The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

  • Published on: 2018-12-05
  • [Music] name's Kathy more Chiyo Lee see your mother very busy always even as we speak I'm sending an email loopback action steps energy sent now he may be busy but I hate getting ripped off so I'm getting scammed I want to know oh wow you were the first person to ever openly accept my presence and I'm gonna do squats while you talk okay well ever notice how stores like these intentionally make mattress shopping as confusing as possible this bottle has incest news coils heat sensitive memory foam and pillow top underwire and I'll let you take it home today for just $39.99 a month with no interest and no money down we leave the down to the comforter guys and that's not a blanket statement huh but it's all a big bed of Lies designed to rip you off hey that's illegal yeah it is to protect us from you see big mattress has been stuffed with shifty scam artists since the beginning back in the 1800s manufacturers would stuff mattresses with literally anything so the government forced them to label what was inside but then those devious mattress stores would just remove the tag so in 1958 the government made that practice illegal so that's what those tags are for nowadays you can rest assured that your mattress is garbage free but the mattress industry is still full of it come on down to the mattress store they've got so many scams your head will explode scale number one manufacturers will take the exact same mattress and sell it under different names in different stores so it's impossible for you to compare prices at Macy's it's called a Simmons Beautyrest recharge Ally at Sears it's called a beauty rest recharge debit with luxury at u.s. mattress com it's called a Beautyrest recharge lyric luxury and everywhere it's the exact same mattress if I can't compare prices how am I supposed to haggle oh good stressing me out give me that one scam number two manufacturers makeup special mattress features to jack up the price even when they do nothing to help you sleep this mattress has fluff stuff inner Springs outer Springs and flexo-coil hmm look at the sparkle what is flex it will do it adds $300 in the price scam number three retailers profit off of your confusion by regularly marking up prices 50% or more and here's the dirtiest little secret hiding under the mattress this industry spends a lot of time making its products seem different but the truth is the majority of mattresses are produced owned and sold by the same companies more than 60% of mattresses sold in America are made by the same two manufacturers with materials from the same suppliers then they're often sold in mattress stores owned by the same company oh my choice didn't seem that embarrassing wait I can order a mattress from one of those internet companies I heard about it on my favorite podcast welcome back to part 64 of our investigation into a crime that's none of our business but first let's talk about Casper I needed to buy a new mattress but I was too busy playing amateur detective with real people's lives with Casper I just clicked they shipped and it showed up straight to my door in a neat little package could Casper be disrupting the mattress industry oh definitely not those online companies are just as sneaky as the stores too late I already ordered one like my ex on our first date [Music] actually online mattresses aren't always cheaper you can find plenty of memory foam mattresses in the store for the same price and they're often made by the very same subcontractors the brick-and-mortar guys use and since you're shopping online you can't try before you buy so once again comparison shopping is basically impossible yeah nice try mr. smarty pajama pants I checked a bunch of review sites first oh that's no guarantee at all online review sites are infested with conflicts of interest and mattress reviews are some of the worst most mattress reviewers get kickbacks from sales generated from their sites incentivizing positive reviews this mattress gives me all the fields 10 out of 10 weeks whoo someone purchased via my link babe you're so cute when you're working for me you are in bed together oh that was very good Kathy but it's true Casper has even bought out an entire review sites you know what let's make this official putting all that together if you do a Google search for mattress reviews you might just be seeing advertisements from the companies themselves [Music] so what I have to do I go to get a new mattress honestly there aren't really any better options no matter what you do shopping for a mattress is just a big old nightmare [Music]
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