Gordon Ramsay's Pork Chop Looks Like A Map Of The USA | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-12-12
  • there you go thank you okay right I might order a few of the key elements of any good self regression okay first off I'll go over the Chilean dealer um we don't have that available right now no no no Timmons what a shame add some fried corn weeks ago we don't have that okay I'm gonna be we don't have the red beans the Black Eyed Peas I don't know that either why should you know Reggie passes no sweet potato pot no my precision not right now no I don't even think we have gravy seriously why have a menu if two-thirds of its off oh dear you got porkchop yes bingo let's go for the ribs okay any mac and cheese okay let's stop with that as a food ready just pre-thinking okay okay ribs mag and cheese Michael please well no playing around Wow I mean it's just like sugars have don't go change that please is so sweet how much sugar isn't there I'm not sure it's probably just pour it in there till it's sweet enough yeah that's sweet that's right I'll just going straight to a water please why don't you you said the sweet tea is to sleep that's like southern tea and they call it a sweet tea it's supposed to be sweet that's why they call it sweet tea what's the bad two things that bike what's the bike there for this exercise right it's a junior just no just her bike but it what's it for for how would she cuz I exercise I've never seen him I know Wow how's that going Jesus somebody sit on them came out like that it came out like that came out like that didn't did somebody sit on that no sir can the lady not have a decent bun yes she then she [Music] Wow Miss Jean what is this please tell me that Devon didn't go out looking like I just put I'm sooo good and I really didn't look look at this shit do y'all be talking about it's me looking like this look at that I mean come on let me help me get smashed up the first time I don't know how can somebody mishandled bread finish cook whoever's doing what they they don't give a shit they just Sebastian shit up put it on a shelf this is what I'm dealing with but it's not stab problem nobody don't get it I'll be come on Wow Chanel deal I just put the three together that he should get and you wanna grab something out the ball you told me to get this stuff right oh you got it looking like a flop play you see me wiping it off Miss Jane don't get frustrated and take it out on me you have to learn you don't play food up and hand it to somebody in account away my gosh I'm so underpaid that's me all right we have the ribs in the rest of the ribs such a great how is it had a weird saltiness to them almost like they've been in a brine would you find out and just ask them sure you think of ribs the excitement is stickiness delicious no something salty he said they're salty was almost like they were the brine in nothing was died impressive to them they taste salty do you know this is soul food and I really don't think Chef Ramsay know how to cook soul food this like I wouldn't know how to make food that British eat pears the Mac gets nice and hot okay sister now like you're gonna start the pork chops just one port oh yeah what's up okay here's the mac and cheese where's that bit it's bubbling your wife can hear that I was that been the microwave yes for for three days can hear it crackling [Music] yes I did it sounded like the little rice krispie treats with the little elves and did it look that good thank you okay [Music] depressing one thing the store star now is a bloody bit man cheese and that's just bland overcooked you just feel really bad no go to tool fair when you cook pork chops you got a stand right there keep turning and keep turning it Miss Jean nitpicks you just want to tell her get the hell out the kitchen why is it so much smoke I don't know might be from the great don't finish about thank you how is it mac and cheese well ouch his bland is no seasoning and it's just cooked to hell okay he said to macaroni and cheese is bland is what its glare [Music] I'm not gonna see the macaroni it's not good when it is good tel my cool job you need my setup so no that's fine but you see Santa's that look honestly come on how fucking depressing is that are you serious Pichai please come look at the poor child please he got his fit enough the map of America son of these kiss California with a little dark spot is from the central Midwest and we have Seattle we're here Pittsburgh less America fucking flight shanell did you taste it if you got to stand out that mean it's too hard I'm not too cool ok so I see you have a chance to taste the pork chop and now what did you think you're drunk again a mouthful of sand it's drier than mr. hower desert even the Flies no longer interested okay is there anything else you wanted me to get for you or a wheel for that bike out there that way I can get the fuck out of it [Music] you
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