Customer Complains That Her Food Is Greasy & Watery | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-11-28
  • what are you doing to see tell me the rolls hosting greats and what you doing over here wait Wow Tommy tends to think he is a waiter I'm gonna steam my sexy don't start it off with Elmo and he needs to understand that he is the owner he is not a worker hi I'll get the order in soon as I can how are we this site is hi guys I'm tied down now you read these things out who's expediting Wow every day but you're not fed up sometimes coming in and I run to kitchen so I have to do myself oh what's wrong he's the boss I'm not divorced it's fine despite no expediter and no real system in the kitchen Philippe quickly pushes food out to the diners yo Johnny but it quickly becomes apparent that the customers are far from satisfying okay I'll take off the meatball you didn't like the meatballs just a 2-second test people toy yeah come in boy just taste that for me I mean it's fucking disgusting and if anyone tells me again that their food is amazing I'm gonna boil it it's that cat food come on Tommy it's definitely up the time we can make sure everything goes out perfect nothing comes back and the restaurant wants food I mean that's the main problem I think you know man how's everything ladies John what's the matter with it um stringy and it's littering all right Tom I think you need to go back in the back and check on your cost you come back just I'm afraid Tommy needs to stand up for himself although why did you go at your boy you're acting stupid instead of him going back there and talking to his chef he's hiding and leaving it up to me and it's not supposed to be like that all right now I'm getting mad put the food that we need up here messing up my own frigging restaurant give me Table ten and give me the pasta special what a nightmare honestly Deena's she's trying to best Tommy well he's not even there he's just all over the shop no wonder somebody complains especially just not going anywhere such a shame [Music] how's everything give me sweet balls right here real clinical symmetries it's too early for the last of all time which we spun too much oil I don't wanna go back down so you don't go savings her yeah now give me the give me the oil anyway oh just all swimming in oil and you weren't gonna say anything you can't drain that off by that and it said the back to the customers that they deserve better than that Oh anything else no you do on the side he's draining the fucking thing on this side a little bit of oil drain down who says they so sink what I do I hate coming this is gonna bury your dysfunctional owners and a dysfunctional kitchen you
  • Runtime: 04:14
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  • Anuj Anand

    The thumbnail made me feel like vomit already

  • Jonnyboy356

    I don’t know what’s worse. People making nino jokes or people thinking they are the holy grail of comedy

  • 3w Fr96

    GORDON: 1:46 that meat is fucking disgusting GUY: licks fingers & keeps chewing

  • Andre B

    There was so much oil in that food, America wants to invade it.

  • sky


  • live_The_ Nerd_Life_

    If this was staged he would've done his research on the places and known who the owners and chefs etc are to know what to say to them he genuinely doesn't know these people until they introduce themselves to him

  • john folsom

    Adrian please help me I can’t even run the kitchen much less box!😂😂😂

  • Amanda Winfrey

    What's with all the Nino jokes? I dont get them can somebody explain pls