"That Tastes 54 Years Old" | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-12-26
  • um really mistakenly egg plants as in two simple workers yeah should be sort of joined I noticed this one as well down here one meet it's Bob word mean ball honestly and I'll go from one meatball about one eggplant and okay thank you I know it's hard but like someone's blow smoke up my ass my brothers foolish it I'd be surprised if he were two hours a day and that that's pushing it would you don't feel guilty your mom working poison how was you yeah she bared an item saying why is it all you're healthier he doesn't have another job it complains about not having money not too big an application either come here at night or get another job I'm sure right okay I'm okay I'm okay Gordon sure I just ask before you make any judgments I'm not making any judgments on you at all I'm listening nobody's here at 8:00 in the morning when I'm here and and and there is there is a job that's endeavor night I mean all the way you know and I get back behind here you know I get underneath there I get the place I get up there and it doesn't take that long it takes about an hour so these prep work it is just a forty Center just stuck to my jeans [Music] have a look at that under there oh my gosh how many pics of gum were there there is four pieces of gum so you do this cleaning I haven't looked down there I don't think you should do that what tell me about me to do it at some point 8:00 in the morning with me we'll do it tomorrow morning and I wouldn't do that in your restaurant either well you wouldn't find gum under my tables you know is a ball of excuses he's just whack old ghost just full of cobwebs bloody hell didn't get to that one what see how definitely get to that one every else was done right Yeah right have you seen the signs that cobweb there have you seen that as dust now that's the culprit didn't see it without the lighting really yeah clean every day hey you know this is something that takes a lot of consideration I you know you could be on this here for months I start at one in and then finish at the other end and then I come back on this one Oh God this is the eight in the morning effect five days a week for years what the hell is that about for me bicycles my hands yes sir you should have shut up about singing I don't know what he's cleaning but I wouldn't hire him at my house I promise you that oh well the pictures of these are me cleaning and pulling down all the tea all the bottles every single bottle I've never seen pictures of cleaners there's a first for me well I suppose my brother's always questioning that I'd do it I don't know in the first place why he took pictures if it's clean you don't have to prove it was pictures you see it right this is a chicken piccata it's a woman with kippers and mushrooms how do you like this one dreadful no chickens Oh flowery slimy okay come over Nina so just had to Megan this with my finger know what I'm trying to say is also gave flowery so it's I mean I'll do something like that in the kitchen but not in the dining area that wouldn't be appropriate I wouldn't touch food listen listen you sit me on a table full of gum I've got cobwebs coming out my earlobes and now I'm asking to touch something flowery and yes I wouldn't do this in the dining room all of a sudden you've got this level of concern yes I do because that's food right there you want me to touch it this is food that you've given 10 I don't make that what am I supposed to I want you to be honest with yourself and stop fucking around and I'm fucking around ready to get real the chicken is slimy and fur he's got raw flour on the outside you refuse to accept it cause you're in the land of not Chef Ramsay is sounding like an ass too much flour and it has no flavor and it's a very delicate chicken and still wishes he said the piccata was disgusting this guy's disgusting [Music] oh that's my one meatball this is your one meatball i says thank you that takes 54 years old mush disgusting and just dreadful Nino come on you rates the food on attempt so far what I've tasted I'm embarrassed that's too bad the meatballs soggy bland and just hideous with a salty man I saw a matter of taste said again it's a matter of taste it's not a matter of taste what was that mate two days ago really I saw him make it rice can you have a word with the chef I know you're scared of them but after you're not scared of them and I'm not scared of you what's that supposed to mean you threatening me I'm not another person is scared so don't use that word please I also you could step up take some full responsibility and go in there and ask him so are you let me continue eat all you want what do you want to fight like confrontation darn about something physical now can you leave me alone let me finish my lunch yes I will and if you find the bolts to go and ask a chef when he made the meatballs would be greatly appreciative by the way there's dirty bottles above the fish tank well Valentina when did you make those meatballs that's how you that's unbelievable Friday I find that hard to believe yes today is Tuesday he paid him this weekend not Friday he made them product yes it end today is Tuesday yes it is fighting such a Sunday Monday Tuesday unbelievable we've been selling this sauce for 54 years yeah and and we couldn't possibly have this restaurant and have all the success if we didn't make a good sauce and a good meatball you are in denial no I'm not bullshitting me and blowing smoke up my ass telling me working the right hours a day cleaning telling me that food is great people love it I am shitting myself sure you do wear diapers you shouldn't be shitting on yourself are you okay yeah I'm fine you just wanna act like a fucking idiot - no I don't sound about a fucking idiot well then stop sounding you sound like a fucking idiot yourself I sound like an idiot you use the word fuckin yeah I brought it back to you but I think that's that's unbelievable now I know the problem in this restroom yeah I'm staring and I'm staring at it as well yes I really don't know what's the ninos head we done you
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  • prettygirl locs

    Gordon: So bruh. What? You gonna let me eat or.. you staring at me? What, do you wanna fight, bruh? *All hands and eye contact* I wouldn't even step, tbh. Gordon is tooooo calm.

  • Nothing Personal

    Gordon: I understand the problem in this restaurant and I'm staring at it. Nino: No you.

  • ryZILLA03

    Nino basically said "no u" to everything gordon said

  • swadlol

    Gordon: “is this ice fresh?” Owner: “it’s frozen” Gordon: “fuck me”

  • Skinner31

    Why does Gordon always say he’s shitting himself? Lol I’m Shitting Myself! What other comeback is there for that? Lol

  • d Ha197563

    Ok, but Nino did serve a good comeback at 6:53 you have to admit it.

  • Felipe Leao

    Take a shot every time he says "8 in the morning"

  • HandleUnique

    Oh, Gordon; have mercy on this guy. He is old and watching his dreams fade before his eyes while you cast lightning bolts from your gilded chariot of fame and fortune. Can you blame him for fighting for what dignity he has left? I used to think this was philanthropy, but now it seems like cruelty.

  • JG Luxe

    6:38 "You are in denial." "No, I'm NIIINNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

  • J R

    Someone has balls and its definitely not nino!

  • s red

    they use the same clip at 1:46 and 4:25