Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams Parody (Roasting the Men of YouTube)

  • Published on: 2018-10-08
  • [Music] all right made up EIG shoutouts to Nicki the VIP hottie to collaborate with sweetie like Shane with the little sad bitch you need enough use to be living lavish with my normal stupid stuff like the dumb maverick I tried to sex Connor see this post in the shower been so long and it'll pick snow replied fagin them patiently nothing you would have Eve been waiting for Alex Wasabi's voice to hit puberty somebody make sure PewDiePie okay go for you drop us Laura and censored the great yo the only one I didn't ask for permission though figure he could handle it with all the trash she pushes click main home east a line in bitch and when they wanna trend them they start crying in bitch david dobrik always out here doing way too much i won't be the first brown girl to leave him in the dust in my dreams dropping liens hella lame i said boy you need to animate yourself someday ringing he got a pig so he taking any health and i thought he was done with pigs when he left ohh - l wanna hit it with anthony man that boy oh my gosh but how we gonna smash when he couldn't even smart and tyler getting buff wonder how much you bench and ernie only put out if you sing one direction dream zoom with one of these youtubers i'm just playing I'm just playing I'm just playing one of these youtubers I'm just playing but I'm say trynna is the best as long as jokes go before ignite losses at every award show we all know you ain't gotta be funny to win just be white and good-looking like the F and Dolan twins I like Joey Graceffa man his hair lookin right but if I had to watch his channel I'd wanna sleep tonight and you probably think I'm dropping names just to make thank y'all now that ain't it ain't philip defranco sup you're beautiful bastard most of these boys they can't hit the spot gotta pretend to finish like Casey did with his blog these beauty gurus keep stealing the spotlight big called Manny they said they want back that highlight I see James Charles always spilling the tea though his eyebrows looking like a draw my life video thank God Jesse gave them Frank's arrest I wish this was full house so we could say Jesse left need a loyal dining ninja who is fully equipped don't live scene with other chicks because you fooling with it and the love tree Melvin and Kingsley no trouble when I say that no one knows who I'm talking about dreams soon with one of these youtubers I'm just playing [Music] I'm just I'm just I'm just you know she loves unicorns and y'all hope you enjoyed this video because we worked really hard on it if you did give a thumbs up shoutouts to all the men who gave me the permission to roast them playfully in this video we shouldn't take our lives too seriously so thank you for being such cool sports last video right over there second vlog channel never just does it make new videos every Monday and Thursday one love superwoman that is a wrap end
  • Runtime: 03:39
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