Can A Blind Person Tell Identical Twins Apart? // Dolan Twins ft Molly Burke

  • Published on: 2018-11-20
  • [Music] okay you guys want to stamp it stick Ellen are you like gently like place yourself oh you're about very gentle with your sitting what's up guys we're back you understand what we just did that in just a second so today we're joined with Molly Clark do want to do a little like formal introduction of yourself Oh formally formal it could be what's the other word informal okay that informal enough okay I'm a youtuber and I happen to be blind I have a dog here who's my eyes but he's not allowed in the house because this one is allergic how can you tell how maybe I don't know maybe we're tricking you all right so you guys read the title you know what's going on now wait what what is the title which we title this I don't know we should still explain because we don't know we're titling it yeah so basically Molly is going to try to tell us apart this is something that people most people cannot do upon meeting us we met Molly yesterday right now we're trying to throw you off by sitting on opposite sides that we normally sit on in videos I've never been on the side this is so weird for me episode yesterday we met for the first time and we're having a conversation and within like first probably 10 seconds Molly convinced us to go skydiving with her blindfolded and that's kind of how it all started and then so we started talking about some more video stuff and then Molly was telling us how she has twin friends and that sometimes it's hard to tell them apart and we we figured you know we're twins throw me off yeah what are you trying to tell us apart so I'm nervous right right now you definitely know who we are so I got it right you just couldn't know we just think that we we I mean I think that you know who we are I think that you're tricking us and I'm tricking you I don't know if anyone's following along so without any prior knowledge what do you think we look like I pictured of right I see blue eyes okay okay dark hair no freckles a picture I mean you're pretty like you're decently tall I feel like you're like 511 six feet I feel like you're like slim shoulders but fit you don't have like much facial hair we're trying for starters we actually have brown eyes that'd be really cool it'd be so cute with XE blue eyes we do have dark hair Mike Brown cuz there's a little bit lighter than mine just in the front just because he bleached it before for a different video and it's still not completely gone but he try to dye it back but it's a little little brighter than mine not much I don't think we're slim solder grace is actually very like why he's pretty brunette who it is were you born blind no I went blind at 14 but I was never fully sighted but like I could see a lot guys and what exactly how much can you see now I feel like in shadows so I see three circular lights that's true right there I can't see colors I can't see shapes you're very new with eye contact I've been told that and people always it freaks me out I'm like it freaks me out too I don't like I don't know I'm doing it so you're your other senses would you say are stronger now that you lost sight yeah it's not that they physically like yeah turn on like they don't like just heightened but basically we all have a section of our brain that's reserved for senses yeah eighty percent of that is for visual intake actually so I'm missing 80% which means my other four senses don't just have 20% they have a hundred percent uh-huh so I'm just more in tune with myself yeah I'm more focused normally people don't have trouble telling support absolutely the third time they meet us so there are differences in our appearance what do you think those would be I think well I think you different like styles different haircuts that's true I think those are probably like a visual cue for people it's like oh that's a little bit this hair I know you guys have your ears pierced so I think you probably have like different because one of you has one and one of us too right I remember you say absolutely yes thank you of one and you have two Wow no that's correct yeah that's really good yeah so got it I think that is one thing is that people would use to tell you apart hmm I barely even said that yesterday that I had one the even is - yeah you pay attention oh well that's the thing I have to in these next couple tests we're gonna make it a little bit more difficult for you let's start with test number one the voice test dun dun alright so Molly's waiting in the living room before I come up with a sentence and we're both gonna say it individually so what should we say what should the sentence being I think we should try to sound as similar as we can but not imitation of each other's voices couldn't it's just not talking actually just talking her own voice hi I am a Dolan twin I have been a Dolan 20 for 18 years now hi I am a Dolan twin I have been a Dolan twin for 18 years now can you guess who I am okay I've committed it to memory hi I'm a Dolan twin I've been a Dolan twin for 18 years now can you guess who I am I'm gonna go with number two is Ethan how yeah that was good that was good I guess we do sound different you look a bit more of a throaty thing okay so maybe my voice comes round so Grayson maybe for you then you'll sound like me your voices they are different they are different so say like pumpkin patch just say I want to see if I can hear the difference pumpkin patch pumpkin patch yeah although we did make a video once I'm we're like our voice sounded exactly the same remember that video I couldn't even tell you go into your room and you record yourself and then you go into your room and you record yourself saying the same words and then he's gonna play it but you're not gonna tell you what he's playing right and you guys cool okay I'll be right back can they tell their own voices apart must be weird to like be the same person well yeah I got real dude no but like to be the same human as another human yeah look I feel like everyone's like I'll be so whole to be a twin but I'm like think about like God that would be weird usually look at somebody be like wait hear me like we literally were you were different but we had the same DNA makeup so we're we don't mean wow I'm almost happy I can't see you I think that'd be creepy like just looking at the two of you and you're like the same person it's like whoa I obviously feel like that like when I see other twins I like it is kind of weird like that okay so now we're going to try to tell our own voices apart we should be able to do this and I'm gonna I'm gonna guess - okay okay pumpkin patch pumpkin patch they're so similar I was just gonna say to hear the difference really different okay monkey views I'm gonna tell you the difference you'll be able to hear it play them again you'll be able to hear the difference at the near the end of the word here feigning sounds the same this is the end this is what I just heard though the first voice I heard was Grayson then the second voice I heard was more Grayson I thought my I realized that my voice was my voice once I heard Grayson's voice you need the comparison of both of you next to each other to hear the differences and either too similar to tell them apart even I do it is my voice pumpkin patch - yeah that one sounded like Grayson for us but it's me it's weird that is weird that's why I'm saying it's weird that there's like two incidents twins are weird but do we give you a lot of props for being able to tell us apart on the voice test but can you tell us apart on the hello test the like you say hello like a voice does together well sing a low without saying hello the silent and greeting test can you tell it's a handshake hugging a handshake can you tell it's us in the room with you from just a hug and a handshake hmm I don't know if I'm gonna mail it's all different we're gonna go change and then we'll do the holo test I'm excited for this one this is interesting so we're gonna get dressed real quick because Molly knows how our shirt feels she said mine was fuzzy and his just regular and just the pants just in case she's felt it has Melissa we're gonna change the pants as well so we're just gonna twin right now basically where does it go twin right now and then that's it so what we're gonna do now is the hug handshake we're gonna walk into the door greet Molly with a hug and a handshake but there's no talking in this round this is a good body language test differentiate or what if that thing let's try it [Music] [Music] ah very similar handshakes different hugs okay the second one was Grayson yes we tell you the only reason I know you're so confident in that - yeah no I I know 100% it was Oh the only reason I know that and this is like the blind girl life hag is because when you hugged me I could feel your earrings and you're angry you're a and you have smaller earrings Wow so I knew it was you yes that's really observant of you but you have to be like when you're mad you have to be so in tune with everything so far you're definitely better than sighted people at telling us apart mm-hm probably be better 100 if it wasn't for the earring I wouldn't have known like it would have been a wild card guess but honestly you and you honestly money be better than us and telling us apart with their voice job doing that way okay Wow okay so next steps we have plan is a driving test over in views we're gonna get in the car together you and one of us and then we're gonna drive her in the neighborhood come back and you have to guess who driver 1 and driver 2 was you might go with them with the better driver is based on like personality we even think the better job would be we're honestly no no it's alright it is alright I guess this is kind of a funny of the better drivers once a problem true cuz we always argue that I mean one of you might be the one that runs a stop sign I'm like he was the better driver all right let's see we'll be able to call you out on a rolling stop yes which is very popular the good old rolling stop okay well I'll be extra conscious of my rolling and stopping in this next test the car driving test hello that was strength it's really hard to not say hello as an instinct when somebody says hi it's a smooth offtake it's like you're with somebody who's angry at you but I think I feel like he's smirking for some reason I think feel a smirky vibe I think the good thing like about being blind in a cars I'm never panicky even when it was a bad driver because I don't really necessarily like realize they're bad unless they're really like jerky son though so I actually have extreme light sensitivity so I'm even more sensitive to light that sighted people are so like bright light really hurts my eyes well we're picking up speed huh they both passed the hello test I should have been paying attention all day - this sounds so creepy but like you there smells should have done a smell test oh we're getting aggressive the last one didn't it didn't honk does one have more road rage than the other out of curiosity fifth bonus round should be a smell test like this one has been struggling more with not talking the first one was more jerky but the second one was a little more like testy so it's hard to say who was better I would be comfortable in the car with either of them but I think I prefer the style of number two I think number two was Grayson and that is the first one you got wrong of a better driver no you're not haha I was being safe wait we thought you liked Grayson was a better driver than me so you thought just because driver one was worse he thought it was me what does this say about what it was okay this is why I felt like number two was Grayson okay it's because it was based on personality so like grace and earlier said like he likes speed and he works out he's more into like like flashy things and remember that Wow yeah and like to me like I'm sure he drivers like being more careful which I thought was maybe more your style to be like a more careful driver you were like honking and you kind of like well fast at times yeah the old lady got out of the passenger seat right after I beeped at her so I felt really bad knows it sounds like I'd be dead no lady basically right so I'm a terrible person I felt really bad that's what the that's like the justification a better driver but a bad person what we've come down to it you missed cuz you were drunk driver number as I said I should have been paying attention all day to your smells we should add a smell test because most people have a smell yeah I do have a pretty this thing so no I think we're now deciding to end with the smell test the next test we're gonna do is the room test this kind of says I guess a lot about your personal weight well right wait what do i get if i win Grayson's car the porch the Ethan's cars so I like your driving and your car choice better okay if you win if you win these next two things you get my car you get to drive it the drive the drive the car your the drive the car can I Drive the car and food sure can I Drive the car to in and out so next we're doing the room test this is basically like another personality kind of test really get the fuels of the room okay I'll say it better we basically designed our own rooms and I think that you just items like reflector personnel exactly yeah they reflect a personality a lot you spend a lot of your own personal private time in your room so I think I'd say a lot about you I think about looking at my room you could definitely tell that it's my room and by looking at you things you could definitely tell the decedent's for various reasons a because mine is way more safely pleasing and nicer alright let's do it the room test okay so here is your cabinet okay so this person shows just not to replace the handles I think yeah we got this at a junkyard you coming up on piano and then that's like the corner oh if I only knew which one of you played music hmmm do you both play music mmm I'm guessing like so far Ethan I feel like Ethan is the more artsy one so that's why I based on the piano and like junkyard vibe like it's like a bar it's a kind of artsy vibe but I haven't seen like the other vibe yet so this is just so far no choice this is a big stain the wooden desk and this is kind of like one of those it was a bunch of records right here on top of a speaker and it's also like it's like a matching thing with cabinet it's kind of cheesy looking thing okay very music here there is a record player from Boyd sheets to good same color as the desk so I'm putting my shoes all over it no it's all good so fluffy is it's the whole vibe in here mostly like wait I can see the flame that's a candle it is I'm good nutmeg it smells very lyrical house smells very cinnamony it's very Halloweeny yeah there's a lot over Halloween okay right here it's a skinny little hallway connecting both of our rooms but here is the next room this one's a little bit smaller and darker so much darker a lot darker carpet so I guess yeah there's so much less light in here nothing says white the bed is like a dark charcoal gray the rug is like a lighter gray this is the closet you're coming up on how did you pick who bought which room we have rock-paper-scissors every time so this is a little kind of there's a get a little closet elsewhere this is the shittier room um yeah yeah yeah Oh once you're walking on right now there's a gonna electric drum set okay so this person is musical - I used to play drums oh really this is a much more messy it feels like more messy feel like just like that section felt like that section probably need some work that via definitely it has less personality uh yeah a degree alright so that was the full tour of both rooms I think we should do the same thing we did last time you say which room was shitty or better and then which room is whose although you kind of already said that okay I like the first room better I like this like a bed though I think it's pretty cool yeah but I like overall the other room better and I think it I think it was Athens room first one was Ethan this one's crazy no that is incorrect actually really I'm definitely the arts here more common sense or person I'm so interested I think like I I can make things match and like I know what looks good with this but he has no idea for me it's like as long as I have a bed then I can just like sleep in chill in there I think my room kind of expresses me like I'm like I like the simplicity like everything's clean it's fresh very light and that's what kind of feels like you're like outside yeah all the windows you just notice yesterday so like you would yeah you probably learned that I like to be in a cave more so than Grayson if you knew us for maybe like two more days maybe we do the outro in the final test so right now you're 2 for 4 on the test but the ones that you did get correct are probably the most impressive ones I'd say because of what information you gathered about us and you know remembered and and all the little details those help you answer the first two which would be the voice and the click the hollow tests which are more everyday things the driving on we do try to trick you a little bit in the room one is who cares so we have one more test left and that is the smell test can you distinguish the difference between us by our sense which one smells better ladies I'm gonna tell you now okay what's this is a tiebreaker we'll switch around mm-hmm okay I'm like more aware of Ethan's scent because Ethan was this second no Grayson was this second who was the second driver oh you both sat down perfectly at the same time hmm Ethan Greyson god yes you got it you got a really important once you know oh yeah but this Kody comes down to this who smells better okay it's like the driving who drove better like it's different you this sounds that you smell cleaner in the sense of like you smell like laundry like you own you smell like clean laundry you all must have a very neutral set mm-hmm you have a sweet smell like you have a specific that's why I said like I feel like I'm more aware of Ethan's scent like you I'm like aware that there's a smell whereas with you it's almost like there's no smell oh yeah you know that that's good you have it if you smell like for neither are bad wait for smell subscribe we smell like something does this mean I get to go drive a car since I want oh you did yeah yeah okay whose car yours did Jeep I like Jeep okay you joined the Jeep overall though I think that you can tell us apart better than you know most people can here's the thing I think the things that I could tell a part about you were like physical things your voice the shapes of your face your smell the things I couldn't tell apart were things that are more personality related because I don't know your yeah there's some people that I know and I have known for a long time that still mess it up which confuses me thanks mom well well hey that was very impressive to me I think that the first two I would have struggled with if I was doing with twins honestly I'm low-key impressed with myself because I thought I was gonna fail miserably like when you guys set the idea like oh god that's gonna be so embarrassing I'm gonna like slaughter it but I'm pretty impressed with myself overall 3 out of 5 is better than I think you did really well and I'm really like impressed today I think this is really cool and it's a completely different perspective and the way you like problem solve and figure things out is really fascinating it is awesome it's just like paying very close attention and remembering everything which I do neither of so since you challenged me I am NOT gonna challenge you will see you raise chalice and we ready agreed to it we're going blindfolded skydiving we do that over on her channel if you guys want to check it out the link will be in the description the last thing that we have what to do is let me drive your car yeah but we're supposed a piece Oh fine yeah peace wait we should do a leasing time okay ready go wait do I have to put up a peace sign yes like this way or either way okay wait which petals which way do I have to pick my foot off the brake to do the gas yeah driving don't like freak out with your voice okay I just okay I've never been in this situation for so okay okay go to the right a little bit like such a problem all right break break and we'll call there we got to the finish line well let's put that in poor let's do what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's all good merch
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