iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!

  • Published on: 2018-11-12
  • [Music] sup guys mkbhd here 755 product launches later we've made it through October took a little breath and now we're right back at it with November and it just keeps going and I've started my November with this this is the iPhone 10 are this one already has a bit of a reputation but ideally with my testing and hopefully in this review we can look past that little reputation and figure out what this phone really is I mean it's another iPhone and I already reviewed the iPhone the 10s so I'll leave that link to the review below but this one is very similar in a lot of ways with the new parts in the new design but with some key differences so for this video let's look at everything that's different about the iPhone 10 are that adds up to $250 cheaper and what I think of it okay so first things first is this size the iPhone 10 are sits right in between the 10s and a 10s max with this 6.1 inch display it's fine I'm one of those people who wishes there was an even smaller iPhone so that the difference was more apparent but this 6.1 inch display kind of splits the middle it's definitely harder for most people to reach the corners and the tops of this display because it is so big that's one of those things though that you can check out just by getting in a store and seeing for yourself but this size for me is fine and on the build the iPhone 10 R is made from different materials and it's built differently than a 10 s even with pretty much the same looking design there's no stainless steel here iPhone 10 R has anodized aluminum sides which means they can color match them to get it to match the glass backs and yes there are the six new colors and I know I've said before the red is my favorite and yes it still is but I'm gonna go ahead and give my second place to this blue I really like it I think it's quite nice the coral on the yellow don't really speak to me as much I think mostly because of the rail colors being a little less saturated and the black and the white are just black and white so the red and the blue are definitely my two favorite 10 hour colors also small difference the iPhone 10 ours water resistance is ip67 where the iPhone 10 s was ip68 so worth noting and you'll also notice the slightly different locations for the antenna bands the 10r is missing a couple just a pair of visible bands that on the 10s and @nr since it lacks these bands does not have gigabit LTE this only affects a tiny number of people who are actually in an area where their carrier supports gigabit LTE but hey it's different so there you have it overall I'm mostly a fan of the build of the 10r I think the colors are awesome they didn't have to do colors so I'm glad they did the backs with the glass are super saturated and bright and vibrant but the aluminum on all the colors on the rails is always less saturated in the glass which makes sense but it's kind of a bummer if you put a case or a skin on it because then you hide the awesome color of the glass and you just get the metal it's not the end of the world but just had to point that out also with the aluminum it's even more slippery than the stainless steel this is I think the new slipperiest phone in the world champ prone to sliding out of your pockets if you're not careful so be careful okay so the display this is the biggest difference versus the iPhone 10s this is why Apple was able to make this phone that cost $250 less this is why this phone even has a reputation already before people even get to use it this is the most controversial part of this phone iPhone 10 R has what Apple calls a liquid Retina display you can ignore the fancy name but it's an LCD with curved corners its 1792 by 828 and it's surrounded by this slightly thicker bezel the panel itself it has great color and brightness pretty good viewing angles and believe it or not it's actually crisp enough for me at regular use though I do start to see it as less sharp than the 10s when I pics will peep from close-up but it's really not a bad display by any means it's accurate it's vibrant it feels like the easiest way to make the iPhone 10 ours display seem bad is to focus entirely on the numbers of it don't even look at the display just look at the spec sheet and the numbers on paper it's less than 1080p and it's 326 pixels per inch that's the pixel density you know what else has that pixel density the iPhone 4 that's an easy way to make it look bad but you know what else has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch the iPhone 8 and that was fine most people didn't complain about that and that was a great display so really focusing on the numbers isn't the most productive thing just look at well the actual experience of using this phone and looking at the display and in practice the biggest losses for me with the 10 hour display are no 3d touch and no OLED Apple did bring touched awake to the 10r so you don't lose that but obvious contrast in the black when you're watching a video isn't quite the same with an LCD and even though this is one of the best LCDs you're not going to have the pitch blacks of an OLED I personally didn't use 3d touch that much anyway pretty much only in the control center and the lock screen so on the 10r you can do almost the same thing with a long press that will work in the control center and on the lock screen shortcuts but you can't peek and pop into links and previews and things like that that's almost completely gone from the 10r but I honestly don't miss it that much you still have true tone so if you're into that I don't really use true tone but if you do it's also here and you have tap to wake like I said you have rounded corners it's fine the display no need to panic it's really fine the matter of fact what I really noticed the most isn't the resolution it isn't the lack of 3d touch it's the bezels these bezels all the way around here just a couple millimeters thicker than the iPhone 10s are noticeable to me everyday and to be fair after a little while you do get used to it but as a person that has used an iPhone 10s I much prefer that it looks and feels that much more modern to shave I guess one or two millimeters all the way around the bezel so sure it's a bummer that you can't watch full 1080p videos especially on this larger display trust me 1440 does look a lot better I would know and it's a downgrade to LCD and there's no 3d touch but the bezels to me are actually the most consistently noticeable difference that you'll have and you'll have to be ok with them if you're gonna rock this phone alright two quick ones the RAM and the battery both of these are kind of a side effect of them going with the lower resolution display first of all there is one gig less of RAM so three gigs of RAM instead of four but honestly that's kind of all you need in iOS when you're pushing way less pixels and RAM management is already great and then the battery the iPhone 10 R has a 2942 million power battery and it's really good now for most phones that statement wouldn't really line up but again because that 800 banach is so powerful and it's pushing way less pixels the iPhone 10 hours battery life is excellent just as good as the 10s max and sometimes better it's one of the best parts of this phone of course I would expect a phone this big to have all-day battery life just out of principle but having it be better than I expected was a pleasant surprise so that leaves the biggest difference the camera the single camera on the back of the iPhone 10 R which is the exact same as the primary camera on the 10 s minus ii telephoto some people have noticed slightly different image quality from the 10 RS camera versus the 10 s i have not for me it's still the same a very good iphone camera but subtracting that telephoto lens has actually had some interesting implications that aren't all negative so that telephoto camera as you know is good for two things optical zoom and portrait mode so optical zoom yeah that's gone you concede a worse quality digital zoom but here's a little not so secret secret about zoom on the iPhone that telephoto lens has always been a worst quality sensor and image that just let in less light so oftentimes in worse conditions specifically low-light the iPhone will realize that the optical zoom coming from the darker lens is actually not as good as the primary so it'll just take the digital zoom from the primary lens anyway so yeah there is no telephoto lens on the iPhone 10 are but I think that affects a lot less zoom scenarios than we actually realize and often times we're gonna get better results from using the better camera and then the other thing is portrait mode so the 10s would use both cameras for a depth detection and then use the telephoto camera to zoom in for a better natural bokeh the 10 our portrait mode obviously doesn't do this which means it's always using the better quality primary camera and it's a wider angle and I don't know if you've noticed but wider angle portraits with a shallow depth of field is kind of my favorite look it's kind of a thing I think it's the most visually interesting version of a portrait so I kind of really like this they've remapped the background blur to look more like a wide-angle optic than telephoto and it makes a real difference through all the bokeh adjustment I really do notice it the background feels kind of more swirly sometimes like they have more character but there is of course downside which is that it doesn't have depth detection anymore at all so it's doing pretty much all of the work with software and with that Apple has limited it to photos of human faces only so if you try to take a portrait mode of anything else it won't work it'll tell you it's kind of waiting for a person to be detected so that's kind of a bummer no portrait shots of objects which I started doing more on plenty of other Android phones but that's the price you pay in Apple's world so all those previous points have added up to the iPhone 10 are starting at 750 bucks for 64 gigs definitely not a budget phone don't let anyone tell you it's a budget phone but at $250 cheaper than the iPhone 10s this is a much better deal the biggest downsides are the display and the camera I know a lot of things I kind of spoke about in the camera we're pretty positive but don't let me fool you into thinking it's a better camera those are the biggest downsides of this phone but those are when comparing it to the iPhone 10s but a lot of people are coming from iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 and older and for those people this is an upgrade in pretty much every possible way and for not much more money the iPhone 8 started for 700 bucks this is 750 so my conclusion is pretty much the same as I suspected when this phone first got announced which is this is the best seller iPhone for everyone they didn't even have to do colors imagine if they just did a black and white iPhone 10 are a little more boring probably would have flown more under the radar but the fact that they did the colors is kind of like a cherry on top so if you were one of those people who was already gonna get an iPhone 10s or 10s max you probably still should just like I said in the review it's not like you should switch to this instead of that but if you're on one of those older phones iPhone 10 R is a good upgrade I recommend it there's nothing to panic about nothing crazy wrong with it thumbs up for me on this thong that's been it thanks for watching tops in the next one peace
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