably wanted to bury things okay now it's time to own the room let's do this what about the dancing C's don't worry about those we'll bring them if you like right now like I'm thinking and like it's just blank in my head like it's not like you just have to calm down this is the nerves no it's like I don't even know like how the dance starts like when I think it's normally nervous but like use them to your advantage I don't want to like I know I guess I didn't want to have just done all this for nothing you know so we're one minute away or my stomach is like in your ass it's in my ass I'm just gonna say that honestly maybe this'll make it dude I just want I just want to talk to Kenzie Maddie about how to go about this how about how to deal with these nerves we need some tips tips for being under pressure like this over here the nerves are relative to walking through all of the house what everybody this is Dietrich and I am one of the judges of the Dolan twins dance today just a quick resume of my background let's see I start dancing uh February 28th 1999 and from there I've been on sing and dance where I thought America's Best Dance Crew as a competitor winner and judge and I've recently just got off the world to dance and this year's choreographer winner your boy okay enough boastful things about myself and on to our second judge hey guys what's up i'm bethany mota and i am the other judge for the Dolan twins dance today I know what it's like to be judged as a dancer because I was on the season of Dancing with the Stars so I'm kind of barely qualified to be a judge but let's do it today we're gonna be judging on four different categories performance and ability and I'll be judging on execution and chemistry and these will be graded on a scale of one to ten for different categories of a judging system so let's see how they do yeah you we'll be there to like support you on the side cheer you on yeah I know okay all the way up now is getting it throughout this and going out there and I'm honestly forgetting the dance are you not but we can't be free to dance right now okay this room oh yeah let's go [Music] [Music] let's go [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right you guys right here your spores yeah I mean I don't know how you felt I'm blown away right now cuz I expect that at all that was amazing are you guys like blown away with what you just did that was a one taken you guys killed it you guys destroyed it that was good yeah i shoutouts to the first of all the choreographers baby are you guys blown away all right so I guess on what would you have performance in the ability Monstars performance how'd you feel performance Wow you guys just went for it I'm not gonna lie I mean I know you were a little nervous but you guys just went in and you just felt it and it was amazing all right as far as chemistry goes there is so much like trust in all the stunts so I'm gonna go with a nine point nine in chemistry mainly because I believe in escalation of growth I mean I think it doesn't matter what the chemistry's core is done just didn't expect that to happen you guys destroyed it ability I didn't know I wasn't expecting like all the flips and tricks that you guys did so good I can't I want I'm Kate I attend in order to make the cut you have to have a combination of 35 or above out of our 40 so let's see 20 and I gave you guys a nine point nine so you would technically need a fair amount five point one or above in the last category which is execution I mean how does your groins feel on that last split honestly I stretched a bit about life not in pain at all no I no pull grunts I came in expecting it but you know I was I was willing to sacrifice I'm gonna give you guys a ten point wow that's really good [Music] thank you have so much you're going to go change out of the sweaty suit right now yeah also you can pay for this video you're basically a professional dancer just told it out there you guys are professional dancers this is dude we did it we did it our living room was a mess let's go sweetie should we fix our house you know what professional dancers wouldn't fix their house phew we shouldn't leave it we gotta we gotta learn her maybe we should just turn this into a dance studio or maybe we should just turn it back into a living room or maybe we should just sit down with the cash into the outfit probably do that okay this is the first time I've been like relaxed in 48 hours literally that was a experience honestly that was nerve-racking exhilarating rewarding dude holy dancing is a whole new world I have so much respect for dancers now I didn't realize how hard it really was I always I always knew it was hard and I give him credit bullying I didn't know was that hard and like we did good for like first-timers but like there's nothing you care to what people can do obviously all around it was a great experience perience I'm glad that we challenged ourselves thank you guys for watching thank you dork coaches thank you to our coaches beg you to our judges all the links will be in the description below check out their channels and pages now they're all great people and we really appreciate them teaching us and judging us in this video Maddie and Kenzie killed it they really did shout out to you guys um wow that was a crazy experience to say the least it was it definitely took us out of her comfort zones good time peace we just knew it was coming we did we did it bro [Music] [Applause] [Music] technically you got paid for this sir professional many professional dancers also we got paid real money for this what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's all good merch
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