HAUNTED HOUSE ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain

  • Published on: 2018-10-30
  • what's up guys we're back guess we are and you know what we're not doing a friendly energetic intro today screw this background music it's too happy and happy we're getting spooky today we are extremely anxious Oh at least I am I'm speaking for myself I'm extremely anxious to film this video like scared anxious like I'm I'm scared today we're going to famous haunted locations in LA we have no clue what to expect we don't know if it's safe but we definitely can't go just us to like wow what do we need to defend ourselves exactly that's why we have some spooky special guests what did the lights go out maybe the parents went out and never ladies in LA alright so we're back here with sister James enough go ahead ally sits next to me it's in the middle I mean time I'm kidding guess that trip that's why well we all said no the creative way to introduce the image is gonna be and does it really matter is your sample I appreciated that so its own brands we love you hi good yeah check of it again yeah yeah it's special first you want something this is not his back and we're doing sister spooky thing dude of course keeps his sister squad of course we need a new name now we're down juice red convinces that sister squad was like an almost thing as if you doesn't have a shirt is sister why do you think the squad name it but I guarantee well that's what is you named it you to other names for this squad no I can use this argument against or oh please today we are going to be visiting like I said what did I say so yes sisters no we're not going to spoil why now is treating the same day we were visiting some of the most haunted locations in LA well president's sister spooky spirits box we're supposed to make this scary okay sorry Halloween tomorrow okay ready were you not here we're going to a haunted insane asylum not a haunted it's just an abandoned its anus I'm sorry it's an insane asylum insane you sit I've seen all right we both you mean where are you going to an abandoned insane asylum and we're all sisters spooked because it's going to be crazy we've seen we've seen pictures of this and live footage of it and it's it's really scary there's like rabid raccoons that live in there my biggest fear with these places is that there's gonna be real live people in there like people like I don't know I think there's some sauce to keep on there in the news like music Emma like people like Emma yeah right what if you walked in there was it was a good Emma but it was like big instantaneous in City yeah guys now you guys probably are saying why we have yes anyway if James is not hiding in there I think we'll be good bully example.i we should just get in the car to go it's getting late and the dista is rice luck oh yeah you think I would stay behind you by radio alright guys we are headed to the insane asylum dude pinky diedring these are not creepy at all oh my god what I was thirsty too this is a lot more scary it's too happy I'm actually scared of this as four shots of espresso and I'm probably gonna die soon I was here long I said I mean at least put off to worry about it like tweakers being in there cuz we're bringing one hahaha I'm offended I've such anxiety like in my stomach in my chest and like I'm feeling like I feel like I'm gonna die and it's not good and I don't like this feeling that I have because I'm really freaked out I know James is in well is it because they both lack common sense I think about you know maybe getting there after thinking I'm predicting Jews probably attacked by a rabid raccoon I think seriously that's gonna happen today is James gonna attack Grayson he goes I'm probably to tase myself that's gonna scare me I'm sketched over here why am I always the drive guarantee that when I'm there I'm gonna take charge of the situation I'm gonna be the only brave one you're gonna be thank God we have you to protect eyes behaving it wise you're like 20 when you argue my god shit what the supposedly when this place for his open in 1888 it was so successful I can I just come no you drive let me just look at the fat was so successful that was considered its own town like dad so many patients they're living there though that I had enough of a population to be considered a town dead people in this place well the ghosts in creepy alright so I just found a full web page detailing all the statistics and fast it was opened at age 88 cared for the mentally ill Medical Center for the handicapped homeless and sane and unclaimed bodies of residents who died at the farmer's relocated but no one seems to know where only cuz it wasn't relocating there let's go digging to find some balance the hospital's better greatly in the 1920s to alleviate overcrowding conditions and to rebuild flooding damaged structures leading to the construction of the Spanish colonial revival so here are some comments about experiences that people like us have had and this bed I went yesterday with my homie and as soon as we walked in it was cold but there was no way they say cold as they decide is it a sign that like there's a ghost of prison yeah no joke I went there and I heard screaming I got scared I told my sister let's get the hell out it you spoil your sister dumb what we do when we get there like what should we do inside they get ready to go in and explore but I think that yeah honestly honestly trip I'm free maybe we won't do any activities in there walking in it's cold what do we get there when we get there since you're so brave every room that we enter japes you feel first okay just weren't scared at all I'm honestly more scared of getting the cops law now that I disallow any if the cops come up I feel like rescued I'm scared know what if the cops are good I have like one of those weird vibes like you don't like scary movies when people are like talking about doing something and they're like oh yeah it'll be fine we'll just do this it'll be fun it's scary like and then they die yeah that's how I feel right now Oh oh my god I want to do it anymore we know I literally like it all just is not trying to be dragged I literally actually died right now we know one who died oh well we go in the haunted house then you're probably well did a lot of people probably died here if you think about it this is scary is this whole thing it we're gonna die number one and number two we're also going to jail so it's gonna suck as like they're gonna take our dead bodies to jail except they're gonna take me to do because I'm 17 none of us do James [Music] so we just went to the abandoned Asylum and we got busted by security in the first we hopped out of the car James didn't even get out of the car he refused to get out of the car and because of that we were waiting around the security key security thugger says oh you we were literally outside for 30 seconds Nathan don't you know a little you guys we got out of the car like universe thing love you sister James and had my back well that didn't work out it actually went horribly wrong yeah sorry sorry this video slot being confusing but what we wanted to do was go to a movie I thought well know what you should literally do is put everything that we have so far in the videos if it's a normal video and then when it like what we start driving home from the thing just cut to this nap yeah that's not singing - yeah don't like put this in the beginning no yeah this is so sloppy well that's how we're gonna do it so now we're gonna go to an actual haunted house and get sister spoons welcome to James's channel yes I said it wouldn't correct me can see what did he was said sisters so we're supposed to do this the first time we're supposed to go to a haunted house and then Gracie decided to cut his head open they were fighting with him I know that we were play fighting like seven girl fighting and I didn't decide to do it I just did it I had to perform emergency surgery on Grayson's head okay I got the isopropyl alcohol let me dab this in there to the surgery chair justjust take it honestly just take a look at doing good you can't get infection okay when you push the other bleeds maybe we should go to the hospital probably do you think so or maybe I should do it no the worst surgeons of all time why are we all doing this yeah this is sister surgery maybe we shouldn't do it on the purple couch probably not let's me to do surgery somewhere else and then way that I'm not making it to the haunted house in time so we had to go to an abandoned Asylum and it didn't work out we get rolled by the cops and it was really scary I'm kind of glad the cops could come now I'm from the universe it was alien I literally was like that she's got 103 fever like Pat's dad there were three signs we shouldn't have gone in and that was I cracked my head open then the cops kicked us out and then Emma got hundred two fever and James was scared of something for once yeah so now we're gonna go to a haunted house and I think it's actually gonna be it's not like a real haunted house like it's a fake haunted house no but it's real this it's but it's a real it's a fake no but it's real it's but it's fake that's all we're gonna be late okay logo this is the spookiest part of the video yeah really good I looked good right guys we're here at sinister points scary place [Music] all right well let's just let's just going against him [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] No giggle giggle I've gotta like this I don't like this is obviously didn't happen it's a basic bonus part what is this moral moral though I'm a professional [Music] fucker not like the time me Grayson make smile braces Oh sister you my mouth you should really block Grayson unfortunately every night you don't want to end up like this I'm gonna need you to open wide for the irritation you may carry along oh come on Jason okay miss James oh I took the babies I knew Grayson was gonna say no at the altar okay let's keep moving this what is this we have to crawl through that we have to crawl through but no crawling through duty man I hate this I don't know one of those things you were like injuns asses right there their decisions are horrible I know the pivot I don't want to crawl in another whole mouth is small hole James I'll go okay oh my claustrophobic in here Jason seen see my chest is tight really high oh my god just stay close to phobic you dude let me baby puppies part two you were right literally even a lot let me go that way boys miss my locker room gonna get a chance to work out with me this is sketchy you will get [Music] Spidey just watching this play with is he real okay put your right hand in put your right hand down [Music] this monster guys some of these dresses are hideous oh my god Wow finally out of the closet again did you guys yeah that's pretty crazy that's ten out of ten Sinister's point scary place I'm sister's food for real I'm not gonna lie you should definitely come here get the Halloween spirit if you live around here all right now what we're back on the couch and was that sloppy probably a definitely four yes it was I was I was spooked for a real one and I will admit that I mean to him I think this Halloween Club is gonna be really good and fun and fresh it didn't exactly work out but you know what that's life sometimes that's a spooky situation that's our life oh that's our life all the time but we brought you guys along with us we showed you the real us we got really deep no we didn't we try to make it spooky kind of was a little bit more organized videos hopefully maybe we haven't told them yet but they're gonna be on James and Emma's channels over on Jimmy's channel he does our Halloween makeup and it was great we have you come to yet but it's gonna be great he doesn't want to do it but it's gonna be great I was channel we actually you know Ethan I came up with a great idea for we're gonna be turning ain't no just kidding she actually no thank you who wants can you well nevermind Gracie put your arm around me Brad because if I tell you to take your arm off then I must believe on Emma's channel we were each other for Halloween pretty iconic why i'm rana clean emma has the best idea this time yeah that's weird the most and we really solid idea and then James we came up with it again it's kinda normal like this video give it a thumbs up give it a thumbs down guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's so good merch super
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