• Published on: 2018-11-06
  • I don't think I've ever been this pale on camera anyway we're back I'm gonna try to act super sophisticated doing the intro so people know that I'm a smart twin I just about watching the first few say dude you're not this smarter twin but I am no you're not dude dude it yes I am dude this is a real argument right now and I'm the smarter twin no you're not what what qualifies you to be smarter what credentials do you withhold just because you used two big words doesn't mean that you're smarter than me okay I can use another one do it deliberately I'm deliberately smarter I don't even think that's correct we honestly have an argument pretty frequently about who's smarter cuz Grayson likes to call me dumb all the time and a Devin eight who's just like stronger and like big better than like just like the bigger and better one out of us faster stronger smarter as we've got older we've matured we stopped arguing about like oh it was faster and who's like better at this better at that but like smarter I still really think that I am and he begs to differ I think that if I proved myself to be smarter the Graysons through these three tests that we're about to take it'll be a big reality check and ego check the Grayson because he will then realize that the person that he calls dumb every day is in fact smarter than him which means he is pretty stupid all right since we're filming this video kind of like far in advance once we get a results today the loser whoever is stupider whoever's ruled dumb won't be me so I'm fine I'm in the clear should have to get something tweeted off of their account with a really bad grammatical typo I swear that would be so many things no no that gets me if I accidentally get autocorrect in which because I never actually would make a grant dramatical error if I ever get auto corrected and like that on Twitter I literally like I get so embarrassed we're gonna find out who the smartest win is once and for all I'm gonna hold it over for you forever when I win how are we gonna measure of our brains you may ask well we're going to be put to three different tests the first series of tests are going to be through riddles we're both going to get a set of riddles the same ones we're going to be tested and next to each other whoever gets more riddles right wins this around there we're moving on to solving impossible jigsaw puzzles and then to settle this all once and for all we're both going to be taking an IQ test an IQ is an intelligence quotient is the score derived from a bunch of standardized tests used to assess human intelligence first round brittles before we start riddles if you liked win like this then subscribe subscribe to the channel can your twin I'll hit the bell bring the fuck out of that Bell if you just go oh my god then you'll know when Twitter people unsubscribe for real though if you want to see more videos subscribe helps us out like if like so we know if you want to see some more videos all right time to do riddles we have 30 seconds to answer each riddle try to answer them with us I guess it's probably fun for you probably more fun than if you weren't answer them first riddle three letters one why if I say it I can ply start the timer I know you got the answer I got it also hope this isn't a trick question three two one yes yes yes we said the same thing so now let's check the answer in the riddle yeah yes okay the answers yes answers yes we got it right second riddle what is 10 letters and starts with gas start good done lock it in flipping over three two one gas station gas station we wrote the same thing oh here we go cuz it starts with gas when you put gas in it that's how you start it the riddle tricked me I thought it had gas in the wording right yeah got that then you're good what has a spine tail and leash but it's not an animal that he and start time is up ready 1 2 3 sit pine cone pine cone has a pilot of a leash because when they I did a story book cuz if you look at a book as a spine books have a spine of us but it's called a tail is like the dis story of it but it's not spelt and then a leash I think is like has something to do like a hook like a thesis something like that I said pinecone dude oh my god obviously gonna spine cuz a spines and then those mines I don't know their pies a kite what the kind of just spine tail and leash yeah hey a story book gives at least a spine and a tail well okay ready next one I can run but never walk I can breathe but never talk you can pick but never choose me always use but don't abuse me what am I I can run Benesh okay you draw your answer now we're a good time okay done I'm walking it go it's time's up dude this is a stretch okay ready yeah sit jump the nose I said this river or stream it definitely knows breathing the nose can breathe but I can't talk you could pick but never choose use but don't a beat yeah I hear you choose a nose you can probably just we can't choose that you can pick it you can't choose oh my gosh let's go what's beyond the answer what about run nose is runny we have a couple more I have no mouth yet I may have all I may come from the south or from anywhere or anyhow but never ever am i somewhere I can be too much to bear I have not lied so what am i what the go I think I might have this one something just went off of my brain that I didn't realize that I had hi ready 1 2 3 I said the wind the wind you did you yeah uh-huh it's sounds logical yeah really brothers oh yeah because look I don't get my I may have too much to bear but I I have not lied wig yes you got a right to some no ha ha next next riddle what has to be broken before it can be used go you have it already oh my god I got to write something uh 3 2 1 1 2 3 I said up broken arm what you can't use a broken arm before it's not broken dude so bad how is that bad it's true I said shoes cuz it you gotta break them in first and you said mine is bad what must I think I tricked the riddle well that can't be wrong that's a kid oh I'm just gonna use my Brooklyn arm to pick that piece of paper up oh but my arm is not broken got to break it first so I could use my broken arm dude I outsmarted the riddle egg that's not true at all what about like an egg Emma good ly a sperm egg like it's not broken and then it gets kind of splits the sperm doesn't have an egg no I get a get a sperm so if you're gonna eat an egg in you got to break it open he was in seismic girl if you're gonna hatch Negi on Abrigo when they use your life christen girl eggs don't have shells then what do they had goop yes Oh next riddle Jimmy's mother had three children the first was called April the second was May what was the name of the third start this time times I don't go Jimmy's mother Jimmy Jimmy was his name-o that was bad has to be Jimmy Jimmy it was Jimmy Jimmy it was Jimmy's mom she only three kids that was a good one next it's so fragile even just saying the name can break it what is it and time you up in five four three two one so bad I can the horse answer if I don't even know honestly one two three my heart what your heart I said a promise maybe but saying promise wouldn't break a promise but that's the only thing you'd say and breathe oh I think you got it dude why did I say my heart I promise I'm not going to I just I thought that was just a trick question silence for instance ready sounds you broke silence the more that there is of this the less you see what is it the less you see of it or just Alessi oh my oh shut up I'm thinking I had no I know I had it okay I think I got it one two three fog I was gonna say smoke but then I wrote cataracts cuz if you have a lot of cataracts you see less that's true yeah honestly I think a lot more answers than just one to this let's see the official answer is how am I gonna see if I got a lot of cataract do baby we're too smart for these riddles that's probably true to fathers and two sons are in a car yet there are only three people in the car how is this possible three to one right right right now right go three two one right okay ready set yeah there's a grandpa in the car I took grandma / sup Gramps they are grandfather son and son grandfather good father and son it comes down to this this belongs to you but everyone else uses it this going to start I don't get this one at all you got it yep hurry up three two and one one two three my heart now I think it's actually right what do you mean you it belongs to you but everyone else uses it people can use your heart that's what people have been done you know people have been using your heart what did you say I said carbon dioxide no you know hey when I breathe out that carbon dioxide comes out in all the trees and plants yeah man I've spent everyone anyway he'll see your name the heart makes sense no it doesn't at all eyes you're going distant I'm not going through anything I promise let's move on comment down below if you got more correct than we did probably you're probably there today right now this second we are going to be puzzle solving alright so here we have our puzzles we have a divider here so we can't cheat off of each other's moves even though it's probably really hard to keep up with there's no cheating here so this puzzle is called cage can you take it apart now try and put it back together more tense not knowing that don't scream that was intense for you did you do it you do it better than me can you take it apart now can you try and put it back together oh no it was good if you do intense editing I've never seen a puzzle that looks like this yeah me either this is what it is there's no hints no nothing you just have to get this thing out which I don't understand how it's possible this does not look like you gotta put it back in okay I put it down and go does it open up my brain actually hurts right now as I shake it I fail look so steep little minimus so you're not supposed to use any outside forces or materials or any extreme force it'll kind of this unlock itself what do you have really beefy fingers like would have just not work for you then I think that's what's going on for me right now I have some pretty beefy thumbs oh hey sorry yeah I was holding off the to gobble gig did you solve it maybe it just wants me to think I'm close all right I got it out you got it out does the cage open I'm not telling you how but now we got to get it back in how did you do that Grayson you're actually a fast okay I spoke too soon now I can get it in or out it's now it's stuck just in the rim ah drop it my sweaty dude honestly you can't wait my hands no all right I'm gonna get this now time did you actually do that I've won the puzzle round hi guys this is really hard this is like penida ten hard it's the it's the finale time it's time to find out who the actual smarter person is we had an IQ test coming right up we're gonna go into our own rooms on our own computers to take this so we have no distractions and we're gonna find out who's smarter when we get our scores back at the end hey good look I better start my classical intelligence test we're actually going to settle who the smarter twin is here um this is the IQ tests regular IQ test ten questions you didn't need a study for it it's just based on how smart you are I think I got 10 minutes to complete this classical intelligence test and then we're gonna compare scores if you're smart you can solve these answers if you're not smart enough then you get them wrong they guess here we go got 10 minutes and when I start with 10 minutes question 1 synonyms which answer expresses the meaning of the word best reassuring compassionate comforting explanatory men meddlesome compassionate means like you're passionate about something like here you have a passion obviously so the reward comforting means to like comfort and reassure ha go for it easy I got that answer explanatory it means to explain doesn't mean to reassure at all that's I'm not stupid and then middle sum means metal is to like nosy in someone's business compassionate no I think it's comforting it's comforting to reassure to comfort ok we're gonna go with that next and you might think that I'm bad at and language arts cuz I was dyslexic but no I conquered dyslexia still can't read but hey I'm I'm pretty good at English question 2 ah one of these okay so math was my math was my weakest subject in school English was my my strongest and I'm kind of worried because the last question was English and I was very hesitant to answer it I'm Way out of time which number logically follows this series 4 6 9 6 14 6 4 plus 2 equals 6 6 plus 8 equals 14 what the dude what the fuck this isn't even a thing oh it's just plus 5 14 plus 5 is 19 I'm missing those 19 I think that's wrong whatever I'm thinking oh my god cards what is this which of the following figures in the bottom row should logically be in this spot of the question mark the top row ah all right we got one two three two one all right so when it goes up a heart it goes down a plus and up a star one two three four four three two one it should be five stars at the bottom and no plus in the Sun I don't like that it's time I don't like that assigned at all does it make a smiley face this kind of looks like a smiley face right here oh my gosh I'm running out of time I'm like way behind on time yeah I got no good idea it's good I think it's got to be this one I don't care I don't even want to click I don't even know what I click which conclusion follows from the statements with absolute certainty none of the stamp collectors is an architect all the drones are stamp collectors this is a riddle all the Stan collectors are architects Architects are not drones what the does this mean drones and architects whose flight what drones no stamp collectors are drones architects are not rooms all the drones our stamp collectors none of the samplers are that makes sense I think no stamp collectors and rounds no Stan collectors or Jones architects are not drones dude what I did I hate being timed dumping this I feel I took a genius but you can never wrong what does the resulting cube look like if you fold it together no dude that's where I can't do shit under pressure four minutes four on this side seven on the top one on this side fold it how this way that way this way what for should be there I don't know I've never done geometry yeah I got this oh I probably should have read the other answers or that's probably a trick question tom is a new set of golf clubs using a club the ball travels an average distance of seven of zooms why don't we you know I have a minute let them plus eight 14 plus four equals eighteen hundred eighty meters genius would not uh go which answer expresses the meaning opposite of the specified word cast of a tough opposite of tough what what way like tough meet cowardly start strong tender masculine cowardly what the is starch does a cornstarch that's like an ingredient that tastes sweet which could be the opposite of tough because there's tough and tender tender meat is not tough and then tough meat if we're talking me it's tender any Carol is absent if tough all right which words can logically replace the question mark the water is to a pipe as question mark is to a wire the water is to a pipe so it goes through as it's a got to be electricity easy electricity which are the following meanings is the best fitting for the specified word this pleasure and justice can complete I don't know best fitting complete discord it I don't know which are the fine loose parts oh my got it to put together a puzzle I love it to put together a puzzle with my eyes okay uh you you have recent maximum amount of time you have answer 10 of the 10 questions click to submit your answers I did so bad guys find out which one of us is smarter and stupider and yes I gets bragging rights forever I said during the testing rights forever yep bag whatever grocery runnable I'm gonna bag this Betty I'm gonna bang it's not what that means brother really it's not what that means do I know you're not very smart with this now what that means all right we're gonna get right into it right now so we're gonna compare answers all the way down to the last one Oh from there were smart enough we'll be able to tell the one we're gonna open the laptops now Thank You Perry answers you compare our answers here we go from now you know my brother first question synonyms Grayson that question read which way did you get that question correct yes me too all right next question numbers here number series Ethan did you answer correctly on this one in fact I did me as well yes I did a little secret what I guessed that one you did yeah that one was the easiest one for me well I got a correct I mean I got no I didn't guess that one I do it I was just saying that so that you know you did all right next one figure C figure series Grayson did you get this one correct I did I didn't you didn't know all right next question saw syllogism no Grayson slaw gasm how do you say syllogism jism okay we're not gonna say that word anymore I'm correct go back to you I did in fact if I could not did Krista are you kidding me this is the easiest one this was the one I was pressuring I had three minutes left and I was on four this is where the riddles came into play because this is a riddle I already did yeah so eight he's my Riddler so we both have one wrong right now we both have one wrong and we're on the question for Grayson dude what we tie again wait come on go this is gonna go through it did you get question five correct I did I did no there's me that one it just means that I'm winning all right next calculation Grayson did you get this one correct I did even did you get it correct it all comes down to the meat no this is nothing it doesn't come down to this one no comes down to the meat oh I did not get this one correct that's my conception of me tough meat is hard tender meat is salt you don't know your meats bro meat raw does come back to the meat anology notes analogy did you get this one I did this is easy I did - okay all right nine meaning of a word did you get this one correct yes easy did you I ran out of time and I had a guess did you get it correct no no no stupid ass it comes into the last one to see we tied a knot I had to do this wrong and you have to get this right okay did you get the answer to compose figure correct or incorrect subscreen e correct or incorrect let's compose figure incorrect for 60% I got 80% yes you stupid not stupid you did your stupid bro you stupider than me I'm really smart though so maybe you're not something because a little bit step down for me is still smart hey guys obviously you do mind the smarter faster stronger that I'm the smarter faster stronger more followed dude no wonder I've always had more followers than you you idiot older brother you anyway guys I guess crazy thank you let's give me the phone give me that phone okay so I'm going to tweet something that is illiterate ly atrocious off Ethan's account I hate any illiterate it's my biggest pet peeve of all time all right so earlier today I tweeted because I really like trick-or-treating Halloween's coming up I tweeted do you guys think I'm too tall to trick-or-treat like if I wear masks do you think people think that twitty about my height and my size so I'm gonna cool that we can write your why oh you are instead of what happens you're not even that tall you're again only 5 feet 11 inches in a hat did I hate that it's not in a half you can't do something inside of a hat and then I'm gonna end with you're just a idiot I also haven't double that up when I use a and then a battle would you learn you know you learn at a young age that you shouldn't be doing that Oh anyways the word anyways is just supposed to be anyway but people put an s n it at the end because I don't know why you just hate sweet please you're just a idiot anyways there we go that is the most if I ever tweeted that I would want my existence to be no longer and I'm tweeting off of these account right now the people are gonna think that for a week he was being serious when he said you're not even that tall you're only 5 feet 11 inches in a half you're just a idiot anyways let's wrap this video that's a rapid I'm gonna call mom she was telling me that Miss Martin she's not gonna tell you that she's not gonna say that we call right now gonna make me call her right now we can call her right now hey mom hey I need you to be really honest when you answer this question who do you think it's smarter me or gray just completely honest no like seriously 1,000% honesty we've got an argument no no no that neutral mom we need some real facts Lisa such a mom thing to say mom I know you're holding back all right well thanks all right bye yeah that was probably that was a good idea never ask your mom who's fuck recipie she won't say all right whatever like and subscribe for my smarts and complete intellectual list subscribe for new videos every week if you if you guys haven't subscribe to her Channel go subscribe [Music] [Applause] there's nothing Ethan's better at you know he's better at skateboarding said that what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those eight cards you see right there on this subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's so good merch
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