"This Is An Insult To Italy" | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-11-24
  • say come in this thing surrender all right all right I think Chef Ramsay will like our food thank you guys you know I know you hear that on every show but our food is great so this one is what though that's a steak serían stay with the pursuit but Sarala okay okay yep thank you it's fine they're like I've just given birth I guess that's the placenta [Music] it's ghostly I go up to see think he's alright please for it we're not yeah it's a clumsy mess stake his draw nice what is that mozzarella what is disgusting combination Tommy yes two seconds um steak is drawn that's supposed to be mozzarella prosciutto honestly I mean that is that's ghastly it's like someone's sign up on my plate some we have a word with a chef would you please yoga I know my Foods good I know it's good I know it's pretty good what this was brer so not good at all server when the kitchen messes up Tommy instead of you know telling them to step their game up like let's go like he just moves around you're not sure okay thank God as costly are you kidding me wheels are specially right people they order the veal Sinatra all the time including myself another please that's dreadful it's just chewy Joey lost all the texture when they pound the veal it's just such a shame this is Pauline Lucy Cherie thank you oh dear she lobsters Lisa he's a crayfish gosh crayfish starting at my filet mignon and I didn't get my lobster so cheap imitation lobster you're gonna hack that off there that's bright white so that's just overcooked a shit absolutely chewy as anything my god it's bland its chewy it's an insult to Italy we're not I was just like you to taste this that's the crayfish by the way it's not even lobsters spiny lobster it's a crayfish but they're sewing everything's overcooked Jesus Lord help I'd like tell me to taste those lobsters sure yourself up and stopping he wants you it tastes the chewy lobster snowy top but I decided to taste the lobster was a matter it was too chewy I have really good food Chef Ramsay might not agree with that he was on but it still comes back to I have really good food I know what doing now that was filed I'm done to be the chef yeah yeah back Joe let's get them out Tommy and Dean are never thought every single meal that we would send out will get critique that big okay let's come around buddy let's say we can talk boy everything that we do here needs improvement see the head chef Nick how are you working here life almost closed five years five years I'm here to tell you straight if that's the best this rations got to offer it's embarrassing it's 2012 and we're seven food from 1970 are you happy with that setup it's not just 28 years old this man is older than me but me don't let me change the menu alone you need to change some different I can't blame him entirely I gotta blame the individuals that he's working for you too because you've handicapped in yo the stuffed entree first there was a gross steak was raw cooked one side and if there's one thing you don't do to a New York Strip is stuff it the land and sea and you know that's not Lobster that's called a crayfish so we haven't got filet mignon haven't got lots on the menu yet the dish is title with both the headlines lobster filet but the horror for me today was to discover that you've got a menu that has screwed you from the first night you opened its absolute utter madness and you don't need me to tell you that but you're in denial you know I'm not in denial when you sit then tell me that food is good there's nothing wrong with it it's my fucking fault it's my boy who ended up upwards but where my fucking dog he's giving them an impossible task which started all no man you might think our boots still gonna I disagree what you'll learn now you're in denial the food was disgusting hey just for your tablet your pain come on you are gonna have to get your head out your ass are you kidding me wheels are specially five people that order the veal Sinatra all the time including needles
  • Runtime: 05:52
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