• Published on: 2018-11-13
  • I don't want to start this video me either all right cool what do you once we start it really have to like we have to like finish it um we're back and this week we're doing something that we don't want to do it all this is a video that we've tried in the past and you know halfway through it we failed because we got too angry freaked out a little bit full-blown anxiety attack and to get trip to the emergency room that's not gonna happen this time I hope I'm already mad at anything because I woke up at 7 in the morning today and he woke up at 1:00 p.m. and it is now midnight and he's kept me up to film this video and I'm really tired that's oh my eyes are like shutting do not try to wake me up at 7:00 in the morning tomorrow we have a meeting in the morning we have to get up can we just explain what we're doing yeah anyway we are going to handcuff each other for 24 hours Hank of each other we're gonna take of each other I don't know we're going to handcuff ourselves to each other for 24 hours let's just point out what we have what we have what we had to do what we have to do had to do have to do when when we got the handcuffs Willis am I talking about oh where to go to shop to get them because they didn't sell them anywhere else shop right now and got this rule it's kind of awkward cuz we're here and we're buying something get rope away what do you want ID I don't know bro we're using handcuffs Gracie thought it'd be good alternative secured that was pretty awkward kind of awkward experience so here are the handcuffs he's a pretty heavy-duty rail I want to add something to the intro we were like you saw the title twins hank i'm sure that we're the twins stupid oh we just do it now you saw the title twins and Cumberland for 24 hours and we're the twins they want it so subscribe for that three two one no table at least we got a cake no we have to hand the keys over to our crew was not gonna give them to us until 24 hours oh it's currently 12 o'clock at midnight and we have until 12 o'clock midnight tomorrow all right let's get this 24 hours started we're sleeping in my room I'm not thrilled no we're not to be in your room yeah we are why your room cuz you're smells and I don't like it Marvin smells good yeah I don't like it still great come on bro where we going I'm not going to bed yet can we leave lay in bed you don't need to sleep but I do just be considering a little bit separately I don't I'm like hungry we get a snack first amigo no we're not getting it's getting us no I'm getting a snack dude you to just be slowly just to it takes two seconds ha ha maybe one hungry why don't we just come to the kitchen I can't make up my mind dude let's go to sleep seriously you think recent ah be gentle you won't behind me at all times I'm at a big life disadvantage with you alright here's the first little thing of tea Murthy please eat for sure Oh Thank You Grayson don't touch you too you just touch my toothbrush in your toothbrush that's something you just don't do you already use my toothbrush video before I had to do it no you didn't I didn't do it I'll do it alright alright let's go okay we can actually have a pretty successful day okay now what yeah I gotta wash my face yeah me too why why this hand why just do the other hand I have to what I have to do both we're the business we'd to practice using the correct hands do you think we're even gonna make us closer or you know do a lot of stuff together but they're all things I choose not to do with him for various reasons that's just something you guys don't know is what we have meetings in the morning meetings are typically in the morning I wake up that I have to go drag Ethan's ass out of bed and it takes about an hour to do something is he's gonna a heavy dormitory is that Ethan is it a deep hibernation ative state humming that's a word I mean it sounds like cool and he doesn't wake up it takes about an hour to get him up so you better not do that tomorrow all right let's just go to bed let me get my pajamas on all right shoes on get pajamas on all right well come back to here your shoes off I'll have to walk around to somebody's please I don't want to walk okay we're gonna bed - you saw me falling you just got to deal with me all right time for bed giggle just shut up and just crawl back all right it's time for bed all right now don't go near me that's going to kind of the fact that we've had tough okay but you can still go a little bit farther from me so don't come near me please thank you it was your idea to go to bed I don't want to go to bed dude I'm tired with grace we have to turn them off think oh my god you don't know I just sold through the lights off alright we'll turn them off together turn them off - yeah yeah what we actually did do this together normally grace is like my assistant he just does for me but now I have to do it with him who's your assistant just Grayson just weekly I would you know you're not my sister Grayson just come all right scoot away I miss fart your bed as small as it's gonna wait for me a little bit why you why do you have a body pillow my flag is hanging off the bed screw your leg away from my leg dude my lady oh alright goodnight it's 2:00 in the morning I can't sleep he keeps tugging you on my wrist as you can see he dragged it all the way over there with him this is torture already hey dude this sucks you want to quit I'll quit have you quit I think Grayson said the leaders right now they didn't realize that was so lame custom update I couldn't sleep bored I'm bored bored dude get this is so bad okay now he's tickling you if this toast bruise move your clothes using a bag of bricks when he's sleeping I'm just trying to go to bed good night well good morning I'm smiling as I made it through the night I'm not gonna lie I slept well when I was sleeping so I'm not I'm not too mad now it's time to wake this bag of what's heavy bag of bricks bag of bag of rocks sleek up what do you mean no even me don't you leave the shower look at your hair you could be mistaken for a chinchilla in the shower okay and then and you have no choice okay all right come on no no you're getting this I have to pee it took a full bottle of water you think seriously good morning get up for the day please Ethan this is childish all right it's not have to pee all right listen listen listen dude what do you want I'll see you get into some talk I got a pee all right but just don't look at me just don't look at me when I'm being it's hard to go when I'm with someone looking at me please don't get out of my floor my toilet seat please well this has been an interesting morning for you guys watching what do you mean with this seat down I missed a little bit early why don't you slip the seat up because it's early and the energy for that stuff it's our Oh how do you get ripped off hurry up Gracie yeah I'm sending my shirt over okay uncomfortable all right just kidding well it's too early for this just put the water on hi can you be that well or did you just it's fine not too bad oh it's gonna suck for you guys I don't any big backwards like this cuz I'm on my other arm or you just face the other way this is gonna be a long day well showering on a scale of one to ten was a six wash yourself get out you can you just got water in my mouth drink you don't need to wash your hand you're getting my hand all the way into the cuffs are gonna go rusty I'm still a little wet but you're sure I don't want to not yet I'm kind of under your practice did you hang something or not you know I'm not eating your breakfast Grayson well we should put pants on yeah [Music] okay good Grayson takes an hour picking his outfit out those were these I was those fairly simple can you go down with me please yeah I know deep breaths even that was the easiest thing we've done right now I'm just getting Grayson I'm just I'm realizing what's ahead of me I just don't want to continue all right let's go to my room all right don't look at me what wasn't going to what shirt should I wear oh my god what I can't change my shirt you know should I wear these pants are pre-professional gonna need a lot of this cuz I can't change this shirt you need some unknown dude now we smell the same yeah and we're also handcuffed so I don't like smelling the same is gonna be the weirdest thing we're gonna do today Grayson oh why don't I just read these don't win socks they're very comfortable and stylish gonna hate myself for that one all right do we match too much we're handcuffed Grayson now I don't want to draw any more attention to us if we stand really close when we just kind of hold like this like it looks like we're holding hands instead there's a yeah that's way worse yeah there's kind of weird - oh I gotta do my hair now you've got even doing your hair do anything and let's do my chest there scrub my keys but you do bring a change of clothes why well we're out I want to do something a little less formal than this we're not doing yoga yeah we're not we're doing Pilates oh my god all right we need to get to breakfast either we don't have time to go out they just don't even start listen no look at the time yeah all right so I can make I can make eggs coming in omelette I thought we just make cereal today Grayson okay yeah can't go wrong with that get some red berry cereal some red berry cereal sounds good we need bowls get bowls all right have we kind of teamwork milk the bowl obviously this is more efficient than that we didn't have any comes on all right here we go bowl for you both for me we do a pretty good nose up well we got no spoons left because you they do the dishes your jobs the dishes mines laundry no but you don't do the laundry anyway we have forks wanted us to use Forks I guess all right she said one of the roughest you know morning's of my life now I'm eating cereal with a fork and handcuffs on you got milk there you get it up seriously get it up anyone else do that big spill little milk things rub it off and it's gone where does it go isn't so bad they were doing good now kind of nervous to walk into this meeting with hands I was on that mm-hmm probably not the most professional thing you can do mm-hmm yeah it's gonna be pretty awkward all right it's time to go feeling nice and replenish after a nice healthy breakfast what car are we taking yours well I guess we don't have an auction I could drive cuz I'm on the left side and word America yeah also I'm gonna dive through your side to get to mine because I can't walk true this is gonna be a whole ordeal Gregg don't scuff my sheets up barrel my quad is really just not my mirror at a place did you help me to assist you I push a little bit no they were out there we oh that wasn't that bad all right we're pulling up to the meeting kind of nervous now we're definitely embarrass ourselves immediately that's gonna be great listen just put your hand in your pocket okay these are all close to me no one will know what I'll notice I've been nothing to see here hey yeah all right guys here we are we've already gotten so many looks yeah from like everyone who we passed here we go time to explain this I was pretty awkward but it was kind of good meeting yeah they kept staring at her handcuffs the beginning was definitely very awkward new people I kept walking into the meeting because it was like one of those kind of meetings and it was telling it felt like it was like hey nice to meet you and then I was like you know what you have an awkward handshake it was like that times yeah did you pay the meter it's not my car now I better not have a ticket oh great you gotta take it sixty three bucks instead of two dollars being handcuffed her twin brothers pretty distracting so you don't think about things like paying the meter how did you get tickets so you know I've been having a really rough morning like I said before now afternoon got a ticket and now I'm out of gas Chris you know we can make a day better after you know getting a ticket running out of gas being dragged out of bed by your hand and nearly decapitating your wrist but what may that be maybe some chick-fil-a yeah I think that makes a little better you're probably enough to feed me though dude I'm not feeding you well I don't think you really have an option because I have to drive and eat and I have one hand yeah we are we're also Hank up for 24 hours so we're twins Hank up for 24 hours yeah have you ever met those before no I have it do you think this is cute yeah no it is do you think it'll be cute if he feeds me while I Drive I think you have to do it now could we do a twins Hank up for 24 hours for the name cool twins Hank up for 24 hours okay I think she thinks we were joking when you say the twins hangover 24 hours but that's but that's who we are this is ridiculous bro you can literally eat them on your own right I can't help me to eat them alone like this oh I'm driving with my elbow and eating with my fingers oh my god I hate when that happens feed me please aunt Gayle dude enough what are you eating these as fast you can slower stop I'm getting not good either much like time you're killing them before you know it's ripping all your fault not a my shirt I can't change this shirt Grayson no no no not slow down hey Greg guess what you're doing right now what beating me I know hurry up make a left at the next light why I just fed you chick-fil-a we're going somewhere for me now okay we're getting out of my side this time we lean on you you got it I'm there for you bro there we go we're getting better peasant look you feed me out you lean on me Chris you said it's just Pilates yeah lunch that says hot Pilates Grayson it's not that hello worried about this now but yeah okay well we're handcuffed for 24 hours if you try to make us not a sweaty as possible because these are the only shirts we have for 24 hours because the smallest bathroom I've ever seen by the way will see it back out there in a second all right we're ready okay we're gonna do two cleansing breaths before we get started just to help us [Music] go ahead and bring those cuff tabs forward good on your exhale I want we should extend your right leg towards the back of the room I think I just broke my foot and ours I think they just broke my head okay maybe no more hand sansa okay let's try another pose maybe this another one okay good bring that right knee up in line with the hip slowly there we go dalinar forward coming into you good you did it right you know yeah I think I really want to sway anymore thank you all right how do you feel dead tired tired from that I'm not a sweaty-toothed OB I mean my wrist feels a little bit broken but that's because you but I feel pretty good now all right well what do you want to do I kind of need some new pants go shopping can I need to go shopping yet did you just did yoga for me I'll go shopping for you pulling up at the shopping center Rock Paper Scissors shoot who gets out on one side Rock Paper Scissors shoot Paper Scissors shoot got my side let's go catch me or something we trying to fight something here that we can cut so we gonna get in change jerks cuz I'm tired of wearing this shirt it's got a stain on it mine basically what you do is cut this off and that down to here so you could slide through and then still keep this on this little bit over your shoulder okay then I would need to do that side but then we'd have just one sleeveless side of the shrimp is that fashion I guess that's fashion dinner like that we're gonna try to get them on our bodies so that we don't have to wear these disgusting shirts out to dinner tonight this is my shirt Ethan can I go that's why I cut it okay oh we're here and then how am I gonna oh it doesn't go in through there what do you mean it go in through the sleeve dude have a car we gonna do this what I just cut the shirt off oh my god you're stuck like that you're stuck like this we dumped so bad we did why didn't I give you stealing this now because of this you can't know this so now we're handcuffed and with a bum arm we're literally gonna go out for sushi like this are you kidding me if we say like this you can't even notice right this is the most tedious video we've ever filmed in our entire lives yeah what do something before you leave what does that mean no dude what am i you're getting hold it no I can't you don't live for four more hours right I'm not I'm eating in peace okay Gracie you yeah listen to me four more hours we're literally it's literally not that kind it's not that kind of shit I have to go really bad oh oh thank you can you stop is the top five worst things I've ever had to do my entire life can you not feel me well why my bathroom you stop filming guys what am i doing right now so we're in the city now and I don't want to get out of the car we got handcuffs on and half an arm guys this is really embarrassing I wanted nothing positive can come from this it's not making us any closer we're together all day every day anyway we should he just laid on the couch until was over what's up guys and welcome back to the dole twins getting out of their car handcuffed for the seventh time this week thank you hey now no one can tell yeah well no one's noticed yet that's good I think our outfits worth it no one's really noticing I was really looked at as weird but those gonna be way more climactic but uh it ended up not being climactic get along she was really stupid so that's all we have to say it's really obviously I mean actually you know what it was a success because our outfits work and no one really noticed a first double of the day you're looking kind of spiffy bro this is not an anti climactic ending to our video at all this is celebratory dinner outing for almost getting through the 24 hours while being handcuffed we have only a few hours left in this bush let's cheers to Denny's you know cheers man all right well we're this close to being done finally the the big sleeves kept their little secret hidden so I guess we're doing pretty good did you see that are you kidding me literally just said so yes pretty good ticket number two of the day we're taking so many else today this is so bad what's fast fat oh we have like an hour and a half left I think we just make the outro and then we're done we'll see you guys towards each other Charlie will see us I will see you guys in the purple cash to be happy all right get us those keys let's have the keys yes away this is refueling dude boom ooh relax disbelief right now oh my it's just not working he's going he's really.just what did you just do you're not handcuffing bro I'm over this seat the keys take beam out all right dude I'd be kind of a good cop I just cuffed you and you're the big man coloured Abbot no don't say that come on bro I'm a good cop all right eats a good cop Thanks look at that I can't what we did it alright I'm ready to just wrap this new you up alright guys please give this video a thumbs up please for all of that one like equals one paid off ticket what does that mean I have two tickets to pay off their true this day was such an L for us was such an ll4 like subscribe to our channel if you haven't yet we make videos every week thanks for watching love you guys choose I just I'm so happy right now feels so weird this feels weird feels weird dude but I can get away from you all we only got to do now is a special word peace thank you can't change clothes ID this stand in the bathroom while he takes it but we do that anyway no we don't yeah we do don't make people think we're weird racing what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's all good merch
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