My YouTube REWIND 2018!

  • Published on: 2018-12-23
  • [Music] sup guys kumki PhD here can I just say for off the bat thank you for an amazing 2018 like it's the end of the year it's kind of like this reflective time when we look back at it and looking back at this year it was kind of incredible for tech for videos and just in general so so thank you for that so this video is my look back actually started the year last year with a goal of making 100 quality tech videos and my own definition of quality may be different from everyone else's but that was the goal the year before I'd made 96 you don't want to make more videos to the detriment of the quality but this year I think we made better videos and the number we ended up with was 99 so we were close but hey it was better but I think in those 99 videos we got a lot done the year kicked off with January and CES of course where we ought to play ping-pong against a robot shot the first episode of autofocus out there as well with the Tesla Model 3 in California by the way I think it's a great name for a series and every episode since then has had custom intro with the vector art of the headlights of the car so Casey didn't notice nice touch then I also joined Ethan and Gila on the h3 podcast which was fun then there was sub uary then and Brandon hopped on board and we also launched a new merch line with a core of t-shirts and we've added a couple of things since then that I think turned out pretty well in March I hopped on Startalk and I got to interview Neil deGrasse Tyson I had a lot of questions but we used all of our time on my first one that is based on a principle of physics discovered by a physicist who had no interest in medicine so in April we ended up in Portland to make my favorite episode of dope tech of all time with the motorized precision robots and that month I was also nominated for and won the shorty award for creator of the decade which I mean the trophy sits back there it's still that's absolutely insane so again thank you then in May I did a Q&A with Peter McKinnon where he got me to try coffee for the first time then I shot a commercial with Under Armour and Steph Curry I'm not a good actor though so I played myself in that commercial then in June autofocus episode 2 was with apple carplay and the lamborghini aventador pretty hot car but of course not as hot as the wings I ate with Sean Evans on hot ones yeah all right hmm in July I did a Q&A with a Justine and unboxed an 18 year old laptop on her channel and you may have noticed we also got the cinema robot from the dope tech episode in Portland it is in the studio now it is absolutely ridiculous and then in August I hung out with an interview Elon Musk about Tesla and we toured the factory right before he went on the Joe Rogan podcast in September I lived with a supercar for a week thanks to Acura and it became auto focus episode 3 my favorite yet and I was easily the most I've learned about cars and about shooting car videos then we went full tech tober mode in the busiest month of the year and made 11 videos and one month which i think is probably the most I've done in a super long time and I officially at this time switched the videos to the two to one aspect ratio you see now so a little wider than 16 by 9 but it's worked out pretty well and then I also attended an accepted a Streamy award for 2018 s creator in science and education and I joined the Joe Rogan podcast didn't smoke though then in November I got hit by a truck in my car so that's now under repair it's going well though it's getting started and then December we completed the massive blind camera smartphone test with a bunch of youtubers reactions to it all by the way they're all great channels and really good friends so I'm gonna link them all again below you should subscribe and check out their videos they're all awesome and then I was in YouTube rewind and marques Brown it is now officially the most disliked YouTube video of all time ever we made history and we finished up with the smartphone awards which the companies that won those awards had actually requested their trophies so I'm now packing them up and shipping them to them so over the course of those 12 months you guys watched over 1.5 billion minutes of mkbhd videos which is over 3,000 years of human life watching videos I don't know at least it was crispy though and then this whole time even when it's not that warm I've been playing ultimate frisbee pretty much constantly I played for the club team in New Jersey called GSU Garden State they all know my middle name I played for the pro team you're called New York Empire in the a UDL we had a pretty solid season and we ended it by D throning the number one seed in the division to go represent the East in the Final Four at the championship weekend so that was pretty solid and then I also managed to help win a beach national championship with a team called team ill swag shout out to timbrel so pretty good year of frisbee - I would say yeah weird flex but okay fair anyway as you can tell it was a pretty damn busy year and it kind of never ends cuz Tech is just constantly coming out but I think me plus the team of three we did a pretty good job covering a decent variety of stuff but I expect that variety of things to widen even more again in 2019 and also there were many things in this past year that I wanted to cover that we didn't quite get to even that we might start with in 2019 stuff like the Mac Mini because I was sort of buried in between iPad pro and all the other Apple stuff things like the surface laptop - my favorite Windows laptop ever it's all matte black everything a lot of great things going for it this is the longest time I've ever used a Windows laptop but we just can get to a video about it this is a Google home hub that came out with a bunch of the other Google stuff that we're still finishing reviewing there was the gaming phones we didn't get to review the ROG phone and a razor phone to separately but the point is there's a lot of tech still we didn't review maybe leave a comment below of what you want to see reviewed in 2019 even if it came out in 2018 that you're still interested in I have a feeling I kind of know what those things are but let me know but I just want to say I'm I am really looking forward to 2019 bigger and better things of course are expected for tech and then for the videos about that tech there's already some things planned that I can't tell you about there's already some top-secret video that's been shot and edited but that I can't share with you yet that's coming next year and maybe just maybe we'll actually get to upload a hundred videos also so to all the people that have watched and supported in this incredible year shadows all of you thank you especially those who were here from before this year and to all the new people hi even bigger shout out to the first couple hundred people that hit the join button and subscribe and join the club to the mkbhd channel without even talking about it in a video at all that's been amazing to see and we sort of have things planned for content and extra parks and things for that for now those of you get like a cool little badge but there's more plans so thank you to those of you who are already on board so basically the point here is 2018 the past year has been incredible tough act to follow but I think 2019 with what we have planned and with you guys on board is gonna be even bigger and better than the last thank you for watching have a happy holiday and an awesome new year catch you on the other side pace
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