RED iPhone XR Unboxing & Giveaway!

  • Published on: 2018-10-23
  • hey what's up guys with Kobe HD here and welcome back to a very busy tech Tober nearing the end but nowhere near done this time we're coming at you with the brand new iPhone 10 are you didn't forget about this one did you so the iPhone 10s and 10's max came out a couple weeks ago and now they're in coming slightly cheaper $750 iPhone 10 are is starting to ship this is the 256 gig red version but here's the thing the unboxing experience is mostly the same as the iPhone 10s so if you dig in to get your paperwork at the top as you expect a little red tab reveals the Apple stickers and your Quick Start Guide and everything and since this is a product red phone that is donating to AIDS research and supporting the product red program you do get a little red pamphlet as far as I know the other colored iPhones don't have a colored pamphlet and then underneath that the rest of the accessories so the slow charging brick the lightning cable and the lightning headphones and the missing dongle all of that the same as the iPhone 10 s which means really the only different thing is the phone in the box and yet this thing is so red it's as far as I can tell the same red as that last year product red iPhone 8 that I was raving over so the Ferrari red at the rich red that Tesla surfboard red it's so bright I love it so things I will be testing for my full review that are definitely different from iPhone 10's as far as I know the new screen so the sub 720p LCD that's made all the news the RAM technically iPhone 10 R has one gig less of RAM than a 10 s so three gigs here that's slightly different material choices so this 10 R has coloured aluminum rails instead of the stainless steel so it's matte instead of glossy and it feels a little bit lighter the single camera and the color I don't even have to test the color really but officially it is different so you got to mention it but the main difference really being the screen and I'll be digging into that pretty deep seeing if this panel is as good as Apple says or as bad as some YouTube videos would have you believe and if anything else comes up during a full review process that will be mentioned too but that's what we know for sure is different anyway that's pretty much it I guess since this is a pretty short video and there's not a whole lot else to it I guess we might as well toss in a little giveaway shall we so officially here's what we'll do I'm going to give away one iPhone 10 R to someone one of you watching this video right now all you have to do is be a subscriber and leave a comment below of which color you'd want remember there's six of them right so black white red coral blue or yellow one of those naturally this video might bias you a little bit since the red is just so gorgeous even in video but that's up to you you can pick the color and I'll announce the winner on Twitter in one week so 7 days from now to the hour you guys will know exactly who's gonna win I'll retype everything down below in the description below that like button just so we have it all clear we're all on the same page it's international anyone with a shipping address on planet earth that I can get to is eligible to win that's pretty much it best of luck and that's it for this quick one thanks for watching catch you guys later peace
  • Runtime: 03:28
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