Cardi B and Offset BREAK UP! – Part 2

  • Published on: 2018-12-05
  • but one thing I noticed is like if it's been a year since hand a heart I swear any woman who has been divorced in that year you know you have red flags if it's not going to work I didn't I isn't that real guys you know what I'm saying you know what I'm saying well if you chose it's best to nip it in the bud that woman's intuition and I've said it before like if we really win did you know I knew a year for sure when you got married yes yeah y'all were married for 10 years I know because because and I think that is this is the part where I'm still having that conversation with myself y'all gonna ask damn why did you wait so yeah right but as a woman and I'm proud of this trait that I have I'm loyal as mmm I really am and what I say I'm gonna do something I'm gonna do it and it's another human being who put all of his hope into trying to make it work so you gotta try and so I'm as much as I'm proud of myself I'm also like you don't have to wait so long when you know what's right for you they need me every single person that I know that has gotten divorcing it says they absolutely knew it oh wait every every single person and it's not them being dramatic or being like I knew it the first day just cuz you know it didn't work you said they knew early early on in the marriage almost every single person I knew knew one of two things one they never should have done it in the first place they felt that there were other voices in their ears that said they should do it or they got all forced into it or they felt pressured that's the number one thing and number two almost every single person says within the first year yes they knew wow I've made a mistake and it all comes from that wonderful gift that we need to spend so much more time exploring and feeding woman's intuition yes it's next level man I don't want men to feel that they don't have intuition eat right yeah yeah intuition is why I would like to think womens might be strong a little strawberry different right yeah but but it is so true yeah what do you think well if I'm honest this is the most like subdued I've ever seen cardi B you know yeah usually she goes off and there's like I think she go go well it's interesting that she didn't go off on offset because I think that see what I did there because I I feel like she she's heartbroken you can kind of see it and I hope that they're obviously obviously gonna be cordial about it which it looks like it because they have they have a daughter so I I believe that she's gonna do the right thing by her daughter my to you on what you just said I would say work and I said me too I actually don't I want better for people than just to work it out well yeah but what I'm seeing in for their daughter initial response was yah one which sounds like he believes that outside influence is the reason why they're not together like like see all y'all talk so much yellow on these blogs you guys talk so much bad about us well public you won which that sucks and and I think if the public speaking into their personal lives that's not okay either and I think that they should look at the love that they have and you know the two of them before they allow any outside influence that was the one is when I met party P I'm a real chick yes she loved hard yeah I've know she you know it's like when you petty in right yeah they're not breaking up a little dumb thing yeah well thought out so we wish you well yeah whatever makes you happy yeah
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  • Kayte Larsen

    Or pray. Listen to Gods voice. And avoid satan's entrapment

  • Chromeize

    This show looks about as stupid as every other daytime talk show BUT that woman on the far left is god damn fine.

  • Jacob Perkins

    Some of the dumbest women i have ever witnessed in one room

  • Mzladylocks

    I certainly know about the first year of marriage, because it happened to me. Within my first year of marriage I knew my Ex-husband was not for me. I ended up being legally separated to him for 16 years, until he granted me my divorce. I wanted him to divorce me because he messed it up, so I wanted him to clean it up, another was because I really don't believe in divorce due to how I was raised up, but I tell you guy's, those 16 years I acted like I was single the whole entire time, having so much fun in my make believe single life, until I actually had my divorce papers in my had, then I really jumped for joy and freedom. So ladies do not wait long and let it linger if you feel that it's not going to work, just move on and not let the years go by.

  • SmiteIsfun

    Greedy ass women who only want and never give lol

  • Gabriel Jackson

    Your Show doing that bad shts trivial, next you'll be talking about how rihanna farted in her bathwater and lebron froze it in ice cubes, to drink in his cognac? Or Ciamond.... soaked his feet in cinnamon water for 2hrs, and bottled it for sell, as Players aid....3H one sip, and your GAME is On!

  • Jermaine Woodard Jr.

    Jeannie Mai, I never have words. What a strong, robust spiritually-awakened woman. I’m also thankful for Adrienne testifying to a man’s intuition. Being black, queer, and deeply spiritual - my intuition is often times activated like a woman’s. Just like Ade, I “like” to think overarchingly women’s intuition is a little sharper and transparent.....but every human being has it — gut-feeling, intuition, signs and signals, flags, and a spirit. Listen to that. JM....on point.

  • kkk

    the real phony circus 🎪 racist 🤡 s side show step right uo folks step right up come see what racist / h8 really looks like 👉🏼🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️👈🏼

  • M

    She love them thugs, them roughnecks. How that work out?

  • Princess leonard

    He cheated numerous times tho. Y'all not even talking about that. He needs to take accountability for his Actions. Cardi deserves better.

  • Sherry Vincent

    Didn't he have sex with another woman while newly married? Let's figure out what that means and then go from there

  • Larry Fisher

    What the hell are you talking about public influences??? The public had nothing to do with him putting his dick into another woman come on give me a fucking break