The WORST Steaks Served On Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-12-29
  • oh dear thank you so stake us oh yeah my porterhouse New York run there's only two cuts of steak two steaks on the menu in a steakhouse should be minimum eight to ten how are you welcome to PJs my name is Carla felt like you how are you doing great leg for justice so I'll start with crab cakes then maybe the shrimp and roasted garlic ravioli and then I'll have the filet mignon with the gorgonzola demitasse alright I'll go put this in for you thank you coming no problem I know Eric is a good chef so what's to be nervous about what are your crab cakes plus filet mignon with gorgonzola medium rare and a stripper a viola write down I just love what I do this is perfect my food is good and if he critiques it like I seen him to take other people's food I'm gonna probably throw it at him what is that crab cake somebody spit on my plate boys now that that's coulis mango coulis mango thank you it's not something I'm not museum splat look Kelly Wow that's fucking disgusting he's Brants it plastic bits of crap running through the crabcakes so everything okay yeah chef send out a little surprise a bits of plastic running through there see the plastic I don't know where it came from but it's definitely there but I'm done with that Thanks okay severe warning for what's to come Eric these allergies are plastic in there there's a shop [Music] fuck him I have no idea where that place to cave from just happen to appear I don't even have face be awake Asia the owner sat at the bar watching television and they wondering why they're not doing well is that Josie there the end yes all the time he'll sit there lost the night oh yeah Joe does need to get off his ass and start paying attention always my food fantastic I'm able to leave you alone to eat it no thank you [Music] how'd you like to stake me quite tough now they always said with Rory Enzo yeah no thank you my pleasure you said it beeps a little tough there's nothing positive being said I don't really suck that bitch you know don't do that looks like the biggest pile of shit ever to be served in Queens my god [Music] the raviolis are disgusting tart tannin and just a mouthful of acidic thank which creamy sauce that tastes like there's a buzz in your mouth it just seemed like Chef Ramsay didn't like anything excuse me oh this is really bad I can really start to understand two white Queens is running as fast as it can from PJs disgusted by the food in this beautiful restaurant Chef Ramsay heads to the problem area the kitchen did you cook everything yeah that was pretty fucking embarrassing [Music] husband sunfish me off that Chef Ramsay didn't enjoy my meal what's with the coolies is not something an art museum splat where is that from and we can when we can disgusting the steak filet should melt in your mouth and it did nothing of the sort so we could afford Eric camera is looking tall cheap properly hello shocked and really thought that Eric's food was a lot better than what Chef Ramsay said was the food was shit you know Eric Alvarez really a lot of compliments from where the place is fucking empty who's running the place most part I am oh please first of all I'm here every day he's not here every day I'm not here enough to mother him but I am here he should be here but he's not doing it if you're here really overseeing everything that these problems aren't gonna be is get your ass off the barstool and stand in here and do it every single night can you motivate yourself to want to keep the restaurant open I don't know are you giving up I see that myself here I've given up guys I'm fucking sorry but take one good look at yourselves first if there's one thing that has to change is people's attitude around here what do you like or not you are restauranteurs you have the fucking responsibility of making this place work there's too many people turning their back on things that are wrong I'll go get some fresh air what a shame we have absolutely no idea what we're doing here just a big disaster word has spread that Chef Ramsay is in town and the restaurant that is normally not very busy right this way is booked for you sir chicken for the lead okay tonight Chef Ramsay will continue to examine the dysfunctional workings of this restaurant jeez this shit hello chefs today I actually sit down here they do yes we do it and when you when they sit on this do you not think this looks drab I don't have a better one to have a better one how about nothing Wow Merry Christmas when was this cleaned not for a long time sir you are a charger from the house right I am normally goes there yeah no shortcut the Joker how fitting is that how old was this chair 20 years 20 years 20 years what kind of message does it send when you have this in the middle of the dining room I mean that does look like it's gone past his sell-by date right yes was last time it's cleaned I would say a couple years ago oh my gosh have you seen down there yes and that's acceptable for you that's not clean sir no kills you are kidding me was that looks like a comb he looks like a comb oh come on Randy - this is funny in front of customers not at all - comes and the shit down there you're not putting it back there you know I'll take it out there it's a fuck I wasn't totally flabbergasted the trash fell out of somebody's pocket somebody didn't see it was there you know I don't feel that bad about that well covered in dust [Music] what a mess so rat droppings everywhere this is shocking you keep your dirty shoes under the bond cap there are not mine the customer died to his holes in the sole dirty crusty shoes wash my hands again man what's that spoon steam table looks like it's river running through here don't look the state of this stove how old is that stone Wow I mean I know the restaurants called the old neighborhood but though the kitchens an old dilapidated neighborhood yeah what is that is that your Wow you are kidding me he sticks it in the phone room he sticks it back in there what's that's right hand coding so it doesn't stick I can totally yes Wow my mother's definitely lost her high standards over the last 15-20 years granny I know she cares for this place but the passion and the fire that I've seen in her before is no longer there [Applause] god damn it I Kali burn them son of a bitch what is this enhance the office Wow I could even work in this mess Joey it doesn't make sense what yeah what what is this junk old equipment mr. hateful parts won't sit well parts so what parts you take from a 1950s ice machine legs legs what's this it's a microwave does it work no so what can you take from that then it's like you're holding stuff Chef Ramsay must think I'm a lunatic for having that stuff sitting back there but I don't really think that I'm a hoarder it's just hard for me to throw things away [Music] Oh Rustom I sit next to cleaning equipment comes up in there was not amazing so it died early as this morning that dry [Music] we're currently that that died a lot longer than 24 hours ago okay gotta go for this stuff banana peppers we've got to try that Italian stuff filet okay how do you like it done medium-rare face okay um let's uh it's our signature sauce how do you came up with that idea you know do you our claim to fame gave me the dream from someone who knows nothing about food or how to prepare it flip an egg okay I'm gonna go for the chicken Carletta because that's the sauce that was dreamt up one night in his dream absolutely very much absolutely and it begins don't sweat the chef who would you guys normally do [Music] what is it horrible little taste baby water food tastes like final yeah excuse me sir absolutely thank you wow that's dreadful patina Chef Ramsay's asking for you at 43 Oh Tina's been such a hands-off manager for so many years now that she's become so blase yes I'm always that olive oil no it is that the is that what you're serving there it's that mix look at that smells off what's in there was nothing there cleaned I don't know you're the front of house what a mess is about from the advisors yes to the basic shit what's that tara misu oh my god now they've done everyday probably a couple weeks ago where's that a fake tree Massoud that's a real teacher oh come on know this so that's just sat there from fresh and you said two weeks no probably three weeks ago that is longer than three weeks yes how long have these desserts beside her a couple months I cut them double mine kind of monsters from me three weeks yeah I would say our mine was a couple months do they stay out all night yes that is a fucking health hazard oh my gosh shit my boots it's chef school a writer okay here's our stuff away the stuff today yes Oh excellent thank you you're welcome Wow mess my ass for mid rabbit once there you got to stick your knife in it to to kill it I mean the things still fucking moving Sam I'm trying to cut into that I have some bit rare but it's like well is that steak frozen probably you just check with the chef yes was that steak frozen he wants to know I don't was this frozen yeah yeah okay we've got it wrong I don't know if I should laugh or cry which one okay let's start off with only tuna on the flaming Tiki platter Tiki and then I'll end up with that tsunami of filet mignon okay thank you okay before Chef Ramsay all right I think Chef Ramsay's mouths gonna drop to the floor when he sees a few of the things like the menu is that always that one in terms of spicy they have a tendency to spice things up a bit there's an embarrassment to show you I'll show a little leg left I will Chef Ramsay would like you guys to taste the tuna is really spicy I've been saying this since I got here I never had a problem out of you love it or not everybody else four times I've got a complaint about being spicy so these ribs are destroyed Sunday we made those that's a week for this whatever send it just send it out send it out Wow I see classes like that I hear how why music oh my gosh so do we use that and start grilling around it's for looks thank you [Music] now I'm trying to get the thing off the top having a world-known chef spit out my food is not good to keep lotta shitty Plata we need bill ready to carve it boy tell my father puddin is black chef's coat Cheryl wants you to put your black chef's coat on next phenomenal so I'm sort of looking forward to really nice classic piece of meat we have flaming filet mignon that I served tableside people just love the chef's dream Filipino hmm something simple something [Music] greeting you from the tile yeah I'm gonna finish it it's still cooking you'll love this this salmon this is butter and garlic I gotta go sir [Music] and so the tsunami is the garlic butter running down the drainpipe right minutes enjoy it thank you very much welcome [Music] well that's the toughest promotion surest philomene YUM I've ever tasted in my entire life the things are chewy is assuming that me so tough yeah no I finished [Music] Chef Ramsay hated the food he hated the decor and I can't understand why [Music] you
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