• Published on: 2018-08-21
  • done with my pillow Wow yeah I'm definitely waiting no no wait I can't do this what was that I'm giving up I don't even care anymore Grayson you can win day one literally hurt something two inches away from my head I literally could have just acquired rabies I'm done I'm gonna take this drink I would normally be pissed at myself but I don't consider this quitting what was that wait a minute inside tonight but honestly I took a strike might as well go all out it doesn't count as food I actually don't regret this decision at all probably one of the better decisions I've made in life holy this feels absolutely Oh mate I'm a little upset that I got a strike but I am sitting it's well worth it tomorrow I'm going no strikes I'm gonna go to bed and editing I'm gonna make it look like if I clap twice then my lights turn off but I really think don't put in the video it's gonna look like it so good morning they tune the wild I literally had dreams about eating food last night that is not fair this I think is the first time in my life that I haven't eaten once in 24 hours I need to get food at me or else I'm done so I'm gonna get up and go look for berries I'm not eating that strawberry Peter no way that's such an L I'm gonna have to make myself a pillow today too if I want to be able to sleep here yeah because my neck is really not feeling it so a little bit of water left that's about what my fire went out so I didn't even get to burn that log but I did keep the bugs off me to be on it I think it was just smoldering smell during smell berry but I'm gonna get up and like 5:00 and go look for some food I don't want to get out of bed that was like I say top six best sleeps I've ever had it's like a break it's pretty early and I'm kind of worried about great I hope you didn't get eaten in a sleep last night so I'm probably gonna go check on them all right let's go get them I hope you so I I'll probably be good for the video don't like anything for real like I think you'd be up by now there's no way I'm up before him there's no way he's actually that way come up like doing something funny something a little goofy maybe more water yeah well I was gonna wake you up in a goofy way did you actually sleep in here yes you swear you didn't come in at all um combo you probably wouldn't see me cuz I bet you slipped inside did you slept inside you bitch nah that's like negative three points I didn't have a bed like you have a bed okay built it yeah I understand I'm a bit excused I made a bed I understand I try to make a bed too but I messed my finger up and then I was discouraged are you starting not so much starving it just like I have zero energy my body really needs food in it I don't know what I feel finally ate a little bit you ate yeah what did you get what's up no now you're asking me for you're sleeping inside yeah I'm receiving do it was the bugs crawling all over me yeah what do you think happen to me you have to light a fire to them all well that's another thing I didn't know because I don't watch survival videos ago and weirdo every night alright great well I'm gonna go breakfast what what are you gonna eat use a nice aroma to eat the pizza I'm dead I know I have a strike but um I don't care about being even brought along will you do that yeah I think I am I have a proposition Grayson geez I slipped inside I got a strike and you want to eat this pizza you haven't eaten anything in like 30 hours the only way we're gonna survive if we literally don't want to quit is if we bend the rules of the challenge a little bit I think we have to work together yeah I think honestly I don't think there's any way that I'm going today I lost fire my candle went out my fire went out oh but you say you can't survive without me I'm just saying you know a great said I'll admit I can't I can't survive without you either today now he's not like you know I love you like a brother kind of way like I love you way it's like a like I would die probably or I'd have to quit the challenge I think we need to work together shake my hand alright we're working together I say first thing we do you give me a piggyback back to my campsite alright let's get food you put the sword down it's making me kind of I'm starving you shut up put the sword where is this food of yours I'm literally gonna go in and eat the pizza in half relax just relax just do it your little tent you just hit me right now outside no I heard a big one but I have no idea what it was also heard coyotes like Cody sound like like being off the ground and having a fire Grayson welcome dude no very light boy Grayson's first food in 30 hours I've been surviving off these berries I don't know how my god these are kind of sour these ones oh my god I already feel better and I'm even kidding it was a bug on this one so kind of bug is that I eat it with the bugs off of my Barry are you gonna eat it I don't care watch me oh we're doing Teager hit it again hit it again it all fell off well good job that's not my fault you told me to do that you didn't get any berries for me you just stood there get them for yourself wait if you only help me like pick me up like push me yeah all right don't let me fall backwards try the other house put the drop the sword drop the sword right now thank you well you push me ready yeah I just did wait so let me fall back Grayson you listed self-control I'm picking them do not eat all of them are splitting them evenly why are you so clean you have no dirt on you besides it's smudge on your bed you showered last night didn't you really shower like I said if I took the strike by going in house I'm gonna go all out with it catch me catch me catch me first of all first of all - ants - what do you want me to do berries in my hands eat them right it's freaking hot out your dirty issue I said we go bathe or something come down a little bit more energy now it was amazing I really gonna walk there should we just like take the strike have to have a little fun truck time how many strikes we left 3 3 yeah super straight without those berries I may have just dropped on day 2 what are you doing voiceover I'm trying to make it intense yeah truck time right you're not bringing this over to you what do you need it for we're going bathing oh you're putting your foot on my ass now that you're sitting on my foot I think your foots in my ass no I don't think it is first actual teamwork today no we team worked over there article babe we need these leaves probably not hey but I do wonder I feel your survival man you should know that oh definitely Wordsworth is straight [Music] Wow your Energy's back yeah must have been the berries yeah your mating call I don't know how you survived last night I was actually I actually thought you ready to come inside I don't know how you did that I don't know how you out there with me I'll be much easier so now we're on our way to the bathing hole I guess we'll see you when we get there ready that was the opposite of help thank you thanks for that we're gonna have to get better working as a team I see the water better go be I took a little something when I went inside yesterday you got a little face wash it in my little travel bottle I know it's not really nature s but I like to wash my face at the start of the day I'm good my face watch what do you have see Smosh I at least wash my face every morning yeah but that's a good strike no it's not a strikebreaker you don't find face wash in the wild well now that would be I'm feeling like a lot better than I was it's important to get in the water clean yourself off make sure you don't have any like rashes or bugs on you but now we definitely - this is not a survival guide video but now we need food if you want to make it through the night because I'm feeling completely mad I'm pretty depleted right now yeah Grayson I think we found our next source of food oh I totally just get stung by what I don't know I do be real wise it's spreading so fast I don't know it doesn't look good look at that dude I don't think my chest is getting tight am i allergic use notes on your head and stop no you're fine you're literally fine yeah I don't remember your breath I've been sung before I'm not allergic does it code me a third nipple that is intense should we censor it probably here's a good corn right here alright well guess we have some corn we got food we're moving good as a team we're moving good as a team oh my third nipple all right let's go through this we're gonna you know make some make some dinner or lunch whatever the time it is and then we're gonna build our house we can make a sick-ass house and we can have a nice dinner in there are you eating the corn raw Grayson what's the point of me filling this up can you get sick from that yeah I think you can that's not how you act in the wild Grayson you cannot give in to temptation that's how you die we're not gonna dive with you corn I don't know it's you could ready yeah I want to see your facing you this corn am I just going insane or does this taste like watermelon I think we're going a little insane this is my we're the only people on the planet taste corn like this right now mm-hmm I don't think I don't this is not what corn tastes like all right well I think while you eat this corn I might go try to find some more food and I'll bring it back for us all right sounds good can you start a fire while I do that because we have to cook this Oh huh what are gonna get dessert okay I'm looking for an organism underneath rocks and logs if there are any it will be under this bark most lately okay we got some all right uh well I thought this was a grub I believe it's a caterpillar grubs are edible caterpillars uh I don't want to take that chance cuz I don't know so Gracie just when do we get dessert I don't really know what he's talking about I think he means berries I have to make a fire now that was a close one I don't really know how he had it set up before that yeah I don't think so okay this is getting kind of complicated looks about right so he had a budget swigs and my fire is kind of working he better hurry back it's gonna die out before he gets here disappeared in the smoke ready I'm gonna do a magic trick I disappear oh I'm still in camera huh I'm so bored what do you do it I made a fire a beautiful fire alright well I didn't get any food but I got a whole lot of roofing for our shelter tonight to keep us warm and dry a lot of these bugs stay where its moist so if they're in the Sun the probably crawl off of it how do you know all this just so you make sense it's common sense keep that fire going and I'm gonna go on my adventure for some dessert alright so the ground looks pretty moist over here which means there could potentially be some grubs for dessert before building Eden's house we're gonna need some protein in us because that is extremely important for energy and crows yes how they keep pinching me I'm gonna overturn some more rocks to see if I can find some more grubs in this area and bring them back to Ethan for dessert so Grayson took forever to come back and when he got here he had no dessert take a sorry-assed time and the fire died so now I have to make a new fire awesome great love working with Grayson out here in the wild great now the lighters not working oh my god watch he's gonna roast me for this so here the grubs that I collected and yes this is going to be dessert I got us dessert why don't you have the fire going their lighters not working anymore so we're about to eat this raw what are we eating wrong I caught us mealworms no the grill absolutely no Grayson I'm not eating those ma'am probably have to know I've dealt with worms in the mouth before for survival videos sake we need to eat these eaten this is a team effort I'm not doing this alone either it's working no it's not they literally are right there yeah little idiot it's easy I know Grayson it wasn't working for me dude this is disgusting yeah I know we're about to eat them you got to do what you got to do in the wild Ethan we don't have to do this do what you got to do to survive you got to do what you got to do to make an interesting video yeah it's kind of T all right Ethan these are looking about done that's absolutely disgusting there's all sorts of bugs in there are you going first and then if you die that I'll I'll just sit this one out and then you'll live yeah me yeah I'll pick it up for you oh you're gonna eat that yeah dude it has a face I just let me eat it some looking at it all right you pick your hand now are you sure that edible I think so no shut up I don't believe you they're good I don't believe you just eat it dude I can't do this just eat it Ethan just eat it I just did dude I know you just did obviously but you're also a psychopath you like anchovies oh my god I'm eating a worm here we go using his Bennett no just the thought yeah maybe you got a bad one I can't believe I just did that you're so picky picky I don't want to eat worms Grayson oh now what's bad womb but they're all bad they're all warm screams they're definitely way better roasted oh dude what is survival come to I think we're going to build now that one tastes a little fishy are you sure these are safe to eat I believe so for some reason I'm full so yeah I'm definitely full Thea that was rude I'm spilling I think we're doing they were done with the grubs now we're gonna build our wilderness dream house so now this looks like a great place for your house right I'm thinking about like a a kind of a half tent for you right here so you're talking to me like I'm a student who's your student all right of me okay continue and then you could sleep with your head towards me on the ground we can put some bamboo down if you want to lay on that you dig one hole here and another hole here relax okay take this piece of bamboo and use it as a shovel right there on the tip I say that's what I did yesterday to dig those holes to plant my bed okay honey we some K Grayson lookin at me look at me we're surviving tonight I know that's the whole point of the night why don't you get some bamboo for your roof okay this is this is just great ah like eight inches okay girls you're thinking about four inches wide I think that's done already that even images a little longer than you think it is I know it is I know it is I think I don't my first full it's the worst shovel of all time yeah look Seiji the storm soon we need a hurry how we gonna sleep in the rain do they sleep in the rain in the wild yeah then we'll figure it out what are you doing my knife broke no your knife bro yeah that's not good hurry up well no much time how the holes covered they good yeah it should be good all right so what we need to do now is kind of plant something like these two wise little honker here I'm gonna pass out right yeah we knew water okay we'll get that fire up and running and we'll put the water back on it all right we're making two things that those wise right now we need to get this long piece of wood buried right here and then you need to go out and find another piece of wood that's exactly this height bury this ended pack it in really tight like I had this one who's getting the wood you know you're gonna move it all right one little what I come in the jungle it'll fight a steak why didn't I just like look out in the open look in the yard or something yeah bro x-ray if it's not sweating out here how did we get that here it's starting to drizzle right now oh yeah all right how close are we to being done with this I'm very a lot of energy I'm a little bit sure this thing is done oh I thought that was supposed to stick in the ground like the movies after being a youtuber for like what four years I never thought we would make a video where we start living primitively just didn't see that happening for us okay that's secure this side this side no just let me get this out no yeah if I don't eat this he's gonna actually I didn't do anything wash the whole house wet which is fully unfactual I've done I've done every other thing I got this this this and all those dug those holes got that stick come on we have a lot of pieces to go in the Thunder keeps coming right now Oh all right hurry up you coming all right all right this should be good now we just need to do a roof yeah we need to fill it in with the bark oh it's starting to drizzle you feel that need every row there are bugs all over these I've seen like nine centipedes and there's a little piece of corn on this one all right so we're making a roof we're giving me a little love okay yeah I'm just whipping it till it's better give me a little bit of protection from the rain and animals that want to eat me all right these will be your walls Ethan they look pretty indestructible oh look at this that's great it's our village so this is our village measuring high fives because both of our hands are Wow we have a pretty nice village we'll go in there lay down here it feels ah I actually feel pretty protected like here the view from the inside sick like this looks nice hopefully I'm on a tropical island vacation it's honestly kind of comfortable here but I'm missing one thing me and Grayson's house was almost complete and I was looking pretty immaculate but if I went tonight missing one thing there's no way I'd be able to survive out here [Music] I got my pillow nice Grayson I think it's time we take him on a little house tour first do you have a candle tour time tour time welcome to our backyard we got some you know spacious area good for activities like trying to live and I died here come to my house that was kind of creepy so here's my room this is my bed it's my roof sit it's all it is this is fireplace number one of the house I know fancy keeps you warm at night even though it's a hundred degrees right now let's move over to Ethan's house welcome to my house so when Grace and I were you know little we always wanted to have two houses on the same property and like somehow connect them so we can never leave each other's side and that's what we got so our houses have the same room but two different front doors back yards you know we got two different everything it's my fireplace it's I don't know Grayson built it but it doesn't have a fire in it that's for sure here's my bed my pillow I actually feel pretty protected right now you like your wall that I built you this wall it makes you feel really protected Wow I don't think any little muskrats can get in your knee my face off tonight I told you guys I told you he's being protected from it and you know me so well crazy out here in the wild I'm hungry and thirsty and tired and scared so in preparation for the night we're going to prepare a fire we're not gonna light it yet because they burn out is Grayson you know should have learned earlier today when he told me to make a fire and then left for an hour and then it was gone and then we had no supplies and then he yelled at me for having the lighter working when the lighter wasn't working and okay we're gonna prep our fires get them ready to turn on for the night we're also gonna boil up some water so we have enough water for the night and I hope I'd be my pants in my sleep and that's not thirsty I am honestly I hope I peed my pants in my sleep tonight that was my joke I just had a two seconds ago you're not getting away with that I'm just told me I'm not cut I'm not cuttin my edit out so yeah pretty much the plan for tonight is don't be a bitch we had to get this fire started fast for over sticks and twigs get away money hurry up it's not even dark yet and I'm scared like a little bitch dude I don't know if the fires gonna last fire does a live set pouring if it stays these dried up in here we'll be fine because it's the rainbow wash well debunk as well all right mr. professional but it would be nice to have a firearm if it's ready he's a mighty the temperatures my drunk on fire come on fire it's not working we're gonna get pour it on look at sportingly the river it's raining hard I know the fire is not lady because rain is seeping through our roof which yeah you know it's kind of understandable because our roof is made out of leaves under this bark is very dry it's my bed get in write this so a worse time source I guess will cuddle up and sleep act anything tonight the rains really starting to come down right now I'm really not trying to cuddle as you can hear could be a wall more slightly lose the challenge which means that we have to sleep out here in our shelter in the rain we have to say under the shelter so we can city's dry as possible if not we're gonna be freezing all night and we could possibly get hypothermia it really comes down to me miss you Ken Tracy it's literally 80 degrees it doesn't matter the temperature outside if you get soaking wet and water all night you're done fires been completely put out by the water just smoking right now and if it's operating I'm not sleeping I'm just there's no way of doing that the rain is finally subsided I think it's done we say like 100 percent dry in here also the fire never went fully out but we have one issue what I'm scared yeah but we have each other Eva's knife and my spear and this flashlight pretty robust and made it through the rainstorm I must say because the rain stopped I think we can space out now and you can go sleep in your bed and I can sleep in mine you sure yeah yeah positive 100% forget your bed is right there are you sure we just came to snuggle to manage it we obviously can't fit in here I'm gonna lay down on my bed and hopefully fall asleep it will just get through this one night and we're due God we're done so I'm gonna go sleep in my own bed alright we've got my bit of soup yeah yeah that's what happens when it rains and I have a DP bathing suit on how perfect you can get yours that Dolan's windsock hot we got all types of styles and yeah we're gonna say goodbye to our camera crew they're gonna go sleep inside and we're gonna be vlogging the rest of the night my bed is actually still very comfortable it held up nicely in the rain the ceiling worked very nicely I'm chilling over here getting tired which is great I won't be up all night even how do you feel I'm over here holding the flashlight for Grayson alright so my pillow actually is really comfortable this is Grayson over there and I grab being enclosed in here it actually makes me feel a lot more comfortable going to bed are you tired I'm not I can never sleep and being in the wild makes it a little harder honestly I can't sleep there's no am doing the street honestly those are pretty comfortable set up like I actually feel pretty safe I don't feel like I'm outside necessarily come on water torture that wonder here cuz every once in a while water will drip on me I survived two days in the wild well kinda like literally check this out we have a house like a full-blown house smoke so got a little fire to keep the bugs away and Grayson up here he's sleeping gray gray gray are you doing I can't sleep alright sorry I just can't sleep this is crazy I can't believe we're doing this I think I'm rambling a lot cuz I'm just scared a little bit alright I'm gonna try to sleep well goodnight for me in my Hut I'm gonna try to get some sleep goodnight it's the morning we did it holy guys is light even he's so sleepy how he's still asleep in the ground deep in my roof held up very nicely my candles down there it went out obviously was raining my fire couldn't put it in light here's the water that you can and I have been drinking for the past 24 hours nothing like it nice to have a warm water in the morning wait I don't even need to drink this anymore the challenge is over Ethan wake up I guess I deserve some payback right Ethan it's morning it's light out of youth in you dude I'm in disbelief there's no way I literally just flip that side in the woods the rain actually the rain actually helped the bug outro outro outro okay where are we gonna say goodbye to the house alright no no yeah goodbye house we were on our way to civilization eat pancakes as good you - you're an intro spot [Music] I am done running Emily I'm running Hey yeah we need to get inside right now I need to take a shower guys we actually just did I can't believe I slept outside in the wild I just want to say something that I learned that I take away from this survival video although it was like agonize to be a little professional come on I'm just I'm just trying to make it deep deep sense I'm gonna be all deep okay all right although it was like agonizing and just like just awful like surviving in a wild was not as easy as I thought at all and it was it really sucked the life out of me yeah I'm just so happy to be able to come back to civilization so that you know sometimes you feel you need a break from um but this will will now help me appreciate it and regular life even more I'm not I'm no longer gonna take anything for granted not even a bottle of water because I know just how hard it is to get that not everybody in the world has an opportunity to just drink a bottle of clean water so I'm really gonna I'm really gonna I'm really gonna appreciate the little things in life now I'm really thankful for the smart humans who've like you know made it possible for us okay well I'm really thankful for all the new human ways that we've been that we're accustomed to nowadays with all these resources and yeah you sound like you need some pancake dude I really do like alright okay I'm just happy guys that was the hardest thing I ever did thank you guys for watching thank you guys so much thumbs up if you haven't seen part one will direct you over there to be in the description or the end of the video also thumbs up first being I don't know please just a thumbs up thumbs up for our bravery I can't thank your yeah we're gonna get you some pancakes because I'm I'm in very much need of that I don't know what I'm saying I think we said pancake I think we say peace yeah pancakes that's peace peace [Music] [Applause] [Music] what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's all good merch
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