• Published on: 2018-10-09
  • pull the cameras up the only thing that's not ready is you well I believe that you're not sitting on the couch either what we had to set up the camera because you don't know how to what's up guys I'm back with my friend Ethan he's also my brother and this week I'm really nervous and my that's how I'm gonna wait holy I'm nervous let's booger check this week yes please I ready look up all right good I think so we go yeah it's so funny that we literally do an intro explaining what we're doing in the video every week we're back by the way and we might have to say the title of the video is like they know what it is I just say - and then you say - we're back alright so obviously we're back and you guys know what we're doing okay so maybe we should just stall a little bit longer lose weight holy Sh this video is going to extreme some very piping liquid formerly known as he that was formal that's the slang that's the street term Oh otherwise known as T we gotta get a look at T tea pot kettle okay a tea kettle sound effect when it's in food heating up and then like that may be pouring into the glass sound effect and then maybe like the flog with the tea emoji for those of you that don't know we tweeted what supposed to be their sweets guys really intensive okay okay guys I don't know why I'm doing this but ask those questions you want to know the truth about go into a real detective with a lie detector to answer your questions and if you want to tweet me some question out more intense with the you just told me more tense if you want to tweet me some questions and you will get the tea Ethan and I are having ourselves up to perfect Ethan and I are hooking ourselves up to a professional lie detector and answering all of your questions so yes Ethan and I are about to hook ourselves up to a professional lie detector that we're getting from a detective in the detectives office and answering all of your questions that you asked this and also when we were looking through your questions we made a rule nothing is too personal nothing is too extreme basically don't be a bitch and get the get to get questions get the quick get the quick get the thirst get the hydrated with tea questions hydrated questions are hydrated with tea dude that's awful guys he's gonna be his sweat from his ass region and I picked questions that I'm not even sure I've ever gotten a truthful answer from Grayson about this is about to get real alright that's actual I'm actually nervous nerves in my chest I have actual anxiety right now ladies real I feel and like dude I don't even know what you're gonna ask me if your questions even come close to being as bad as mine - I don't understand how your questions could be as bad as mine do you guys want some tea you're gonna be shutting it are you in I think so we're one minute late so yeah I think we're definitely in the right place so we are here at the polygraph lie detection polygraph Popish polygraph office we're here with John he's a professional polygrapher it was called I've been a polygraph examiner for over 30 years I've tested over 10,000 people what if I'm like really nervous like I my fear right now is that I'm gonna be telling the truth but I'm gonna be so nervous that I've hooked up to this like machine everything that it's gonna come up as a lot everybody's nervous taking a polygraph you can't become a cop in California without passing a polygraph as well as other states that's why the questions of importance are surrounded with questions we know you're telling the truth so the computer can see what your body does on things we know for sure you're telling the truth it's this is legitimate this is like those microphones there's there's badges how does it work a polygraph reads microscopic changes to your blood sweat and breathing as you answer yes or no questions gonna get wired up in a special order stomach chest left arm right hand arms up this one's for one of the blue lines up or breathing lower breathing sweat and blood so each line has a different read to a part of a body yeah some people's lies show up in their sweat some in their breathing some in we've been scared for you I don't even know if I want to know the truth about some of these questions for myself like in fear my I can feel my fingers like beating that your your heart beating you can feel it right in your fingertips so is he officially all hooked up yes I'm checking to make sure he's reading properly cuz I'm taking that deep breath shock the sweat at his fingers up four inches well really gotta sit like a statue he can an answer with his mouth only no nodding do you live in the United States yes can you speak any Russian no again we're watching your sweat coming out of your fingers and into the equipment the smaller the better all right Grayson the polygraph is reading correctly you're all set up it's time to get started all right Grayson hey you feeling good I'm nervous for you okay warning to everybody in the room I did not come up with these questions you guys did these are gonna be really awkward to just say out loud let alone you know post to the internet for the entire world to see and then you know find the truth do I'm afraid to ask you these questions person okay you're like you're good are you good - you multiple some move all right Grayson looks ready so we're going to begin are we all set for the first question ready we'll start off simple have you ever taken a picture naked um this is lightweight Grayson you look like you're having a having a tough time exciting the truth here am I like to explain myself no answer yes that's true oh yes if the polygraph detects a lie and our answer we will have to elaborate we're telling the truth we'll just move on Grayson you know just another warm-up what do you smell of true Grayson smells of silk he's a clean man Grayson may be a clean man well we're gonna expose his dirty little secrets next question Wow I don't know if I want to ask this one why don't you address some of the big rumors in the fandom there's other rumors I don't bring attention to things that aren't true or irrelevant because it's my answer true there's a mature young man there you go great well I'm about to find out what the real Grayson dilemmas right here Grayson do you think you're more relevant than your brother yes true are you kidding me that's that's messed up Grayson I don't know about the likes Wohlers ratio I didn't like you got you there a little bit okay next question do you think your narcissistic no he does believe that so it's true isn't you think your narcissist I believe that an honor I am NOT you believe that he's uh people is that he's not oh wow so you're a good guy guys Grayson's along as a good man narcissist pretty clean so far let's get you a little dirty what do you still date a fan right now crew alright great so good tetanus love life right now oh wow this one's a question Grayson there's people assuming your sexuality get to you true okay have you ever saw Tuesday selfie thought that person was hot yeah true all right will you do your annual naked snow run this year isn't it yes a no-brainer yeah we're doing that we're gonna have you ever gone on your brother's phone and done something that you weren't supposed to uh yeah true are you Grayson do you know I'm telling the truth you should have to explain yourself on that one no it's she we move on who made the rules to this you did this is kind of like backfiring on me a little bit did you and Ethan ever kissed the same girl why'd you ask I don't know why you just answer the question grace in it this one's making his body fall apart and explosions should I just tell the truth just tell the truth you don't have to explain and the more worse forever okay have you ever lied to Ethan about something very important true what are you sure this thing is working not that important wow you're good brother I actually cannot lie to you let's get just a good thing yeah this is making us closer do you miss your old friends no crew old friends very reason all right I'm just honestly curious here do you think you're the more attractive twin yeah that was quick and true that's what more relevant more attractive if you are a narcissist guys just from James Charles he said will you marry me no he's having a problem with that okay we don't need to make that rumor get any bigger should we just say Grayson - James are obviously enough in dated you know it's pretty parent I didn't think it happens but they might get married true he's rich deep do you think la has changed you fail that one elaborate you said you would never change Grayson I mean maybe it's changed me temporarily like at one point it could have made me like the less secure person but I've gotten over that and I think now look back to my true self so yeah all right Grayson let's really see if it just made you a little sad who's more materialistic you true so this is backfiring your duty essentials everywhere you go Noguchi on right at Grayson Dickies converse how much was this shirt next question Grayson do you still search boobies on the Internet true Lucy's honest you serve boobies what are you fourth grade I'm gonna smell the good Grayson are you an extra virgin yeah at the top of the screen I don't think you need to need to elaborate on that one it's kind of just yes or nothing okay nice and I hit the top of the screen next what do you think about grief and shippers cancel it's weird because breathing stop which is a fail you like it that's actually weird my body's saying oh well well this one's a little dark have you ever really wanted to beat this bit out of your sibling and not in like a wrestling joking kind of way like really do damage yeah girl that's messed up I swear it more pissed at you than anyone else I don't think I've ever wanted to beat you up and do damage that's just wrong to do to my twin it's not nice Wow are you still the same person resolve yeah true yeah he's always annoying why don't you call people out when they do you bet attention true Wow I'd have to agree Grayson will there be a tour I mean no plans of it true you make you're more mature than at Ethan Dolan yes true what the dude your twisted or how could you sit down or not you got something screws loose or something dude I'm gonna cry ever thought you'd be better off without it yeah a few times what true now that's messed up I'm going to actually cry not from the start bullying one of the ditch you've quite a few times recently leave you at home all right Grayson last one it's clear something up here a couple days ago you tweeted drama and what was going on when he tweeted I just thought was believable true it so you just did for likes yeah big WOW am I done that was what cleaner than I thought oh that was intense there was some tea though my fingers were sweat I made it out pretty clean I because I've told the truth about I really did make it make it out pretty clean all right but you are definitely not because I have a lot of tea questions get up here okay I'm really in the hot seat I just got dizzy thought I warm it up for you oh yeah maybe that's what it is I didn't even know that's what the apparatus would look like that's intimidating yeah it is we're gonna better get shot does anyone I really ain't while they're doing that cuz I feel like I was going to avoid some people paint some people cry I might be doing both today well I'm glad any crime or fate okay people pee through the test some have wet their bounds seriously summer poop their parents well I don't have to do that right now so I think wrong luck might just hit me out of nowhere though I've even first question have you ever smoked weed I'm not true I can um have you ever gotten drunk have not crew haha told you I'm a pure child mom okay I want to know this thank you for asking this question Ethan claims that he has allergies about two fruits and vegetables but I think it's just because you doesn't want to eat them do you lie about your allergies I don't true ha you know what you can eat Grayson my ass see if you're allergic to that butan all your doubters who is allergic to fruits and vegetables there is some recent excuse just not to eat them I'd like for its events all right next question Ethan do you have a crush on someone like you no bail okay you think elaborate okay you the next question is Nicki Minaj your only crush yeah true mm-hmm okay all right next question have you recently had a thing or have been dating someone no problem with that one is breathing shut down what dude what what is it why does it come up as a line he doesn't come up with life's comes up as a problem took his breath away that's the biggest lie swine that's uh it's a lie I guess that's true okay Wow did you just say that camera dude I didn't say anything all right next question have you ever thought about quitting YouTube yeah I did crew that's not good I'll take over by myself all right next question what's the worst part about being on social media being paranoid and stuff true that's true oh boy why don't they why would they ask why would they ask you this question why do I have to say okay Oh although this is worded um is uh I don't want to say this out loud but they asked it this one says I'm gonna use the we're all gonna substitute one of the words is your BP small yes microscopic true come on get back fire thanks to the question those it doesn't good one it's definitely not microscopic it's impossible next question will you go on touring it true okay do you think you're the funniest out of us - yes true that's like a no-brainer that's bullshit you're out er you're not really funny you know yeah you're just loud everyone that I know like in like real life like they all say that I'm funnier than you dude even mom told me that that's all right now that's a fact no nothing cool you know you know it is a bad boy I'm funnier than you that's just what you think yeah it's a fact okay you didn't next question oh these are a little bit uncomfortable rolling off the tongue this is a weird way to say are you actually daddy don't have a child alrighty then that's your job Grayson this is something I want to know so thank you for asking it do you really like either the tattoos that I've given you do you like any of the tattoos that I've given you they grew on me recently shows has a made your life good actually breathing completely stopped and your sweat Leno paper you might like them Greyson bro I like them dude everybody thinks I was mean knows I don't like it that's it up no can you please tell me you tried to give me kind of a stupid dad dude I did it it's mr. Game & Watch is literally the poster child of our childhood alumnus to even watch I'm glad he's intrigued in this no you're not no you're not you're ungrateful the next question are you sure that you like pineapple pizza positive true all right but that was a question from them all right do you regret ever starting our YouTube channel hell no crew to the best never happen all right Ethan are you a sociopath know what a sociopath work like testing them that's so true because I don't even have human emotion are they so the word look could they make themselves believe that something is true that it even if it's not oh my god you know what about sociopaths yes so I'm not one yes all right guys this one is gonna either make me happier really salty it's Grayson honestly your favorite person yes true love you jinx all right even this okay this person screaming this at you they said who was your first kiss no balls he won't and he was Becca true it was the use of you had a bullish like an apart oh my gosh it was far from romantic everybody was very awkward I was on site all right if you weren't successful on YouTube would you still be making YouTube videos yeah crew love gotta love it no honestly euthanize we're making YouTube videos long before we were successful fun fact Grayson I didn't know how to monetization work on our YouTube channel till we hit like over a million subscribers so we are making zero dollars off me too for a long time we didn't know you could make money off of it that's just very stupid on our part all right next question okay are you thinking about moving out a loan soon soon I'm happy with you great yeah crew thanks me I'm actually thinking about it I actually contemplated every once in a while guys I'm not kidding okay I'm not bad next question this person asks well this person says this is the ugliest question ever but do you really honestly truly not like to be called daddy don't like it true okay I was gonna say you're a beauty I was like really trying to so there was no mishaps there because I really don't like it okay this is a interesting I guess have you ever kissed your brother's girlfriend without me them knowing now they'll be weird yeah and they were done crew okay good I'm not a sociopath sir I wouldn't do that okay even last question this is a this is a really good one to end on where is your secret what secret that's a lie where is it all China library tried to say what it is you just said what it is where it is and what it felt like when you got it it was probably my most painful tattoo it's it's of a pineapple it's on my right ass cheek all right well that Beto that wraps up your polygraph test I'm done you're done all right oh wow look it looked very happy to be done so that means means you're done lying for today I didn't pee my pen I didn't pee my dance oh my god my fingers are sweaty dude guys we just built some major theme Wow back to the couch Gracie we have a waist I'm talking to you I can't look at you the same well this is haha I don't think there's really anything left to say yeah we kind of covered and I just can't believe that we actually just admitted to all that stuff I mean technically we don't the uploaded yet because I mean we're just filming it we have to upload together yeah it's already uploaded yeah I'm gonna hide in my room for a little bit um I'm probably not gonna go on Twitter or read the comments after this video you know I'm kind of overreacting right now yeah you guys are my best friends you know everything about me that's true actually but also my whole entire family who's gonna know everything I'm having that's it that's true it did promise I don't have a micropenis all right guys well that was interesting I just want to say thank you guys so much for asking those questions embarrassing the none of us yes and asking those questions in making this video interesting honestly dude maybe we should just say peace and hence day that's really a trip you guys know everything about us now all right yeah now that you know everything about me I might as well just I'm gonna tweet my social security number you guys can check it out my twitter at grayson dolan and peace all right guys please like this video if you liked it and for us being truthful and answer all those questions I don't know what else to say I don't either I gotta go all right bye peace peace [Music] [Applause] message is tweeting your social security number no balls what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bow we have some of the merch leg that's in the bow it's sold good merch super
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