Hang Till You Answer Right!! | Edgeland!

  • Published on: 2019-01-11
  • correct yes the next person to land on a punishment square you must complete their punishment oh yeah you better hope it's not me 3 1 2 3 this challenge hit Zack and challenge spin around a baseball bat ten times and hit the can within 5 tries the bat has to be in one spot there you go wow it's going so slow just do it hold on yeah you go back two spaces go back he faces Bobby gotta go back to space cuz he failed cuz he fails as he threw no saying oh I question what did Nikola Tesla invent the four lens telescope be direct current see the induction motor D Tesla car company the direct current false see the induction motor why GU Raghu four oh one two three four I wanted to give that punishment to Bobby you have to Oh stun jump over the wall challenge jump over the wall off an ATV done what already [Music] [Applause] my gosh rich was on his way team edge one morning he took the turn very late and turned through the intersection on only two wheels a police officer saw the event but did nothing about it why cuz he was on a motorcycle yep one two three four five what reward make another player go back on space oh I wonder who's gonna get it oh I can't go back one space you ready where did DK tour with his rock band for six weeks Oh Albania a South America B Australia C Europe D eastern Asia Europe correct yes weight victories to make sure he's facing the right way my turn give me my question IKEA is from what country Sweden correct Stephen cut him down oh that's frightening I wanted to say I have a comfortable lead here but it's always gonna get a reward where you can switch places with the person in first place trade places with the player in last place yes no one to race against the clock racer on the track twice in less than 23 seconds that seems fast you want three laps in 23 seconds - I can give you three if you want three there's no way he's doing it don't hold me to it get set go here we go got the high speed wobbles three he's how you're gonna you think how many representatives does California have in the House of Representatives a 65 B to C 10 D 53 65-53 I knew it Joey thought it was - there's 53 states you're supposed to know that is good Joey you're wrong all right where's my roll just like then two three four five six Oh break the targets challenge break at least seven out of ten targets to win this challenge Oh Joey let's go [Music] for unbroken targets and there was ten all he missed it by one go back two spaces one two three oh I think Bobby has to do this one he doesn't get shot in the button with the paintball gun I kid you know I'm not alive what's no Daniel you've been doing Bobby I'll save it for when he gets down then I'll do it to him down which planet has more moons earth or Mars Mars true Mars has - alright reward I'll take it take any one card that another player is holding you may keep this card to use at any time yes take Brian's I'll save it for when he gets down then I'll do it to him okay Bobby all right Bobby let's finish my previous turn before I roll again just don't hit me in the back okay go come on I'll just come with my back that's fine I'm cool with that Betty they're really getting close to 100 innocents that's stone cold Jackson that's the man up there that's nothing ah might still get Krispy Kremes bubbies all right I'm gonna use my reward choose another player to skip their next turn wait wait no no it's my turn you can't use it now no no you may keep this card and use it anytime yeah I already use it are you threw it away nope I'm gonna take it he took the one that I didn't really care all right so Brian's skipping five push with add five seconds to a later time defense oh okay so I get more time to do the race then give me a six it's one two three four you missed you didn't land on it I want to also use my reward make another player go back one space you Joey choose another player to go back two spaces can I use it no I want to use it now Joey yeah I have to use or else they're gonna steal it from it one two three four five six reward yes that's not good roll again what rule again wait one two three four five I could win I can win right now bring back from the last place Bobby you have to roll to land on the challenge I have to get a 5 I have to go to five my there we go [Music] you gotta do the challenge I win this challenge head-to-head challenge race the person closest to you on the track whoever wins goes ahead two spaces dang it I want to win I want to play Mario so I'm gonna win this race against this fool how many things can work out I can't hear you how many laughs are we doing to also you have to go in a figure eight on your marks get set go wait you pushed off you can't do that take your time Bobby [Music] [Music] come from behind Bobby won but guys thanks so much for watching guys thanks so much for watching make sure you watch our last edge land video they got a ton of views that's why we did it again also go watch this video that YouTube knows you will enjoy because they know you better than you knew also go check out our new merch this looks like a paper cup from Taco Bell and subscribe to this channel because we love you and we want to see more of you peace
  • Runtime: 11:50
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  • Angelica Macatangay

    When bobby rolled a five at the end that was not rolling that is flipping and bobby did not get the 5 second penalty

  • Tiget Lilly

    Brian, one question why do you do team edge because you have kids and because of all the dangerous stuff you guys do. Because when you are older you will have joint and mussel pain.

  • Anthony Dinh


  • Mr. Philip

    This is Bobby 👱🏻‍♂️ 🥼 👖 👟👟

  • Mic Gonzales

    when j fred said "chew chew chew" it sounded like joe is feeding a baby hahahahahahaha

  • Bold

    It is stonewall Jackson

  • Jake vLoGS

    Ok pause 5:31 did j Fred just said there’s 53 states ?