Incompetent Owner Starts To Cry After Seeing What's In Her Fridge | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-11-07
  • this place is a mess and you know what it's not even mediocre the food is hideous you don't need me to tell you that for bread that's the kind of bread that you're serving touch it it's soaking wet it's bland and it's a thousand miles away from anything called for catcher let me tell you it's embarrassing pink lasagna stone cold in the center piping hot on the right-hand side I'm disgusting I just I trust them so much I trust him I let you do it head to toe I just trusted him to to know what he was doing because he's been doing it for so long no the problem is he's got away with it for so long trip to the moon with the overcooked linguine in a seafood dish no salt the shrimp's solid like a bullet and mussels that didn't even taste fresh where the mussels problem show me I mean come on what a mess I mean wow what whilst you freeze one kind of scene yeah yeah well if you don't know let's find out why is it that you freeze meatballs when were these made we find you buying meatballs he can't make a meatball I said move over he said yeah they can't make it me boy he doesn't want to look at me local rubbish oh wow can you make a meat boom my hands are tied in this kitchen I don't have any input on what goes on talk to you on it should step up to the plate and she should know what's going on in the kitchen that's her job what is that what's the chef expecting a rush on pastured Wow how much pasta does one chef need he's obsessed with it it's all all overcooked what's in this one holy crap this is just for the peace of not the breasts I missed out here small small and large okay this one then my god what the fuck this is what goes on daily all that bread like this and pull that pastor Wow what's he doing with all this stuff there's not enough time to prepare everything with everything he has to prepare in the day that what happens when he doesn't sell this where does it go okay to it he throws it away there are times where we've thrown away a lot of pasta because people aren't ordering it patty aunt Val this is your house this is you it's your life I have in the trash that's y'all what I'm more concerned about is the fact that you're oblivious you're like an airhead that's got a head in the clouds this is business it was a unsuccessful business before you picked it up and maintained that unsuccessful menu in a unsuccessful business you come in change nothing you can't direct any form of criticism or standards to your chef's I don't know why you bought the place and I certainly wouldn't pull my sister down and bring my parents into it to facilitate your ego dream don't you understand like I look at my mother and I feel horrible don't start looking for sympathy now who wanted this place I'm sorry it wasn't your mother's dream it said it wasn't bells dream Oh am I wrong no it's tight extremely Tottie's dream which is now come back to bite you on the ass what hurts me it's not how you feel it's what gonna happen to them if this doesn't work house gone house gone what are you gonna do I don't know Gordon I don't know but boy did you do it because I I thought I could make it successful because I believed in myself why not make changes what the hell we thinking where you go wow what a joke you
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  • WhyBother?

    There's no fucking point. Disgraceful owner.

  • ELMST X6

    Even spongebob Can cook better than that 😂😂

  • babita shuckin

    Guys, this is feminism. At around 4:10 Ramsey sais "why did you even do it, why get the restaurant?" she sais: "idk I just thought I could do it cause I believed in myself!" she had no skills no understand of how to run a business no schooling for it feminism told her "hey snowflake if yo belive in yourself nothing matters you will succeed no matter what just spend ur parents money and buy a restaurant than when Ramsey calls you out cry and blame ur mom and everyone els and be a victim!!!!! Yaaay you g girl!!!!"

  • Mersay W.

    The chef was obsessed with frozen and overcooked pasta and pizaa dough!!!!CARBS, CARB, CARBS!!!!