Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning Battle: GAME SHOW FAILS | FBE Staff Reacts


  • Cayla Stus

    Am i the only one who didn't understand what was happening in the second one? XD

  • The Wolf

    Rachel! We still expect to see you play The Last of Us: Part II :(

  • Inge DR

    Rachel and JC got really had fun

  • Risky Apriliansyah

    didn't know that Rachel become a fbe staff, no wonder why i haven't see her in other react video😂

  • Vincent Nguyen

    Name something you take to the beach: Turkey First thing you buy at a supermarket: Turkey A food that is stuffed: Turkey Name a bird: Turkey A country in Europe: Turkey

  • Paw Printz

    Say at 7:00 Zak is so hot!!! hahahaha he can say anything

  • Franz

    Where's the group of pill pushers?

  • Mysteria Kiito

    At condom grandma I had to pause to comment. I work in an assisted living facility. These people are in their 90s have have long lost giving a fuck. I love them so much. They are my favs and i might break down into a mess if they pass.

  • Allison Menard

    They left out the best part of the “Nekked Grama” one! The other guy not cracking a smile and saying “ya I wouldn’t want to see that either”

  • Allison Menard

    One of my favorites: “Name something you feel before you buy it.” “Excited!”

  • Katerina Liakou

    The woman who answered "threesome" is positive and wins at life 😂

  • NP148

    They should of had the whole dawson family feud fast money clip. They just gave the greatest answers imaginable