My Favorite Wireless Headphones | 2018!

  • Published on: 2018-11-21
  • hey what is up guys I'm QB HD here quick plug so the merch store is actually back open right now and this is the run you got to get in on if you want to get your stuff shipped in time for the holidays for getting stuff for friends family that kind of thing and there's actually some new items there's some long sleeves since it's getting cold there's some stickers got a little bit of a Black Friday surprising coming for you too so definitely stay tuned for that it's going to be Jones [Music] so today we got a few headphones in front of me and they're all wireless headphones so he probably heard me at some point in the past year of videos say smartphones losing a headphone jack but it doesn't really bother me anymore because I've been living that wireless life I'm reviewing and using and living with these phones year after year for like the past two years all these new phones keep coming out with no headphone jack so you just kind of have to get on that train so it helped it be less painful for you I got a couple of my favorite wireless headphones in front of me these are all good certified tested I like them so first off you may have seen that tweet a couple days or weeks ago praising these Microsoft Surface headphones that I started using over the Bose that I've been using for years little skepticism on that but these are the real deal now the Bose are still great don't get me wrong at 349 bucks ever since I reviewed them a long time before I've even had them they've been an industry standard for noise cancellation solid audio quality but it's the awesome noise cancellation and pretty much anyone who can fly with these will do that including me until last week so these surface headphones came out they are the same price still very premium but I definitely like them now more than the Bose for that money for a couple reasons first off is the build now they're still mostly lightweight plastics but these have this soft touch feel all the way around the headband and the ear cups are super soft and they just look more modern and clean all the way around like the rest of the surface products this little yoke angle is a small detail but it makes a big difference the way they sit on your head and they completely envelop the ear that totally over it instead of on it and it's just more comfortable and that makes a big difference for people sitting on a six-hour flight that goes a long way the inputs and outputs are also a bit more modern so USB type-c now for charging instead of micro USB and there's a microphone mute button and every time you turn it on a voice now says how many hours of battery left instead of your percentage and they seem to get the full 30 to 40 hours you'd expect which is nice that's Cortana at work and then the dials okay so instead of a plus or minus volume button on the side that you're feeling for the whole side of the headphone is this is dial on actually both sides on the right side is just volume up or volume down on the left side of suggesting your level of noise cancellation so turning it all the way forward is turning on full noise cancellation and all the way back is all the way off plus there's an extra level that actually starts to amplify ambient sound it's like the opposite of noise cancellation and it's really interesting actually how well these works so when you have them in amplify mode you put them on it sort of cancels the effect of the passive noise cancellation so without it you just wouldn't hear much but with it on you'd ideally like in a work environment if someone called your name you'd actually be able to hear it over the music so that's decent and then as you turn it towards noise cancellation it doesn't necessarily have to be a gradient I would just kind of have it all the way off or all the way on but as you turn it all the way on you'll start to see and hear sounds around you disappear so if someone's talking directly to you as you're turning the dial you'll hear their voice get quieter and quieter nice and then these are kind of acting like smart headphones - they have a mic the audio is paired if you long hold the side panel it activates whatever voice assistant you have Microsoft prefers Cortana you can get Cortana for Android or iOS if you want but I never really worried about that it works perfectly fine with Google assistant and it works with Siri it's kind of like a cherry on top so these are my new go-to flight headphones and just casual listening headphones they're not the best audio fidelity in the world I mean they're Wireless first of all and then they're a little weaker in the mids and the highs than the Bose word but just as far as bluetooth streaming over Spotify these are more than fine they sound pretty good and they're just that much more comfortable okay so that brings us to these over here these are the audio technica ath m50 bt bluetooth so they made a wireless version finally of the famous M 50s that I've been a fan of for years and it's exactly what it sounds like it's literally a pair of M 50s with the wire snipped nothing too crazy or extra they charge via micro USB they have a play/pause and media controls on the side and you can still plug them in if you want to and use them on a desktop overall this is really just a revival of a classic for the 2018 situation we find ourselves the comfort is the same the build and materials are the same they're just still super flexible and adjustable and the sound signature is the same which is what I loved about these there is no noise cancellation but the passive noise isolation from the pads is pretty great so this is an awesome pair of casual listening headphones as the previous and 50s were but now they're wireless for your phone especially if you don't need noise cancellation plus these are way cheaper so I'll leave a link to all the stuff talking about down below now of course with all of that there is fitness and working out I still kind of consider these all a little too nice to wear while working out plus I don't want to like have them fall off and break so I still stick with wireless earbuds for working out so you might expect me to go directly to the j-bird run four wireless earbuds but they're still not quite exactly what I prefer they are pretty great for their first pair of truly wireless earbuds as they've done before they sound amazing but in your ears there's still a little bit clunky and a little bit heavy mostly thanks to the batteries so if we're working out and moving around and things like that I still prefer the earbuds that have the wire connecting them in the back it doesn't bother me there's still Wireless to my phone and I just feel like they lock in my ear better they're more comfortable so I still like these jaybird x3 has actually been my go-to for a while I have multiple pairs they sound great still they're super lightweight they stay in my ears the battery lasts forever for these tiny little earbuds like eight hours straight there is matte black or matte red or whatever color you're into and they are less expensive than the fully wireless versions so can't really ask for much more than that the j-bert x4 has come out since then they are a bit more rugged and a bit more modern but there's still not USBC in fact I actually find them harder to charge so I haven't felt the need to upgrade yet maybe there will be a u.s. PC version coming soon anyway that's pretty much where we're at so far for wireless headphones at least for me on I phone believe it or not air pods are still sort of the go-to as far as portability and convenience we've had them in matte black in our store wink wink but these these are easily some of those popular headphones or earbuds now for iPhone that have ever existed now there are also rumors of air pods to like starting to pop up I'm not sure how credible those they seem pretty early and I'm also not sure what would be different about air pods - maybe wireless charging but I'll keep an eye on that and also I gotta mention I've heard a lot about these sony 1000 XM 3 i think is what they're called they're again the same price as the bows and the surface headphones i haven't tried them yet but a lot of people seem to like them so I may end up checking those out too but so far this is what I found I like ok that's pretty much it alright as a prize for making it to the end of the video I have a little bit of a an extra for you we have a couple extra of the audio technica ath m50 BTW you get the little early heads up that these will be in a giveaway some will be on instagram some will be on twitter so make sure you're following in these two places over the next week to get all the info for those when they come out that's pretty much it have a happy holiday thanks again for watching I'll see you guys in the next one peace
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