VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 2019-02-09
  • what's up everybody welcome to found flicks on today's ending explained we'll be looking to the ridiculous world of high art in velvet buzzsaw a satirical horror comedy where mysterious paintings seem connected and perhaps somehow responsible for a string of unexplainable murders when I first heard of this movie featuring the reteaming of Jake Gyllenhaal Rene Russo and writer director Dan Gilroy of the excellent Nightcrawler a few years back this looks like a bizarre and interesting direction to go for a follow up the trailer promising a strange balance of horror and art world take down the end result is much less horror than I expected and much more of a satirical expose of the world of high dollar modern art but it actually was a lot funnier and more clever with its many over-the-top characters and situations than I expected every one of these characters being completely driven by money and greed it's all held together by a pitch-perfect cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal who was so perfect in his role of the snooty art critic and it's thanks to his performance the movie works as well as it did for me also including small yet appreciated supporting roles from Toni Collette who was just robbed at the Oscars this year for not getting nominated for hereditary you gotta be kidding along with John Malkovich who seems to be popping up a lot more in random streaming stuff like this lately and for stranger things fans there's an Talia dire as the naive Koko who doesn't really have much to do at all but she's there looking extra Zooey Deschanel here so the movie really is less about why these murders are happening as this takes a backseat to the other mini random subplots and subterfuge going on between the characters but there is quite a bit to look at regarding the creepy paintings and the artist behind them as well as the fairly open ending to look at as well so let's check out velvet buzzsaw breaking down the story including everything we learn about the paintings as well as how they kill and explaining the ending we're thrown headfirst into the fast-paced apparently high-stakes world of art dealing without much context opening at a huge art tradeshow seeing a wide variety of different Modern Art on display and all for sale meaning a collection of weirdos that populate this world including morph van der waals yes that's his real name which is actually properly ridiculous enough to describe this character clad in thick glasses flashy suit and smug demeanor emanating every step he's a highly respected art critic whose reviews can make or break careers in an instant focusing in on one of the more bizarre installations on display called hobo man a hodgepodge of Robo parts put together into a humanoid homeless facsimile who uses crutches and spouts non sequiturs like have you ever felt invisible or one time I built a railroad but Worf isn't impressed recalling a similarly themed piece from years earlier riding it off now as passe despite the art broker really urging him to give it a chance as we see that's the real point of this whole charade it's not about the art itself at all really but really about the high dollars that can be gained from their sale and that is everyone's sole motivation here to make money coming to another painting where he's joined by Gretchen a curator for a local museum wanting his opinion on the piece morph glibly remarking that sobriety hasn't been good for the artist but Gretchen corrects him that it was actually painted years ago in the throes of his alcoholism but morphe merely agrees spouting off exactly before scurrying away making a hugely embarrassing mistake here but he's completely unfazed it's kind of impressive how full of themself this guy really is now morph isn't alone in his unabashed pretentiousness meeting big-time art broker and dealer adora blithely discussing her unamused meant with the use of white spaces in art though she has taken a shine to a particular sculpture of source on display a large silver sphere appropriately called sphere which creates a different experience depending on which hole you put an arm into ridore afeeling it to be groundbreaking and wanting morph to give it a good review but he's more interested in something else as it looks as though rumour has it she might be losing her juggernaut broker status asking about the potential of one of the artists she's been representing peers moving to another manager called John dawned on some ridiculous themes going on here and at a later party we see him actually trying to woo peers to his side wanting to market him exclusively going forward after recent disappointments with red aura later having to tell her higher-ups about the disappointing show in Miami saying it's not really an art town yeah right she's already agitated and concerned when Josefina comes in cook up about a dead body she found at her apartment building weird or taking out her frustration on her relegating her to the back of the showroom and tells she approves her performance devastated by the setback and her attempts to climb the ladder and tunity drops right into her lap when checking her mail and seeing the building manager replacing the tag for that recently deceased neighbor she finds out that he was an artist him mentioning that they found lots of crazy stuff in his apartment but that it was his wishes for it all to be destroyed Josefina doesn't go directly to check it out but is lured to investigate after following after his cat finding the door unlocked and entering into the dark messy room littered with paintings and drawings into unmanaged stacks all around the apartment an absolutely insane number of pieces which are all mildly disturbing and gothic and appearance along with a prominently displayed portrait of a man Dee's who is the artist behind all of these works a few of the paintings are seen half destroyed in the fireplace as one honestly begins to glow orange in vain spreading out over the material probably not a good sign but not seeing this she takes them all for herself anyway intrigued by what she's seen but unaware of their worth she needs to know if they're good ie valuable wanting a trustworthy opinion seeking morphs impressions of what she's found he's blown away describing them as visionary and that there would be a massive market for them to Josephine as light wanting to find out more about the mysterious artist behind the paintings more visits Gretchen at her Museum though they find nothing in their database on DS even though it supposedly has everyone included oh well a dead end also Gretchen revealing that she has big news she's leaving the museum to become an art advisor both obviously excited about this prospect as this would lead to more money but also has a more real and unfortunate side that she doesn't seem too bothered by she initially wanted to work at the Museum to change the world with art but soon learned that rich people bought up all the good stuff making them only seen by the most select eyes oh well I guess after them screwing me out of paintings all these years I'll go work for them since I'll be the one getting that money it doesn't take ridore too long to sniff out the painting showing up at Josefina's apartment and having her locked in a non-compete contract is able to seize control of them for herself while still giving Josefina a healthy percentage clearly seeing an opportunity with the works to reestablish her wavering standing in the art world the piece is taken to her gallery more of - wants his own piece of the DS Pie blunting rights to a book on the author as well as several pieces while the rest of the art is being looked over by archivist something odd is found on the painting it appearing to bleed from the canvas later determining this to actually be the artist blood putting some of himself literally into each of his works well I'm pretty sure that's not normal just use a fucking crayon or something though word is already spreading like wildfire about the pieces setting the stage for a massively successful launch show of his works again seeing peers who has been suffering artistic blocks since giving up drinking who is immediately transfixed by one of DZ's paintings and quickly gulps a drink down clearly these pieces have a profound almost immediate effect on anyone that lays eyes on them with the pieces selling for millions ridore is already looking towards the future of their potential goldmine having some of the 1000 pieces found taken to a different location in order to drive up their scarcity and obviously the price sneaky-sneaky Medora now you would think that considering how much potential value of the art holes they might transport them in an armored van or something instead opting to have the building maintenance guy toss him in the back of his truck bed and do it by himself guess he must be really dang trustworthy or not because he pulls over to take a look for himself snatching a few as souvenirs and continuing onward so not trustworthy at all as it turns out turns out he's a moron too smoking a cigarette causing it and then his lap to catch on fire approaching an abandoned looking gas station whose lights seemed to flicker on out of nowhere exclusively for him catching a glimpse of the artist in the back seat he swerves out of control crashing into the gas station catching the truck on fire jeez everything's on fire around his Dumbo seeing one of the pieces as in the fireplace earlier starts to glow bright and radiating veins tending to his burns in the bathroom a ridiculous monkey painting scene on the wall comes to life a monkey hand reaching out for him followed by others all attacking outside the gas station lights turning themselves off so here we have the obviously Haunted painting with these in spirit which is actually able to bring the painting in the bathroom to life to kill this dum-dum the problem being he was trying to selfishly profit from DZ's work goes to show you you trying to steal paintings you get killed by monkeys coming to life in a painting just the way she goes the others eventually finding no evidence of the paintings or Bryson left behind it's assumed that he simply stole them and ran off rather than being murdered by a monkey paint and Worf continues his research into the unknown past of the artists only knowing that he was essentially off the records until resurfacing as an employee at a factory in town where he worked for decades until his death morph pays his old workplace visit questioning a guard about deeds and he definitely remembers the guy mentioning a foreman that gave these problems and later the foreman was found dead no one could ever prove that it was DS but he learned to stay as far away as possible and giving morph another lead a PI who had been there early asking about DS but it seems that P I was actually hired by John don don who is one step ahead of more fear already now having DS his complete file and thanks to this we were able to fill in about who he is a bit more as an adult he tracked down his abusive father and murdered him but dragged it out for days slowly torturing him before burning him alive after which he spent two decades in a hospital for the criminally insane where DS had many forms of experimental therapy done on him essentially being treated as a human guinea pig and after the hospital shut down he moved to LA where he got the job at the factory okay whoa so that is a pretty twisted backstory dump showing us that DS was definitely not your average man especially after decades of being a scientific guinea pig clearly by that point he would have to be completely mad and was you know already pretty crazy before that torturing and killing his father and all that no perhaps it was his father's own abuse of DS as a child that led him down this dark path in the first place John even though quite disturbed by the information given still intends to leak the information to the press to taint DS his image but for now it seems his hidden paths will remain a secret as John now alone at the studio who of course has his own recently purchased these pieces brings an installation in the studio to life a projector flipping on briefly seeing Jesus face amongst the abstract images unplugging it has no effect and when attempting to flee finds the door won't open passing by a weird little doll whose eyes come to life on the screen seeing what must be old footage of the DS family during Halloween many many years ago ah happier times a precariously placed bulb overhead begins to flicker sending John up to investigate a hand reaching out from above out of nowhere grabbing John by his luscious scarf and strangling him to death so long John don don we hardly knew you you're just an idiot so not a big loss really except that no one still has any idea what's going on with the paintings no morph starts to get his own first signs when in the middle of getting busy with Josefina he's heavily distracted by a painting over her bed staring intently until seeing things actually starting to move and also visits an eye doctor for some kind of explanation to these hallucinations to no avail also with John's death piers is without representation deciding to patch things up with red aura and trying to get at the core of what he's struggling with thinking he's afraid of something encourages him to take a trip to her beach house to get away and recollect himself artistically speaking well that was nice of you to offer red aura back at her old job Gretchen is trying to convince him to put up a show for one of her artists Buck has turned down and she has left alone going to check out the sphere piece on display wonder where this is going huh which would be fine normally except for the nearby Dee's painting the eyes on it coming to life she slides her arm into one of the holes getting stuck yanking on her arm to get free the light underneath turning red shooting out blood from all of the other holes and she finally gets free but - an arm hmm this whole blood shooting killer sphere thing sure seems like a reference to something boy yes phantasm that's what I was trying to do that certainly had to be an influence on this scene and as relayed later I realized that Gretchen had actually been murdered and just believed it to be part of the art piece a lot of people to walk all around it including children playing and what they think is fake blood red aura is growing increasingly concerned over the bodies piling up especially as the paintings are a hit and the DS exhibit is booming but what to do things also start falling apart piece by piece from Worf seeking sympathy for Gretchen's death from Josefina instead finding her with another lover the artist damn rich he's incensed thinking that they were just on a break Bob Josefina tears him down to the core saying she was never really into him leaving morph dejected and upset his DS fuelled hallucinations only get more severe spotting an armless Gretchen on the side of a bus and later when going to review a soundscape exhibit dese is able to take over the mini speakers in the roof playing back a sea of morphs previous negative reviews getting louder and surrounding all around and leaving him at an emotional puddle on the ground he tries to explain everything to her Dora thinking that some really strange is going on here linking all the recent deaths and disappearances to DZ's art finally figuring out that his art is essentially imbued with the spirit of these as each one includes a bit of the artist himself his blood speaking to the building manager he discovered that the paintings were supposed to be destroyed but as people took them for their own profit instead this greed is what causes DZ's spirit to lash out violently yelling for her to stop selling them and put all of them away but she's not willing to give up this success and big price tag with the artist fetching but with more threatening to publish an article that would expose all of this weirdness surrounding the artist she is forced to act quickly and sell all of the paintings before the article comes out which would cause them to lose their value in an instant publishing the article and rushing to stow away his own personal DS collection morph enlists Coco to help him itemize it revealing she has some dirt on his former boyfriend add that he was working behind the scenes with red aura using his opinions to know what to buy before his reviews actually came out making it clear that no one in this world ever truly cared about anyone else and are exclusively in this business for themselves sorry more shouldn't know him better josephine meets her boyfriend at a dingy bar and he's decided to return to his old underground artists collective leaving rhetoric and giving up his big upcoming show she tries to convince him he's on the verge of breaking big in questioning what's the point of doing art if nobody ever sees it obviously not understanding the point of art is art for its own sake not for profit as all three of our remaining characters will learn the hard way each getting their respective comeuppance at DZ's hands waiting for a tow truck her phone is stuck on a specific Dee's painting the wall behind her somehow changing and opening up a gallery revealed where the wall just was inside the gallery are various street art looking painting seeing their paint is starting to drip off to the floor as Josefina walks by her phone suddenly works again able to call red aura who asks if she knew the paintings were supposed to be destroyed but Josefina asks if that would have changed anything and she agrees that it wouldn't and that she couldn't have ever destroyed the art calling Dee's a master even though she does regret her choices she also admits that this art was too good to let go Josefina not noticing as paint begins to crawl up her legs then covering over her entire body entering into her eyes and screaming later scene assimilated into the graffiti on the wall well that's kind of weird she turned into art neat has more rushes to a storage unit to put away all of these paintings hearing something nearby its hobo man who we heard was put in storage after the unsuccessful showing in Miami now it brought back to life by Dee's chasing him down and banging on the walls with his canes getting trapped in a dead-end hobo man catches up grabbing more from behind and snapping his neck hearing the bones breaking dang poor morph he did try to do the right thing but it was way way too late should have just destroyed the paintings at first and not try to make all the money and then start having a conscience once you started having Colusa nations you went too far articulate home only leaving weird aura left at home she is in trance and a little perturbed by her own Dee's painting on his play deciding to take it down thoroughly everything going on is starting to get to her distracted by her cat she chases it outside a huge statue coming loose and nearly crushing her this experience is enough for her to finally get rid of all of Dee's his work at her house later feeling relieved sitting outside on the patio joined by her cat as two shadows bro in front of her the positioning of everything seen here being an exact recreation of the painting red aura had in her bedroom and even though his art is gone it seems that recreating it in this sense still allows his spirit to get vengeance taking over a different kind of art yet still art all the same the velvet buzzsaw tattoo on ridore shoulder the name of a punk band that she was in many years ago which comes to light the blade spinning cutting her up and shooting out blood he's completing his revenge on all those that try to profit from his works although this doesn't look like the end for his troubled violent spirit Coco leaves town taking DZ's cat with her seeing someone on the side of the road selling art a haze box from her Dora's gallery nearby assumedly these are from the crashed guy's truck and with these Dee's pieces still out in the world he isn't yet gone for good the art catching a walking couple's attention and they buy one of the paintings for a measly five bucks they fall far from the millions they were worth just days earlier assumedly this would bring back Dee's a spirit to kill once more especially considering how many pieces this guy seems to have as the man puts up another reasonably Pleasant looking piece of art a group and a sense the same that was stuck on Josefina's phone before her death the only ones that were able to escape death in the end were those that rebuffed their greedier nature koko was more of an innocent bystander than anything else I wasn't really intrinsically involved beyond a bit of a gossiper so that's why she got away she didn't do anything but then there's damage the artist who made the conscious choice to turn his back on the world of Wharf and the others returning to his simple roots and putting art instead of commerce and fame as his priority and in our final scene it appears the same goes for other artists piers who we know was struggling with sobriety and artistic blog before taking a sabbatical at ridore his beach house putting himself safely far away from the DS murders this allowed him to deal with those obstacles looking serene and calm pure scrawls intricate circles and designs into the beaches sand spreading into many feet all around him some of it already being washed away by the tide what he's creating here is still art but in a more simplistic childlike sense enjoying the mere process of drawing lines in the sand he has fallen back in love with the artistic process and that's what we were seeing here now able to appreciate it even at its most basic level which is heavily contrasted at a completely indulgent ridiculous world of high art he was accustomed to and by getting away from that celebrity culture based high dollar world that was ultimately completely vacant and run by a bunch of insufferable morons he is free of those shackles and this allowed him to find himself the overall takeaway here is pretty obvious with all those consumed by greed and capitalizing on the discovered DS paintings meeting their gruesome ends at the hands of art itself but there is another perhaps more important lesson here don't follow after cats for no reason it only leads to trouble as in what kicks this whole thing off with Josefina going into DZ's apartment and ridore following your Sphinx outside and nearly getting crushed in the process so you know if you see a cat out there in the world just leave it alone or you know call it to you and if it doesn't come whatever he'll come back later but don't follow after don't do it because that darn cat can be leading you to a killer hiding in a closet or an apartment full of supernaturally possessed paintings I've seen it a hundred times which brings us to the conclusion of this ending explained on velvet buzzsaw I did still like it despite being less of a horror movie than anticipated and appreciate the weird experimental and loose feel to it all this is one of those kinds of movies that would have never come out theatrically so it's cool that Netflix is just a Content behemoth at this point that they can freely make this crazy kind of stuff without any worry in the first place so while not the greatest movie ever or anything it's still worthwhile and quite unique in many ways what did you guys think of velvet bus awe and it's ending let me know your thoughts in the comments below make sure to LIKE subscribe and follow thanks for watching found flicks see you next time
  • Runtime: 20:06
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  • Kailyssia Pym

    I was so happy when all these characters died. They were terrible people but I felt so bad for the assistant that kept finding the bodies. IRL she would be looked at for those murders. Dull movie with so much potential. The last death made me cringe though.

  • TheDMBfan

    What an underwhelming ending. Seemed like it was missing a third act

  • iranicus

    Josephina’s end was f'd up, kinda liked her at the start but then she grew into a real narcissistic bitch later

  • Martín Puga

    Can someone explain the link between Rhodora's death and Deese's painting?  I don't think it was really about "recreating the scene in the painting" cause that would mean she did it by chance - it seems more of a you were destined to die today and in this pose and thats why you didnt die crushed under that sculpture.

  • Martín Puga

    Now I really want to go get Starbucks wonder, why that may be

  • LaserKatzDimension

    im sorry but does this explain the ending or does he just narrate the whole moviex

  • nut meg

    This is kinda like layers of fear (a kinda spoiler if you never played the game) where the player plays as an artist that uses parts of his wifes body for a painting

  • Michel Blue

    I'll definitely use crayons next time. Blood's a waaaay too mainstream medium nowadays 😂.

  • tori vivi

    I dont think dease would haunt the couple who bought the painting or anyone else unless they knew it was his and tried making a profit off it. Dease, throughout the whole thing only killed people who were using his art for profit, so why kill innocent people who just admire his art? Literally the whole point the movie was trying to make. Appreciate art for how you feel about it not for how people will react to it.

  • tori vivi

    In the last few minutes I was like 'wait..but it's her museum, why hasn't she been killed off?'...and then of course the ending happened

  • Jeff Barton

    What a steaming pile of dogshit this movie was. First its just the paintings made with blood and then all works of art. Wtf?