• Published on: 2018-08-14
  • let's just do it in unison for once in our lives alright what's up guys we're back you're supposed to wait for me that's what that means good good way to be boring supposed to wait for me it's what that means good way to be boring I'm not putting up with this well we're doing this exciting video just way to be born no sit down something so cringe come on come on come on come what's up guys we're back and this week we're finally doing it we've talked about it before we've tweeted about it we should have been preparing for this entire time but we had but now we're doing it we are surviving in the wild for 48 hours 48 hours that means you sleep twice you starve for two days and you potentially get eaten alive by an animal or get a really bad rash of some sort we're not just surviving in the wild there's rules to this to make it hard but before we do that we have to go to the wild pretty much so we should do that before anything cuz cuz if we don't go to this is just a purple caps not removable yeah we should do that we haven't even started yet I would something like it's my leg it's my like get it off get it off ah you get the pricker side yeah here we are in the middle of nowhere also known as our deep in our backyard and in the woods in our backyard in New Jersey yeah so in preparation of this survival challenge Ethan and I went out and we collected a few supplies are you talking like that he's only a Travel Guide we got things like knives fire starters in pots we're gonna pick out up ahead to see which three items were allowed to take with us on our journey for the next two days in the wild are you he's still weirding me out why are you talking like that it's like so fluent like for the first time in your life feeling like this is your natural habitat or something the five items that we were picking from are similar as in the way you use them but some are a little bit better than the others which means that one person will have the greater advantage in one field while the other will suffer here are the rules of the challenge you will not be able to wear shoes you had it going when you're what up you could only wear shorts you know what you're going wear this you only bring what's on your back in your ass in the back of your ass can you stuff in your ass to bring you or not to go inside of the house the houses on the property but it is is nowhere near us right now it's forbidden there to stay and sleep in your own shelter that you build out of the materials of the wilderness you cannot eat anything that you don't hunt or catch or pick or find in the wild unless ok holy you decide to do the unforgiveable eat a slice of strawberry pizza [Music] yes the only food that you will be able to eat if you do not eat from the wilderness it's strawberry pizza we have it inside waiting for us not only will you take the elevating strawberry pizza but you get a strike all transportation will be by foot can't get in a car on a bike nothing like that that's it it's just you in the wild and you need to survive for two days we'll be out here for two days and two nights and now we're going to pick out of the hat to see which tools will have to aid us in our survival endeavors this category is building so yeah I got duct tape I got roof that's way better than rope I was hoping to get this I actually wanted to get rope because I wanted you know more of a challenge okay so the next element is fire building is under my butt okay the next thing is fire we're supposed to grab to stay hydrated grab my resources and show them before yeah we're okay all right so here's my rope this is my tape oh this is gonna be a suit out of this I can do a lot with this they become tape man so fire it's pretty essential out here especially if you want to purify water to stay hydrated out in this heat you're gonna need something like fire and to cook anything that you catch how do you know all this Grayson literally spends his whole entire life watching survival videos later Wow I got magnesium if you hit on the right angle you can make a spark I got a lighter you're gonna use it no you push this button well I think it flamethrower what it is this will help us gather resources and hunt and build and everything this is one of our most important tools all right let's see what we got yes yes okay I needed that I got a little bitch nice you can get the little bitch knife and I got the sword I don't trust you with that thing this thing will help me chop through stuff like like weeds and bushes this will help me do absolutely nothing next category as you know it is light outside right now and it's not scary it's just a nice beautiful summer day we're enjoying the nature but it's gonna get scary it's gonna get dark I'm not gonna be pleased about it there's a lot of bears out here and deer and coyotes coyotes and foxes so this will help us have a little bit more confidence at night okay I got a can yes I got a candle I got a flashlight not just a flashlight there's a robust flashlight yes I have a candle it's just a white candle that has a really small flame that will probably do nothing for me am I like the cops but ya know I'm very happy about this flashlight this is our last item this will help us gather water and carry water cook everything like that everything you need to do to actually survive oh nice oh you don't really know about all this I got the pot I got a canteen what is this in case I find some spaghetti I have a canteen tomato I've seen the steel so I can boil water in here to purify it I mean it's just a water bottle also the last rule of the games is that you cannot help each other you can't team up and we've been working together for our entire life so we're not used to doing things oh it last thing last thing last thing we each are allowed to have our phones until they die my phone is charged to 100% I'm gonna have to was a whole ration you have to ration that light right now Ethan I go in just separate and wander into the wilderness to survive on our own for the next 48 hours cut scared for you let's be intense bro you're having my shoulder let the survivals begin see bye you'll be good give me a hug you'll be good alright well I'll remember that alright so we're really doing this trying to go find the land I don't want to set up my shelter on and start building my shelter now I also have to keep in mind that it's very hot and I know that we haven't been on here like at all yet but I haven't eaten today I haven't drank at anything so I'm gonna need to get water look for some food and kind of all do that while I'm building my shelter at the same time gotta keep in mind that and they make a fire to purify the water to because I'll be getting my water from a river and river water is not very clean I have to boil water I'm gonna be drinking hot water for the next 48 hours the rocks already hurt my feet I think the reasons under estimating me honestly look I already got my pot so I can carry all my items he doesn't have that I need to make like a little home base like campsite I'm also starving I didn't eat anything today and I'm also really thirsty cuz I didn't drink anything today oh there's a warm should I eat it figure out where I'm gonna make my campsite I think I just the jackpot the berry jackpot there's so there's so many berries so I kinda weirdo I'm starving um there's a lot of berries here but I don't know if they're edible I don't really know they're like hard as a rock they're kind of like stones actually they're you shouldn't be that hard right that one sucks all right so I guess I'll just pick some just in case they are edible and I'll use my phone to do some research to see if I will die if I eat these or not honestly if I was like surviving back in the day I could be the berry picker that's a pretty sick job I feel like I'd be really respected in the community as a berry picker Wow so this is where I've decided to set up some flat ground right here this tree for support and then the river over here I get thirsty I just go down there get some water and bring it up and purify it I'm planning on making a fire near my shelter not only to purify the water and cook food but to keep the mosquitoes out trying to mentally prepare myself for it I've got a few bites already while I'm out here I'm going to go set up my house let's do it as I stumbled deeper into the woods I realized something that could be a big issue in my survival journey I'm already really bored but I could probably just survive and stuff but like I'm just bored like what am I gonna do all day it's the morning I already got berries Wow you know every once in a while to step on something sharp so it'll be a little exciting I think I found the perfect living space come on let's go on a little tour so here we have the feeder the in-home feeder very fortunate to be able to own one of these myself and over here we have just a bunch of grass and sticks and leaves I'm gonna get rid of this because it looks like it's been taken over by the termites all right I need to start building shelter or else I'm gonna be because actually this is not a badly oh oh that's scared me so these big green thick pieces of bamboo right here are gonna be great for a mattress I know that might sound kind of weird right now but I'll show you what I mean later so I'm gonna collect some of those and the good thing is that cutting down the bamboo won't really affect bamboo that grows in this property because bamboo multiplies like crazy if you plant one 10 more will be there when you wake up the next day I'm not even kidding it grows like a foot a week it's probably eat so I can you know survive or something like that so I don't die let's look up the berries what kind of berries are safe to eat blue black or purple or edible red berries normally edible okay I'm just gonna do I did it I feel like these are just gonna make me throw up instead of fill me up it's our own as I was scorching under the blistering Sun I realized something I had a fine shade I found she'd now I know that doesn't really look like a mattress but I'm not done yet I promise I just did cut the tops off take these split them in half you just watch if you want do pretty good the only issue is I'm really freaking bored so I'm gonna try to figure out a game that I can make a nice solitaire game a game that I can play dolo can I make I made a game it's called get the stone in the Triangle of sticks Co me I can get in a row hey see if I can get three in her up one two sink this don't want to do that learn from your mistakes before you make them bamboo actually holds a little bit of rainwater at the top if it's rained recently and it has not sure you can really see it but there's a little swing I can catch it actually tastes so good I'm blistering um but I'll chop a tree down to build my bed frame noe has similar Grayson and I are to one another this is how we're most likely to fail honestly I think it's just figuring out whatever's gonna occupy my time enough for me to not be going mentally insane 100% of the time I think that's what's gonna win me this challenge I just have to not be bored as I guess luckily I still have my phone which provides pretty great entertainment but it's not gonna last forever because my battery is only house out of 40 percent already I've barely been using it it's like 3:30 p.m. I'm extremely exhausted I think it might be because I haven't eaten or drinking anything pretty much all day I'm tired I will not be the strawberry pizza guy a good thing I have all the berries that could ever ask for oh there's a bee wait no it's right there better not sting me I spent might get stung out here these are actually delicious I could probably it fall off these there's so many of them things definitely taste better when you're hungry here these were way less tolerable before the answer shows how hungry I am or maybe it shows how much energy I had to be extra before not now it just I'm hungrier so the tree that I need is probably gonna be way down there and that's far away into the woods we go out of my way I don't know how I'm gonna get through here so thick and dense forest that I need my bed frame so I found most of the wood that I'm gonna need oops the only problem is I need to carry there's one piece more sorry now I'm chilling it's nice and bright out but I know that when it gets dark it's gonna be scary I need to prepare myself for the night as much as possible well I still have daylight and to do that I need to make a place to sleep check out my resources well none of this would really make it comfortable bed at all or would it I'm gonna attempt to make a pillow out of duct tape and brush bush how you may ask I'm just gonna kind of find out as I go along also a good start my head is probably like this big yeah I seems about right all right let's go this right here gonna make a nice square duct tape honestly isn't the easiest thing to work with but I'm gonna make it happen I finished my flat duct-tape square thing beautiful now I'm gonna collect a bunch of bush put it on here and then make it top so it's a nice and squishy pillow got my knife the nice kind of worked alright first pieces are on and this is gonna work see a little nest I'd like to see what masterpiece Grayson's created so far [Music] check out i got a raging bush it is now time to enclose it in some more duct tape so that none of the bugs that are in the bush crawl on my hair this is gonna work done with my pillow it's actually like nice not too squishy not too firm it's also not bad you know has a little protection it's pretty squishy I could definitely sleep on this there's no aggressions crafted anything better than this yet [Music] as a day grew older I started to become anxious because I didn't have any shelter for nighttime so I'm chopping down some bamboo cuz they need to make a teepee and these shelter of some sort yeah this is really a little nice to you half-blood warning yeah I'm definitely bleeding that's not good I don't have to care for this in the wild oh yes [Music] yes oh please I'm parched I'm not even kidding if I didn't get that fire started right now I probably would have given up like I would have had to cave and get water so I'm planning on feeding this fire and letting the coals get really hot and filling up my canteen with water and then sitting the canteen on the fire and the hot coals until it's boiling and then I'm gonna put the table egg on sit it in the cold river until it gets room temperature and then I'm gonna drink it I'm sitting in the cold water that just sounds amazing all right so the water is starting to bubble up yes oh my god yes yes here's my bottle of water it's almost cooled off the water is still very warm but I don't care oh my god I've obviously never been thirsty here in my life because who would do this but that tastes so good let me fill up another bottle with water and leave it on the coals while I go build my house so that I have another one waiting for me before I go to sleep my house will my ass will be built my house will be built and I'll be able to get a good night's sleep let's go build this house so look at the Sun is starting to go down now and I'm feeling pretty dehydrated I don't want to be caught in the dark dehydrated and scared so I better get some water oh it's so bright AB Oh disgusting there's fish in my drinking water excuse me I have to drink that water the good thing about the pot is I can get a lot of water okay that's a lot of water there's a B okay so headed back to my camp I'm gonna boil this water and then I think you wait like I don't even know how long you wait before you drink it I'll wait till it gets cool again I guess oh I left that stick there this videos going great for me right now something's gonna need to prop the pot up in order for there to be fire under it so I'm gonna grab this wood was on it I just got an idea for the candle I was thinking it was gonna be useless because I was thinking of using it more as I go light but I need to transfer that fire over there and this seems like the easiest way that that's gonna happen I am a genius that was the smartest thing I thought of all day Oh God for the scandal I should probably get a fire going because these bug bites holy that's what's biting me Oh every time we make some more as this is Grayson's job my job is to make the perfect some more his job is to make the fire you don't see this lights on fire come on work okay there's sticks aren't they supposed to catch on fire thank God for this lighter if I to do that thing so much it's not my thing patience will be gone I think it's working if they just wait for the water to boil great so it tells me you don't have to start a fire Ethan all right I'm gonna put a roof on it now just uh just read pretty good now it's time to test this bed out and see what we're sleeping with oh not only is it sturdy but it is actually comfortable oh my god cannot wait to sleep yes yeah it's getting really hot out here I'm sweating like Grayson look and I never thought I'd say it but I'm kind of excited for the Sun to go down I already got to know the aerial wall it's light out yeah I know where everything is pretty much so I don't really understand what's gonna be so hard when it's dark out but didn't be easier alright so it looks like I'll have water in no time or actually a decent amount of time because it was just boiling she's gonna have to cool down from a boil and like boiling the hottest the water can get so it's probably gonna be like a lot of time so I don't feel like the most amount of time it takes for water to cool down well it was in my bed so I like Korea but it's bed I do need to make this there's a waterproof bed because it's not only a bed it's kind of a house that has a roof on it and everything like that but it's not complete until it's waterproof just because we're in the middle of the woods all right so these lilies will definitely keep me waterproof it's literally an umbrella if I ever need one oh my god is this even's place what even is that how did he even sort of fire here where is she gonna sleep he said to look at his house I don't see a house here I'm gonna go back to my luxurious house so now I'm just gonna use these lilies cover up top the under layer so that I can keep that as much water as possible perfect mr. making my spear keeps any predator tries to test me tonight I now have a four way spear that will stab in four different places rather than one to mean it's more accurate and more deadly you know I'm not even kidding I just sat down fell asleep by accident right things like two hours all right I think the water it's still kind of warm but uh this is not about luxury it smells normal that smells burnt it honestly tastes good but it tastes pure yeah that's not bad I guess the only way to find out is if I get sick or not soon dark I don't like this oh wait a second hmm oh okay that's bright oh this works so well I feel like I'm in a scary video game but I should have liked those those crunchy footsteps I like the really deep breaths I mean there's not really much for me to do I think I should probably try to get rest I get something going so hard all day making what it takes to survive in the wild I wanted to make like a bamboo bed setting up the weight directly on the grass but yeah that that didn't work out uh yeah I'm definitely weeding so yeah I really have the tools for that all right so I got my candle my fires all set up to burn when I hold the candle do it they got some purified warm drinking water for the night and this fire it'll scare away all the mosquitoes mosquitoes don't like the smoke of it and most bugs don't so I'll state bug-free for the night it worked a box of fire in so it won't get into the woods but I cannot wait to sleep on this thing's actually comfortable it flexes down I have no food in me which means I have zero energy I do have water that I'm glad to have that and in the morning I will try to wake up and catch some breakfast this is what my room is looking like tonight so we got some burnt logs my pillow that apparently works some water a little duct tape left and a lighter this isn't scary at all there's now little to no light outside I just have to stay calm and know that Grayson is too much of a little bitch sleep outside bone is now at 4% I have zero shelter at all instead of playing throw stone in the Triangle stick game should've been making shelter there's no way Grayson's lasting there's zero way literally getting eaten alive by mosquitoes you know what I should have done a while ago look at the weather reports thunderstorms tomorrow know that better clear up my phone just stopped wow you know I've there's no way I'm gonna be able to sleep at least for another couple hours this is scary so I'm in bed I got my candle my fire and my roof it is dark and I'm in the middle of the woods this fire is really keeping the bugs off me I haven't had one bug Lanai me yet Oh luckily I didn't go on my phone all day and said I built a house so my phone has battery it half died but I got half left so that'll ask me tonight tomorrow should be interesting I'm definitely going to need to eat if I want to last another night out of here I'm doing way better than I thought and this bed is actually starting to feel really comfortable I'll see you guys tomorrow morning hopefully peace it is literally pitch black outside well obviously even this happens at nighttime but I'm not used to being in the middle of the woods when it's pitch-black out and I have my flashlight I want to go anywhere but where would I go [Music] I have an idea I'm gonna go try to sneak up on Grayson and scare him with resistive dimmer in there oh I gotta have a party I guess all right it's scary Grayson sigh I don't wanna like turn the corner they'll be looking at a scary animal right in the face did I usually get you that bad I thought you're gonna be sleeping dude what is this what did you make it's a working bed yes it's a working bed what is it milk on the ground you made a fireplace yeah dude what well you need to have a fire oh why are you so good at this this is weird this is suspicious great what why are you so dirty about your gonna cuz I made this I didn't need pizza alright not gonna lie this is pretty epic you made a roof check it out I spit in it no you just spat underneath it got on my forehead no I think I spit on top of it Grayson I don't think this is waterproof as you think do what what did this class since you're sleeping bye dude are you sure you're gonna sleep out here you're not scared of coyotes or bears yes but now I'm gonna do it alright I guess all the survival videos did pay off a little tempur-pedic action going on there oh if it just never repeated I seriously still can't believe you built this whole thing I just didn't think that you were that tryhard I also didn't you're smart enough for this alright alright well I'm gonna go to bed and go I'm sleeping outside alright can i breath [Music] I was about to fall asleep and I feel this slimy thing on my hip it's a freaking slug get off bye slug had my phone late on I swear I keep hearing my fire is almost gone this is my view right now my stomach starting to hurt because I'm so hungry all right guys for real this time good night I do not like this walk back by myself I feel like I'm just gonna like turn a corner and there's any big big-ass animal staring me in the face was that I just heard something holy I'm dipping I'm running with hope grace is okay Shay go back and get him [Music] so we literally want to survive without quitting I think we have to work together you're gonna eat that oh I just get stung look dad why does it look like that yeah bro x-ray if it starts letting out here how do we get that here what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those eight cards you see right there on this subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bow it's so good merge super
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  • Rya Timilsina

    Grayson seems so freaking serious and Ethan is there like ... 😂

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